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Naruto Legends: Rise of the New lord of the westeren lands

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Note- this is not a Evil Naruto fic just dark.

Chapter 1- Secrets Revealed And Powers Returned

One Uzumaki Naruto was in the forest waiting for his sensei Mizuki to come and make him a genin for getting the Forbidden Scroll of Sealing. Naruto had just finished mastering the Shadow Clone Jutsu and was starting to browse a bit more through the scroll to see if he can master another technique. Naruto paused at the end of the scroll to see two blood seals; he knew what these were since he actually paid attention in this part of Iruka's lesson a year ago. Naruto grinned and thought, "If my blood works on these seals maybe I will get a cool weapon or a super cool jutsu!" Naruto then bit his thumb and swiped it over the top blood seal. The seal glowed before a plume a smoke popped into existence. When the smoke disappeared a letter was in front of Naruto, who was confused due to the letter being directed to him and read.

Dear Naruto,

If you are reading this you have become a genin, great job by the way, then you are ready to finally learn about the plan. You see, this is your father, the yondaime hokage, with your mom Kushina and your sister Sora in her arms. You see son when I was battling the Kyuubi I could have sealed it back to hell, but I realized if I sealed it in you we would make Konoha stronger. By sealing it in you and marrying you to your younger sister, I mean who is better to marry than someone you are connected to you by blood? Any way by marrying you to Sora your children will become strong due to being the children of the one who holds the Kyuubi. We will see you in a week, I cannot wait to see you son.

From your father,

The Yondaime Hokage

Naruto just stood there for a good couple of minutes with his hands shaking in rage. He had a family, a mother, father, and sister, who abandoned him for some fucked up plan. His father sealed the nine-tailed fox into him, just to turn him into a breeding tool with his sister. "That bastard, how dare he call himself my father, how dare him deny me any sibilance of happiness?" Naruto thought as Iruka appeared.

(time skip after the Mizuki beat down)

Naruto glared at the old man before him. The Hokage flinched under the glare that Naruto sent at him, as Naruto had never looked at anyone with such hate.

"I guess I need to explain some…" was all the Hokage could get out before being cut off by Naruto. While Naruto would normally do so by yelling at the top of his lungs, this time he was in a state of mind where he spoke quietly but sharply and more effectively.

"Yes you do Hokage-san" the hokage flinch from Naruto not only using the title but in a way that showed he had lost all respect for the old Hokage as well. "Why is it I was never told of my burden as well as my family of bastards?" Naruto said with a dangerous edge showing he wanted the truth. The Hokage sighed and hoped that after he explained that Naruto would understand his father.

"Your father knew that Konoha was slowing getting weaker, so he decided the best way to fix this was to seal the demon inside a child, but it couldn't be just any child. It is actually an unspoaken rule that when a kage seals a demon they must do so in one of their own family. He suspected to have only one child but he had twins so he sealed it into you the oldest. He and your mother decided to take your sister with them to train her be the next great konochi and have you two marry and produce strong children for the next generation." Said the hokage hoping this would make Naruto understand. When he looked at Naturo his hopes where shattered as Naruto looked even more furious.

"What about me? Did what I feel mean so little? What about when I was kicked out of the orphanage at three years old and it took you two years, two fucking years, to find that out. Then you just give me an apartment in a complex so poor that it was considered to be condemned. Tell me where in that whole fucked up plan did I get to have even a shred of true happiness?" Naruto asked. The Hokage looked down.

"Naruto you will have that chance the villagers just need to get over their grief and they'll love you. I'm sure you'll live many happy years with your sister…

"NO, I WILL NOT HAVE ANYTHING MORE TO DO WITH THEM THEY ABANDADED ME AND I WILL NOT FORGIVE THEM" Naruto yelled. The Hokage knew he had to have Naruto get over this 'petty' anger at his family.

"Naruto you have no say in this as long as you hold the Uzumaki name you fall under the rules of you parents." Naruto bristled in anger before storming out of the Hokage office. The Hokage sighed sure the fourths plan didn't go entirely as planned but nothing ever does, so he did the same thing he's done for the last twelve years to reassure himself when it came to the plans involving Naruto he pictured a happy Naruto wearing the hokage hat with his red-headed bride standing next to him while being cheered on by the village. The foolish Hokage named Sarutobi truly believed he was doing right.

'You'll understand someday Naruto then maybe you'll even name your first born after me.' The Hokage thought while he started to read his students book, 'Ichi ihci paradise'

(Mean while with Naruto)

As Naruto ran thought the forests of Konoha as he continued to curse his famly, the third Hokage and kami him/herself for everything that had ever happened to him. Naruto continued to run and run not even noticing that he entered a cave even as he ran thought the seemingly endless path. He only stopped when he had actually reach the end. Naruto looked around the room seeing four swords stuck in the ground and the rest lettered with bones. Naruto walked up to the four swords and observed them, the first was a plain old rusted and beat up one with a worn handle. The second was elegant and seemingly new with a blue hilt. The third was a unusual katana as it had runes running up the backside with round pumble and a beige hilt. The last sword was a Chinese broad sword with a red hilt and a tassel at the end.

"What do you think your doing." Said a commanding yet calm voice, Naruto turn to see a man who was no doubt royalty as he wore a white kimono with red flowers, armor around his mid section with a piece going over his left shoulder and some type of fur that draped over his right shoulder as well. Naruto was scared enough that he didn't notice the man was paticaly see-though.

