Naruto Legends: Rise of the New lord of the westeren lands

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Chapter 3: Revenge is a five point plan

A five year old Naruto ran through the streets with a mob chasing him, he took a left it ended up being a mistake as he saw it was a dead end.

"Now we've got you demon." Sneered a man.

"Im not a demon." Cried Naruto as the man came closer.

"It's no use lying we know better." Sneered the man as he lifted a knife into the air. Naruto screamed as it came down.

Present day Naruto shot up in his bed breathing hard. His night had not been good, a half demon was brought before him and the others were calling for her death, this served to bring back bad memories for Naruto.

-flashback the previous night-

Naruto sat comfortable in his throne thinking how to get revenge against his former family. True he could easily kill them with Bakusaguia, but then he would be banned from missions. While true he was a ninja under the protection of the fire daimyo, it was still the Hokage assigned the missions and he could be if necessary place on reserve perminatelly. With the enemies that Naruto potentially had being all jonin and kage level that likely would attack in groups so he needed experience. Naruto sat quietly thinking over how to get revenge, his former father took his joy, his home, and Naruto's chance of being loved by the village, so he would do it back to Minato.

Naruto's plan was slowly forming when two of his demon guards barged in and through a girl in front of Naruto.

"My lord we found this half demon looking at your home." said the large squirrel like demon Naruto first met. Naruto looked carefully looked at the half demon girl, her face was flawless with green hair and a long lizard tail. Her ears were long and pointed like an elf.

"What of it?" asked Naruto. The full demons of the mansion looked at one another.

"Well we thought you would want her dead my lord." Said the squirrel demon. Naruto scoffed.

"Have you forgotten I want peace between humans and demons. So why would I want someone born of a union between demon and human killed. You girl rise and announce yourself so we may properly welcome you." The girl nervously stood up and looked around wondering if this was a joke and they only wanted her name so they could put it on her tomb stone.

"M-m-mm—mmmy na-n-name's Tia." She said nervously while playing with her tail. Naruto nodded before standing and walking forward, the now named tia cringed.

"A strange name,"

"My faa-fa-father was from across the sea." Naruto nodded before reaching into his robe and pulled out a ring. It was a gold band with a chameleon with elemeral eyes

"Take this ring and stand amongst us." She nodded and nervously took the ring and stood among the group assembled in Naruto's throne room.

"Now then Tia I have a task I wish for you to complete." Tia nodded. "Listen well and follow them through understood?" again Tia nodded.

-flash back end-

Naruto heard a small bump sound on the wood. Naruto turned to see Tia on one knee and head bowed.

"Report" commanded Naruto as he sat up straight. Tia nodded.

"We went and found the fourth hokage and his family." Naruto nodded he had at least expected that much. "As luck would have it they were attacked by a large group of chunin and jonin." Again Naruto nodded being sure to keep his neutrality. "But it seems that the fourth got stronger over the years along with his wife but the daughter was actually jonin level." Naruto frowned he knew what was coming in the report. "The Iwa nin were slaughtered and we knew we had no chance." Tia said with shame. Naruto nodded.

"Anything else?" Naruto asked hoping for some good news. Tia nodded glade for making a second objective herself. "Yes sir we managed to burn down the fourth Hokage's family home and steal some important scrolls from their library. All blamed on an Iwa nin that the fourth killed himself." Naruto grinned.

"How so?" Naruto asked in a pleasant tone.

"We took a corpse and planted it inside before we set it on fire. We also hypnotized those four geezers' as too put extra security on you last night so you don't try anything. All they saw was you sleeping." Naruto grinned.

"Well done Tia, I'm very pleased." Naruto said. She bowed her head.

"I've also taken the time to build a protocol of how to avoid the humans for the time being." Naruto nodded she was proving to be of great assistance to his adapting demons to the village and getting some pay back in a manner that couldn't be traced to him.

