Ziva David drove down a nearly empty street with one hand on the steering wheel and the other clutching a cup of tea. She thought she could get from home to work without any caffeine, but after two minutes of driving she quickly gave in. Taking another sip of the warm drink she got from take out at Tim Hortons, Ziva glanced at the time.

"One in the morning..." The agent grumbled to herself. That was too early to be awake, and Ziva was usually an early riser. She had to be, considering what kind of job she had. Ziva briefly thought of her old job as a control officer. That was the job she had when she met her current team. After spending quite a bit of time with the group and helping them solve a few crimes, Ziva quit her job and joined NCIS.

Ziva brushed her brown hair out of her face to drink more of her tea. When she got a call from DiNozzo that morning saying Gibbs wanted the team to come back to work, Ziva quickly got dressed into a green sweater and loose brown pants. It wasn't very official looking, but there was no real dress code at NCIS. Ziva barely payed attention to the road in front of her, a mercy to all but the few who shared the road with her red and black Mini Cooper.

There were so many murders lately. After solving a case, the team was lucky to get five hours to themselves before another victim was found. Ziva had been awake for the most of two days, getting a few hours to herself to go home and sleep.

Ziva shifted in her seat and turned on the radio, deciding to occupy herself with a bit of music, though she wouldn't really pay any attention to it. The radio was set on a news station that had taken over the sports station from the night before. She gave DiNozzo a ride home and he tuned in to it, trying to get the end results of a game he missed. Ziva thought that it was stupid to have a man yelling a broadcast of a sport that they weren't watching, and DiNozzo tried to explain to Ziva that he listened to it because he wasn't there, though he didn't get through to her.

"... possible rain in the afternoon." The announcer spoke, making Ziva realize that she missed the first half of the sentence. "This April Fools day might not be as fun filled as last years. In other news, most of the damage in Egypt caused by a meteor shower has been repaired..."

Ziva stopped listening broadcast after 'April Fools'. DiNozzo was a fun loving prankster, and it was April First. DiNozzo called Ziva and made her get up at one in the morning to go to work. Ziva swore, a rare sight to behold. If this was an April Fools joke, she was going to make use of her 'seventeen ways to kill someone with a plastic ruler' threats.

Ziva grimaced and took a gulp of her tea. She turned off the radio early, since she could see the NCIS building from the red light she was stalled at. Ziva didn't completely understand why she was stuck at a red light when she was the only one on the road at that hour. The light turned green a moment later and she sped off.

Ziva pulled into a parking spot and turned the key to her car. She sat back slightly as the vehicle rumbled into silence, hoping that DiNozzo had not done something revolting dedicated to her as a 'prank'. With a sigh, Ziva stepped out of her car and locked the door behind her. She drank some of her tea and tried to make sure she would keep an eye on her surroundings throughout the day. As she walked towards her destination, she saw Abby's Coupe, McGee's Boxter, and Dr. Mallard's Morgan, but before she saw the rest of the cars, Ziva stopped short and gawked.

There was a large Peterbilt in Gibbs' parking space. Ziva knew, the first day she met the man, that no one stepped a foot in Gibbs' parking space. The truck was huge, several feet taller than the NCIS agent. As out of character as it was, Ziva stared at the vehicle with her mouth slightly open, still trying to figure out how to respond to the situation.

That was most likely DiNozzo's 'April Fools' prank, judging by the truck's paint job. It was generally blue, but it was covered in a red and orange flame pattern from the front grill to the back. Even better, the truck had no visible license plate, and knowing Tony, he probably showed off the truck all around Washington DC.

Yes, definitely the work of DiNozzo.

Stepping closer to the Peterbilt, Ziva noticed possibly over one hundred scratches and dents on it's exterior, almost as if someone had tried to rip it into a thousand peices. It was leaking a strange pink fluid from somewhere Ziva couldn't see where she stood. Beyond suspiscious, Ziva climbed up the truck's side and peered into the window. DiNozzo wasn't inside. Nobody was. Smart move, even though Tony was still going to be in a stack of trouble with the boss. That is the way the phrase worked, right? 'Stack of trouble'? Ziva shook her head and stepped down, holding the trucks exhaust pipe for balance.

