Author's Notes: There is a lack of decent Wolf Lake fanfic. I came to this conclusion after spending an hour searching through the Net and not finding ANYTHING. So I decided to take matters into my own hands and try writing something myself. Personally, aside from the Sophia/Luke relationship, I think the majority of the show stinks to high heaven so any fanfic I do write will focus on the teens. This is a prologue of sorts and will be expanded if I get good feedback or if I just feel inspired-like. Please, let me know what you think.


He was pure wolf. She was a half-breed, trapped in limbo between two worlds. They lived in a town that was run by the Pack. Only at their school, where kids were bussed in from other districts, did the Pack mix with humans. Those human teens knew to avoid the Wolf Lake kids, warned by ancient instinct that predators walked in their midst.

They were Skinwalkers, the residents of Wolf Lake, their genes giving them the power to change from human to wolf. Ages ago, before the first wave of technology, the question was asked- are they wolves who turn human or humans who turn into wolves? A healthy wolf pack will only attack unless threatened, will hunt only for food. A Pack is governed by a strict hierarchy, led by an Alpha Male and his mate, the Alpha Female. They become Alphas by defeating any challengers. Once mated, ah well, wolves mate for life. Humans do not.

The attraction between Luke and Sophia seemed to spring suddenly into life one day, brought into life by a chance meeting of their eyes. Chocolate brown met crystal green and a current of electricity ran between them. They both felt themselves reaching for the other, even though neither of them moved. Yet she was still human, still unaffected by the Change, and he was wolf, someone her father warned her away from. So she dropped her eyes and kept walking down the hall, knowing that he watched her go. Both were startled, perhaps a little intrigued, by these new feelings.

However, wiser ones than they knew that the feelings they shared weren't new. Before the onset of puberty, before Sophia's mother died, the children of Wolf Lake were all equal. There was no division yet between wolf and human. Sophia and Luke were usually in the same class, always paired together on group assignments. They were friends, as much as little boys and girls can be. They were comfortable together and in their absence, they were missed by the other one. Yet as the possibility of the Change grew closer, a rift began to form between them. Luke, the son of the Alphas, was guaranteed to Change, there was no question of that, but Sophia, daughter of a human woman, might never Change. She might never be a true member of the Pack.

So their feelings were forgotten, lost in that hazy cloud which envelopes childhood as we get older. However, they never truly disappeared, just laid dormant beneath the surface, waiting for the right moment to reappear. When it finally happened, there was no turning back. Sophia and Luke found themselves continually drawn to each other, only the fact that she was still human barring their path.

It seemed that they would end up star-crossed lovers, yearning but not meant, when it begun. Sophia began to Change.