"Good, dismissed." Naruto commanded. Tia nodded then vanished. Naruto quickly dressed and went to the kitchen and fixed himself a cup of tea. As soon as he blew on it the first time a knock came at the front door. Never putting his teacup down he answered the door to see a bull masked Anbu at his door.

"Taisho-sama a summons from the Hokage for a meeting." Naruto nodded and stepped out of his house before closing the door then vanished without a trace leaving a bewildered Anbu. Naruto appeared in front of the council's door with the same lack of evidence of his existence. Naruto blew on his cup once more before entering the room. He looked around the room noticing how it was divided, the number of seats was the same on both sides but four seats on the ninja side were empty. The Namikeze, the Uzumaki, the Uchiha and his seat, the Taisho. Naruto walked up and took his seat which was between the Hyuuga and Uzumaki right before the Hokage entered.

"We are here due to a catastrophe." Many were now alert. When the Hokage said something was bad it was very bad.

"What is it lord Hokage? Has the demon done something?" said a rather dumb civilian. The Hokage glared at the civilian before replying.

"No Naruto hasn't done anything, the problem is an Iwa nin somehow snuck into Konoha and burned down the Fourth Hokage's family home. Many were agasped and not even ten seconds later people began to shout that it was Naruto who did it. Naruto sipped his tea trying to keep calm at the pure ordasity of these fools, sure he would have been happy for them to have been right this time, but there was no evidence of him ever being close to that compound. The Hokage sighed he had just told them it was Iwa and they still blamed Naruto, Sarutobi was now just beginning to see why Naruto was so mad at his father.

"Yes a nice theory but there are two problems with that. One, the anbu were watching him all night and two as I said we found the body of a confirmed Iwa nin." Everyone became silent, showing they understood. "Now then the question is what should we do. I believe that we should ask the one closest to the Fourth…" the head of the Hyuuga clan got ready to stand as he was the best friend of Minato.

"Naruto if you could." Everyone looked around the room for the source of their hate. Naruto sighed as he stood.

"That's Taisho to you Hokage-san." Naruto said as he stood. No one could believe how different Naruto looked. The Hokage looked sadly at Naruto knowing that he was not forgiven for lying to Naruto.

"Naruto as the son of the fourth Hokage…" before Sarutobi could finish or the civilians could abject to Naruto being son of their hero.

"Former Son, I want nothing to do with him." Naruto said shocking everyone that some one wanted to have no relation to the most powerful Konoha ninja to ever live.

"-sigh- Alright Taisho-san as the fire daimyo's representative what do you think we should do?" everyone fell into silence at the knowledge that the demon was the representative of the fire daimyo. Naruto closed his eyes and thought for a moment about how to get away with it.

"Nothing." Naruto said simply. The screams of outrage were like music to Naruto ears as his plan began to form. The civilians began to scream about how the demon didn't want them to punish the one who destroyed the home of the fourth hokage.

"SILENCE" yelled Sarutobi and everyone did so. "Naruto why shouldn't we do anything?"

"The Tasukage will claim that the man was missing nin as to not be bothered by the fudal lords, while we get nothing in return, so it is pointless." Everyone was stunned knowing Naruto was right, as it wouldn't be the first time they had done that.

"I see thank you Nar- I mean Taisho-san. You may go please go and get your profile picture done." Naruto nodded and left. As soon as he left the council exploded into questions to fill the gaps in their heads. The Hokage sighed knowing that they needed answers and so he began the explanation and by the end some felt regret for their mistreatment of Naruto and the clan heads for their inactivity. While other wanted to use him now so to connect themselves to the Namikeze clan. But unlike any of the others the Nara clan thought over what happened before and asked a question.

"Lord Hokage what did Naruto mean by former son?" he asked.