The truck was still warm. It seemed to have been driven recently. Ziva looked around for Tony, and with no luck in spotting the agent, she figured Tony bolted after parking the giant, flame painted, going-to-get-a-ticket-for-not-having-a-license-plate truck.

"Oh, Tony, what are we going to do with you..." Ziva said to herself, smirking while sipping her tea quietly. She thought of how much torture Gibbs was going to put DiNozzo through. Too bad she left her camera at home; the event would have made a great home video. She could've shown Tim, too. He would have loved to see it.

Speaking of McGee, Ziva needed the computer geek to show her how to work a GPS. After a lot a begging from almost everyone on her team, Ziva finally got a navigational system that would show her exactly how to get somewhere, and not make her do a U-turn at every intersection. Ziva still believed she didn't need one, and that she was fine getting around on her own.

With one last glance at the Peterbilt, Ziva walked into the NCIS building and headed for the elevator, ignoring the annoyed grunt from a tired security guard. Ziva stepped into the elevator, holding the door open so a man could get in, and pressed the button that would take her where she wanted to go.

Ziva leaned back into the wall as the elevator started moving up. She blinked a few times and stifled a yawn. Why did Gibbs want everyone to come in at that time of day? Ziva shook her head again, taking another sip of her tea. She had to be really tired not to know why she was going to work. This was either a new case, or a DiNozzo prank, and to ensure the existence of the mentioned agent, it better had been the former.

Ziva looked up to see the elevator doors opening. She didn't even notice that the elevator had stopped. Glancing to her right, she saw the man she held the door for staring lazily into space. At least Ziva wasn't the only one losing sleep. Ziva walked out and tossed her empty cup into a trash can as she passed it.

Taking a glance at her surroundings like she promised herself she would, Ziva spotted Tony sitting at his desk, clearly watching Ziva out of the corner of his eye with a smug look but obviously trying to seem like he wasn't. He had two cups of coffee on his desk, though one was left untouched. Timothy, on the other hand, sat at his computer, eyebrows furrowed and frown plastered on his face. Ziva walked straight up to DiNozzo's desk and crossed her arms. "You know Gibbs' is going to kill you, right?"

Tony looked up at Ziva, exasperated. He raised his hands in the air and sighed, annoyed. "Why is everyone saying that?"

Ziva dismissed Tony's outburst and walked over to McGee. She asked a question she believed she already knew the answer to. "Why are you so angry?"

"Because he's a party pooper." Tony answered for his fellow agent. Tony turned towards his grumpy comrade with a smile grazing his lips. "Why so serious, probie?"

"Tony decided it was a good idea to reorganize everything in my computer." Timothy said to Ziva, refusing to acknowledge DiNozzo. McGee continued to type for a moment before sighing hard and leaning back in his chair. He finally glanced over to DiNozzo, frustrated. "Gluing my hands to the keyboard was preferable to this!"

Tony threw his head back and chuckled while Tim huffed and went back to organizing his work. Ziva looked back and forth between the two men before heading to her seat. She looked at the chair first to make sure DiNozzo didn't unscrew anything. When she confirmed that no one had fiddled with it, Ziva looked on the top of her desk. She saw nothing, so she sat down and looked at Tony with an eyebrow raised. Tony chuckled. "What, you don't trust me? Your fellow agent? That hurts me, Ziva."

Ziva snorted and turned back to her desk. She knew DiNozzo had done something, she just couldn't figure out what. Ziva opened her desk drawer, and a dozen fluffy coloured springs flew out. Ziva jumped back in surprise. She glared daggers at DiNozzo, but he was too busy laughing his head off to notice. Ziva sighed and put a hand to her head. "Seriously, I don't understand how you could just throw your life away like that."