The man looked deep into Naruto's eyes, looking beneath the fear to see an anger and hate for humans as strong as his own. Curious as to why this human boy hated his own kind, the unnamed man used his unmatchable speed to appear in front of him and placed two fingers on his forehead. With a small flux of demonic chakra saw Naruto's memories all of them, but in doing so forced Naruto to relive them. When it was over the man felt his hate for humans grow a little more. Naruto snarled at the man his fear forgotten as he was forced to relive his sad excuss of life all over again.

"HOW DARE YOU! HAVENT I SUFFERED ENOUGH?" Naruto screamed at the man. The Mans eye filled with guilt of doing what he did.

"Indeed you have. I was not aware of how you've lived and for that I am sorry. I assumed that you just another foolish soul after my power. Now that I have seen your life I know that you didn't deserve that." The man said with a bow. "My name is Sesshomaru, I am the Ino no Taisho. I have been here for three hundred years waiting for a worthy heir to my title and power. In that time countless humans and demons have come here and all have died as they proved to be unworthy." Naruto stood shocked as the now named Sesshomaru had said even demons sought after his power.

"Now Naruto I will ask a question of you." Naruto nodded knowing the man in front of him could kill him in an instant if he wanted to, not that Naruto would try to stop him. "Would you like to be free of the pain your family put you through and will continue to put you through?" Naruto looked at Sesshomaru with calculating eyes.

"What's in it for you?" Naruto asked no longer going to buy things at face value. Sesshomaru nodded approvingly.

"Perceptive child but the answer is simple I get my heir. My body died three hundred years ago but my soul remains as there is no current lord of the westeren lands. I've longed to pass over and see my baby brother again, as well as my foster daughter and old servant. As much as I desired to see them I was not going to give my power to just anyone, I needed a worthy heir and I found one in you. If you accept you'll be my son not those people." Said Sesshomaru with venom in his voice when he said 'people' Naruto nodded.

"I accept" said Naruto.

"Alright now before you gain my power you must first know about my weapons."

"First is the broad sword, its name is Tokijin. It was a blade I requested the making of, I had found the head of a demon with fangs strong enough to break my bothers sword. So I took the head to a demon sword smith and revived it so the fangs could be made into Tokijin but the demon was so vile and corrupt that the sword could only be wielded by those with a powerful yokai and willpower. It was later destroyed in a battle but years later I went and recovered it and had it repaired as well as had its menovolent aura repressed. It only has two special attacks, the ability to fire off neddles of demonic energy and the ability know as dragon strike a torrite of lightning which it actually was barrowing from my other sword Tensaiga.

"Next is the one with the blue hilt, it's name is Tensaiga 'the sword that can not cut' 'sword of heaven' 'coffin cheater' and other such nicknames. For the longest time I believed it to be ussless. I was proven wrong when I found my foster daughter Rin was killed by a pack of wolves and discovered it could revive the dead. My father gave it to me as to teach me compassion as for the longest time I held half-demons and humans responsible for his death. Though I became careless with the lives I held dear believeing the sword could revive them again and again but I later learned I was wrong and that it could only revive the dead once. They also must be freshly dead, though it kill the living dead and heal all wounds as long as the person lives."

Third is the rusted one, my brother's sword made from the fang of my father. The sword that can slay a hundred demons with a single stroke Tessaiga. While it isn't the most powerful anymore it holds the ability to grow stronger from killing strong demons with unique skills. In his lifetime my brother gained three enhancements to it. The first is when it turns red it can cut through barreors. The second is when it becomes covered in a metal like substance it can fire a barrage of shards that ribs through almost anything and last was actually from me when I transferred the dragon strike the only offensive skill from Tensaiga into the Tessaiga. Later he used the jule of four souls to break the spell that prevent me from using it as well turn himself into a human.

The last is a sword born from my own body Bakusaiga and it is the testament of my power as a Daiyoukai. It was caused when in my first true battle against my brother and he cut off my left arm. My arm re-grew later after I had let go of my grudge against him and humans. It has the power to kill thousands of demons with a single stroke and cancel any sort of healing abilities. Only draw this sword under one of the following conditions: 1) to protect your life, 2) to guarantee the safety of your precious ones, 3) to end the oppression of the weak, and finally 4) to uphold your ideals of honor and justice. Outside of these circumstances, the usage of this sword reduces you to no more than thug at best and a tyrant at worst."

"Now Naruto are you ready?" Naruto nodded. Sesshomaru then put his hand through Naruto's chest, "Good luck my son" and in a flash Sesshomaru's demonic chakra spun around the room creating a light show of yellow-green and the blue of normal human chakra as the two merged as the youkai over powered the human chakra annilating it before it all flowed to the center of the room. As Naruto stood from his kneeling position he had changed, he now looked like his foster father. He wore a kimono of the same design but with a different color scheme. Where Sesshomaru's was mainly white Naruto's was black, while Sesshomaru's had red flowers Naruto's were dark orange. Even his armor was similar but with the metal bands going over both shoulders. Naruto's fur was darker and was worn more like a robe as it cover both sides and his back down till his knees past the sash that was a copy of Sesshomaru's own. Naruto's hair had grown to just past his shoulders and became paler it was nearly white but had some even so slight yellow coloring and his eyes had become paler as well as they became icy blue . His whisker marks had become thicker jagged and purple and had cresent moon crest on his head but in the opposite direction of Sesshomaru.

"Konoha you just got your wish, now you have a demon but this one is the real deal. I will kill any who appose me.

Chapter 1 end.