"Naruto found the letter from his father and became furious and found an outside clan and met the clan head and was adopted by him and went through a ritual to gain the bloodline of that clan. Afterwards he went and met the fire daimyo and gain amunaty from me and his father, while I still assign his missions I have no authority over him he's now here as head of the Taisho clan." Everyone couldn't believe it, Naruto wasn't only the foruth's oldest child but Naruto despised him. Of course with the low intelligence of many of Konoha's leaders, they believed they could still get in with the Namikeze clan though Naruto by getting him to marry their daughters.

Meanwhile Naruto went and got his picture taken for his profile. His was simple no special pose or make up just him sitting facing the camera with no expression. Naruto then went to the Hokage's public office to hand in the picture. When the Hokage arrived he took the picture he looked at it and sighed he had been hoping for a joke of some kind to show some of his old self.

"It's a good picture, but I was expecting you to dress up in kabuki style make up or something." Said the Hokage with a smile in hopes that Naruto would return it, he was saddened when Naruto narrowed his eyes at him.

"Don't assume that you know me so well Hokage-san." Naruto said with frown. The Hokage sighed, he was starting to see how deeply his lies affected Naruto. Before anymore words could be exchanged the door flew open with a small boy in a long blue scarf standing there with a dull kunai.

"Your mine old man!" yelled the small boy before he charged at the Hokage, only to trip on his scarf halfway there. Both Naruto and the elderly Hokage sweat dropped at the embarrassing scene. Then a man in all black and round sun glasses came running in.

"Are you alright Honorable grandson?" he exclaimed. The small boy sat up holding his fore head. The boy then pointed at Naruto and began to shout.

"That idiot tripped me, I'm sure of it. Apopgise you big moron" the other un-named nin glared at Naruto. Naruto returned it while the Hokage began to worry silently.

"For one I wouldn't lower myself to such stupidity and as for the other one. If you continue to look at me with those eyes I will rip them from your head." Naruto said casing the older nin's eyes to widen. The young boy couldn't believe that someone not only didn't do what he demanded but also threatened his trainer. Then the other nin smirked.

"What could you a mere genin do against an elite like me? Why I could…" before he could continue Naruto drew Tokijin and swung it slashing the wood next to the ninja and the young boy leaving a small gorge beside them which still sparked with electricity. This thoroughly scared both of them, and nearly gave the old Hokage a heart attack. Naruto placed the sword back in his sash.

"Do not test my paticance worm, for it is already worn thin by ignorant fools like yourself. Push it any further and it will be you head. " Naruto said with a tone so cold the temperature in the room actually lowered. The nin gulped and nodded, while the young boy look on in awe of the one who silenced his trainer. Naruto then walked out not caring about what would go on, though he did notice the boy began to follow him.

"Lord Hokage why haven't you done anything about him?" the Hokage sighed, why oh why couldn't the people leave Naruto in peace? If they did he might begin to forgive them, and the then the sooner that Naruto would welcome his family.

"He's under the protection of the Fire daimayo's personal protection. Leave him be and he'll give you the same cerdacy Ebisu." The now named Ebisu nodded in understanding, he then turned to tell the Hokage's grandson to stay away from Naruto only to finally noticed that Konohamaru was gone.

"Where did the honorable grandson go?" the Hokage gained a grim look in fear.

"He might of followed Naruto." Ebisu then screamed.

"Honorable Grandson.!" He cried out as he ran out of the room. Leaving the fearful Hokage on his own. 'I hope Naruto won't take his anger at out on Konohamaru either by killing him or teaching him something dangerous.' Thought the old Hokage who quickly grabbed his crystal balland tried to hone in on Naruto. With Naruto, he was finding himself greatly annoyed by the small boy. Naruto turned and glared at the pathetic disguise of a light brown tarp in the middle of the road, Naruto couldn't help the twitch of his brow at the sad attempt of disguise.

"Stop this pathetic charade and be gone lest my blade be buried in your gullet." Of course Konohamaru didn't understand most of what Naruto had said but he got the threat regardless of language barrier.

"Your good as expected, that's way I want you to train me." Konohamaru said excitedly while pointing at Naruto. Naruto was not amused with these stupid antics.