"You mean your prank? And here I thought you had a sense of humor." Tony continued chuckling until he saw Ziva roll her eyes uncaringly. Tony's laugh shrunk into a smirk and he spun around in his chair. "Okay, I'll bite. What has gotten the lady so deadpan this beautiful April morning?"

Ziva watched Tony, skeptically. "The truck. We all know you did it, Tony."

Tony leaned forward on his chair, intrigued. He glanced at Timothy questioningly before looking back at Ziva with an eyebrow raised. "What truck?"

"The one you parked in Gibbs' spot." McGee scoffed. He stopped typing again and rolled his chair away from his desk. He couldn't believe DiNozzo was still trying to hide what he did. "Don't you remember how he acted when I did it? He wouldn't stop giving me the death glare until I moved."

Tony blinked and stayed silent. Suddenly, he got up and speed walked towards the large window a meter away. His eyes widened when he saw what his fellow agents were talking about. "Wow."

"'Wow'?" Ziva quoted, putting a hand on her hip. "You sound surprised."

"I am surprised." Tony responded, still watching the truck intently, seemingly hypnotized by the flames that decorated it. "That's not my prank. I just changed the background on his computer."

Timothy and Ziva exchanged a look before they both walked over to Gibbs' computer. Ziva shook the mouse and the computer came out of sleep mode. The background wasn't one of Tony's best picks; just a cat with a poptart body and a rainbow trailing behind it. McGee frowned when he compared the prank he got with the one Tony gave their boss, though honestly he couldn't really blame him. McGee resisted rolling his eyes. "Cute, Tony."

"Isn't it?" DiNozzo replied, still not looking away from the truck gleaming in the moon light. "It made me think of you, probie."

"Hilarious." McGee said, sarcasm laced in his voice. Tony began ignoring his partners in favor of daydreaming about himself driving the truck he was staring at.

"... Oh man. Forget the Ferrari, I want one of those." Tony commented, receiving a chuckle from his teammates. Suddenly, Tony's eyes went wide and he reluctantly pried his eyes away from the truck's paint job. "It's Gibbs."

Ziva and McGee quickly shut down the computer and dashed to the window. The group watched as Leroy Jethro Gibbs parked his F-250 next to the truck that rested in his self proclaimed parking space. He stared at the intruding vehicle for a minute before heading inside, not losing his composure in the slightest. The agents rushed back to their desks. There was about a full minute of silence while Tony fidgeted in his seat. "I'm going to be the next body on Ducky's autopsy table."

"Only if your lucky." Ziva tantalized, amusement clear in her voice. Before DiNozzo had a chance to respond, Gibbs stepped out of the elevator, his face as blank as it always was. Gibbs walked towards the group and stopped in front of Tony. Tony looked up at his boss and sheepishly held out one of the cups on his desk.

"Coffee?" Tony smiled nervously. Gibbs grunted and showed DiNozzo the drink in his hand. The cocky agent nodded and wisely said nothing. Gibbs eyed the rest of his team, who all refused to look directly at him and tried to hide their smirks.

"Is that your truck, DiNozzo?" Gibbs questioned, which made Tony jump. His boss was speaking in a quiet tone that didn't sound threatening at all, which was a good reason to be scared.

DiNozzo shook his head slowly. "No."

Gibbs raised an eyebrow. He could tell DiNozzo wasn't lying. If he was, he would be smiling while he spoke. Gibbs looked around at the other agents,who shook their heads as well. Gibbs frowned and walked over to his desk to pick up his bag. They would talk about the truck later. "Grab your gear. We have a body at Great Falls Park."

"Cool, a camping trip." Tony quipped, all of his uneasy feelings gone. He and the other agents jumped up and they each grabbed a bag from behind their desks. Tony smiled. "Should I bring a bathing suit?"

Ziva flinched, feigning disgust. "Keep your shirt on, Tony."