Hang Onto Yourself

An NCIS: Los Angeles Story


Maxie Kay

And baby makes three for Kensi and Deeks– which is rather apt, as this story is the third in a trilogy, that started with I'm Not In Love and continued in You're Still The One I Want.

"Ssshh!" Kensi put her finger to her lips for added emphasis. "We just got him back off to sleep." She opened the front door as quietly as possible and ushered her guests in.

"We brought breakfast," Callen said in an undertone, all but tip-toeing in behind her. "Because we thought you might have been a bit caught up with all the excitement of bringing Densi home yesterday." And judging by the fact Kensi was still in her robe and slippers at eight thirty in the morning, they'd been entirely correct.

Halfway through the living room, walking as delicately as possible, Sam stopped dead in his tracks when he saw Marty lying on the sofa, wearing only a pair of boxer shorts that stated 'I'm the Daddy' and with Densi sprawled comfortably on his bare chest. They were both sound asleep, and while the baby looked supremely relaxed, the same could not be said for his father, who appeared to be frowning in his sleep and also had a large lump on his forehead that was already starting to discolour. There were matching dark circles underneath his eyes.

"Don't say a word!" Kensi hissed and draped a blanket carefully over the sleeping pair, before ushering her guests through to the kitchen.

"Fatherhood suits Deeks. But maybe you might want to think about getting him some pyjama pants before winter hits and it starts to get too cold?" Sam was just glad that Deeks was actually wearing boxers for once, given his propensity for going commando a good deal of the time.

"Is there any particular reason why Deeks is sleeping on the couch?" Callen asked curiously. Surely they can't have had another of their rows and she's making him and the baby sleep downstairs?

"We had the most awful night." Kensi leant back against the kitchen counter and looked utterly miserable. "First we thought he'd stopped breathing, because he was so quiet…" It had got to the stage where she had almost poked her son, just to make sure he was still alive. She'd be better prepared tonight though, and already looked out a pocket mirror, so she could slip it nest to Densi's mouth to see if it misted over.

Sam stifled a chortle. He remembered that particular situation only too well.

"… and then, just as we'd got into bed, Densi started crying." Kensi looked as if she going to start crying too. "And it took ages to calm him down. Marty brought him through to our bed, and then we didn't want to move him and risk waking him up again, so we left him in the middle of the bed between us. But then Marty was so scared he might roll over in his sleep and squash the baby, so he was perched right on the edge of the mattress, and clinging on for dear life. Only of course, he fell asleep, and then he rolled over and fell right out of bed." She winced at the memory. It had been a very loud thud and had certainly sounded painful. Mind you, having a heavy-based table lamp land on your head was going to hurt, nine times out of ten. While her husband had only been slightly maimed, the lamp was never going to be the same again.

This time it was Callen who was struggling not to laugh at the picture this created.

"And that woke Densi up again, and of course he started crying again," Kensi continued. "So, in the end, Marty brought him down here so I could try to get some sleep." She'd been on the verge of crying from sheer exhaustion herself, but then it had been past 4 am, which was never a good time.

Callen patted her sympathetically on the shoulder. Clearly, being on an overnight stakeout was nothing compared to your baby's first night at home. "You need coffee," he said firmly. "And we have coffee. We also have muffins. Double chocolate chip muffins," he added temptingly, knowing her weakness.

"I'm trying to eat more healthily." Kensi reached up to a cupboard and produced a packet of oatmeal, which she looked at with considerable disgust. "Marty says it's terribly good for you. And it's even better if you have it with blueberries. Seemingly. " She did not look convinced. Nine months of eating healthily had seemed like an eternity spent in hell. Towards the end she had even dreamt about Twinkies and Ding Dongs and all those other yummy goodies. Only now she really wanted to breastfeed, and everyone said you had to have a healthy, well-balanced diet to give your baby the necessary nutrients and build up his immune system. So, if that was what was required, then that was what she would do. She'd do whatever was best for Densi – even if that meant eating oatmeal. But it didn't mean she had to enjoy it.

"The proper place for blueberries is in a muffin," Callen informed her. "Want me to go back and buy you one?"

"You'd do that for me? That's so sweet of you." Kensi grew quite misty-eyed at the prospect. "But I'll manage with the chocolate." It was hard, but someone had to do it. And how much damage could one little muffin do? She peeled off the wrapper and took a large bite. Her eyes practically bulged with pleasure as her tastebuds revelled in the sweet goodness.

"So self-sacrificing, that's our Kensi." Sam handed her a cup of coffee and she sniffed it rapturously.

"I've been without caffeine for eight months. Eight long months. You have no idea how much I'm looking forward to this." More than anything else, even more than junk food, Kensi had craved coffee during her pregnancy. The only problem was that the baby had such a violent reaction to caffeine that just one sip had him jumping for joy in her belly, which in turn felt as if he was turning somersaults inside her. Morning sickness was nothing compared to the queasiness induced by an infant Deeks getting his first hit of caffeine. It looked very much as if Densi was going to be just as addicted to coffee as his father.

"Do I smell coffee?" Marty staggered into the kitchen, clutching Densi protectively to his bare chest with one hand, while the other raked through his hair. "Coffee?" he repeated piteously.

"Tell you what – how about we trade? You give me the baby and I'll give you some coffee?" Sam suggested. "But go put on some clothes first. It's too early to be subjected to those boxer shorts." He reached out and took the sleeping child with accustomed ease.

Marty looked down at his boxers and shrugged. "They were a present from Hetty," he remarked and disappeared back upstairs.

"Tell me it won't always be like this?" Kensi pleaded. She could run over-cover ops; she was a crack shot and she could do almost anything the guys could do (with the possible exception of peeing standing up, although she was working on that) – so why was motherhood proving so difficult?

"It won't always be like this," Sam assured her, looking quizzically at her son. There was something about the expression on the baby's face that was terribly familiar.

"Thank God." She helped herself to another muffin and took a generous bite. With any luck she would manage to dispose of the evidence before Marty came back downstairs.

"No, it won't always be like this – because it's going to get a whole lot worse. This is only the beginning. Think of it like being on honeymoon. And then remember what it's like when you go come back to reality."

Callen reached out and patted Kensi on the back as a large chunk of muffin went down the wrong way and she choked and spluttered.

"Sorry – but you did ask." Sam looked back down at the baby and sniffed loudly. "Time to give you back to your Daddy, Densi. Great timing, by the way, Deeks. You've arrived right on cue to change his diaper."

"Not again." Marty looked at his son in disgust. The baby blinked back sleepily at him.

"Get used to it. In a couple of weeks' time you'll be able to change a diaper in your sleep."

"Believe me, I was already doing that last night, Sam." He undid the diaper and then dodged neatly as his son peed in a graceful arc that achieved a quite remarkable distance for one so small. "Sorry, Callen – did that get you?"

Sam couldn't remember when he'd enjoyed himself quite so much. "Better learn to stand out of the firing line, G. And keep your mouth shut next time."

Yes - Kensi, Marty and Densi are all back, along with their dear little friends, the plot bunnies. So far only slushy has come out to play, but it's early days...