"Why should waste my time with you, when you aren't even capable of making of a descent disguise?" Naruto asked with a raised brow. Konohamaru couldn't believe his ears, someone who didn't respect him.

"I'm the grandson of the third Hokage. You should feel honored to teach me!" Konohamaru yelled. Naruto narrowed his eyes, this child was the grandson of the third Hokage, the grandson of one of those responsible for his suffering. Naruto placed his hand on the hilt of Tokijin.

"You should be careful of who you share that with as they may be like myself and despise him. They may seek revenge against him by killing you." Konohamaru's eyes went wide, he was going to die? Like everything else it was because of his grandfather. His dreams were going to end before they began. Konohamaru began to cry.

"Why are you crying child? You have yet to receive an injury?" Naruto asked with narrowed eyes. Konohamaru looked up with tears continuing down his face.

"No one once acknowledged me as me just the Honorable grandson of the Hokage and now I'm going to die because of it." He replied. Naruto felt sorrow, the child felt neglected and abandoned as well and he was going to kill the child simply because of his relation to the third. Naruto glared into the air and pulsed his youki.

In his office the Hokage was watching through his crystal ball. He was about to call the Anbu when Naruto glared in his direction. 'It can't be.' Then it broke in half, at the very center. With fear gripping his heart he called the Anbu.

"Anbu find my grandson!" Many bowed before leaving. 'Please Naruto he's just a child, then again how times did that save you? Not once.' The third let a few tears fall finally. While a group of no less then twenty Anbu went running through the village, Naruto and Konohamaru were at a well hidden training ground. It was great for hiding as Naruto used his super speed to leave no tracks and the flowers near by covered their sent, Naruto had taken Konohamaru here to teach him. Currently Naruto's young charge was running around the clearing while caring a decent size rock. Naruto smiled at what had transpired, as it was a step toward finding his peace and showing everyone just how wrong they were to act as they had.

-flash back: about fifteen minutes ago-

"Open your eyes child, I have changed my mind. You'll be spared and I will grant your earlier request." Naruto said ignoring the fact that Konohamaru had yet to stop crying. When he did start to calm down he realized he was going to be okay.

"So why do you hate grandpa?" asked Konohamaru. Naruto sighed this wasn't something he wanted to drag a child into.

"His failure to keep the individual safe and happy regardless of how the village feels." Of course Konohamaru had no idea what that meant.

"What's that mean boss?" Naruto sighed he really didn't want to be accountable for killing the boy's innocence.

"The village follows the mantra of sacrifice the one for the many. Your grandfather allowed that, instead of allowing the one to live peacefully he had to suffer at the hands of the village who took their grievances out on him." Konohamaru couldn't believe his ear's his grandpa actually let such a thing happen.

"Really? I find that hard to believe. Grandpa would at least punish them." Said Konohamaru in a desperate attempt to save the image of a great man his grandpa was.

"Yes, he allowed it and not only that but he wouldn't punish them saying that the villagers were suffering. He just kept saying that for twelve years." Konohamaru of coruse was confused as his image that kept him going through the loneliness was broken and left him confussed and like any confused person he lashed out.

"How would you know? How do I know that you're not just lying and trying to make grandpa seem bad?" Naruto let out a breath, he knew he was essentially destroying what the boy knew but it had to be done.

"Because I am that one, for twelve years I suffered beating and starvation at the hands of this village. I would be beaten by someone and the next day they would be walking around with a large grin knowing they weren't going to be punished." Konohamaru looked deep into Naruto's eyes looking for deception but found none, he knew his grandfather had really done all that.

"Why do the villagers hate you boss?" he asked wanting to know why he was put through such hell without redemption. Naruto sighed but decided it was best for the child to know from the source and get the truth then someone else and get their paranoia.

"Do you know the story about Kyuubi?" Konohamaru nodded. "The story you know is a lie. The truth is the though the fourth could have killed it, he chose not to instead he sealed it into his first born as to strengthen the village. He then went into hiding with his wife and his youngest child, this was to train her until she was strong then they would return and have the two children married as to make the next generation stronger." Despite his young age, konohamaru understood what meant.

"Eew!" he replied. Naruto nodded.

"Indeed, but now lets get started. What has that fool taught you thus far?" Konahamaru smiled seeing that he finally had someone who saw him as an individual and not as the honorable grandson.

"I can feel my chakra and some of the basic taijutsu." Naruto raised an eyebrow as if to ask if that all, at this Konohamru lowered his head in shame, thinking that Naruto was disappointed.

"I see, your biggest concerns will be building flexibility and endurance. Grab a rock and start running." Konohamaru nodded and did as instructed.

-flash back end-

Naruto snapped from his thoughts as the sent of a near by Anbu got his attention. At the moment the female Anbu was just watching, probably waiting to see if Naruto was being crule. Naruto gave an almost invisible nod, impressed to see that there was at least one Anbu who had common sence.

"Enough running for now." Naruto called out and konohamaru nodded as he put the stone down.

"What's next boss?" asked Konohamru asked between pants. Naruto nodded approvingly at his attitude.

"Next is meditation to become more familure with your chakra." Kono nodded. Then both sat down and began their meditation. In the tree the cat masked Anbu continued to watched and nodded at Naruto's approach. He wasn't cruel but a hard task master but knew how to use even their break as a training exercise. She had t admit that Naruto would make a good teacher but still didn't completely trust him. His eyes were cold and unfeeling to the point that it cause even the elite Anbu to shiver. A man of such coldness was one who could be much like Itachi. After what Itachi did no one wanted a repeat and with someone who the endless power of the Kyuubi sealed in them, it gave her shivers.

Naruto could smell the slight fear from the tree and frowned, he had thought she had more common sense then that. He had given no reason for her to fear him, although she had lived through the Kyuubi attack she still couldn't tell him apart from the fox. Naruto sighed as he stood and Kono looked him.

"Something wrong boss?" he asked wondering why Naruto stood so soon.

"An Anbu is here for you, continue the exercises I told you too later and be sure to have that fool teach you more taijutsu and basic bojutsu." Kono then smiled and nodded.

"Right boss." Naruto then disappeared in a burst of speed. This left cat gabbing as she had only seen such speed from Might Guy the village's premier taijutsu master. The Anbu then went down to Kono.

"Honorable Grandson, I must take you to Lord Hokage." Kono nodded as he wanted to give his grandfather a piece of his mind anyway. In a swirl of leafs they appeared in the office of the Hokage. Of course the Hokage was relieved to see that Konohamaru was ok. The look on Kono's face of inquirery was something not lost on the elderly leader and had to wonder what it was Konohamaru whated to know.

"Is something the matter Konohamaru?"

"Is it true?" the Hokage raised his eyebrow.

"Is what true?" the frown on Konohamaru grew.

"That the boss has Kyuubi sealed in him, that you let people get away with beating him and that it was the fourth Hokage who planed it." Kono said as his voice gotten angrier and angrier. Both Hokage and Anbu couldn't believe what they were hearing, he knew about the Hokage letting the villagers get away with their cruel treatment of Naruto but the last bit was news to the Anbu.

'The fourth Hokage lives and he planned this. My god what have we been doing?' she felt guilt crashing down due to the cold way her and her squad treated Naruto. True they always protected him but they never acted friendly.

"Kono, how do you know all that?" asked the Hokage hoping he was wrong.

"Naruto told me, I know everything even that the fourth is his former dad." Kono snapped as the Anbu gasped behind her mask.

'HIS FATHER, how could the fourth Hokage do that to his own son, and we acted so…my god.' She thought in horror. The third sat there wondering why things went so wrong. Taking his grandfather's silence as confirmation, Kono left. Naruto sat in his house and smiled as his sipped on some tea.

"Soon it will all come to together."

-Chap 3 end-