Hey, all! Back again with another, INCREDIBLY random story to post up! This was the result of me going on an hours long popcorn binge (my equivalent to crack) and playing Hyperdimension Neptunia.

Yeah, don't need to be high to enjoy that game.

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Ever wonder how odd things can get within the span of five seconds? I used to, but I forgot how much of a difference five seconds can make...

A simple night on the Planeptune landmass... was all Glitch was expecting. Nothing big, nothing small. Just a nice, peaceful night looking up at the stars above him. The teenager, about seventeen years old or so, just wanted some time away from the people he traveled with. They were barely anything like him outside of their profession, and they got annoying very quickly to the teen.

What kinda shit do they talk about when I'm away, I wonder... Glitch merely shrugged the random thought away, deciding it'd be better not to know that information. He didn't like to think about the others... ever, really, unless it was on stage.

Yes. On stage.

The others he had to deal with were the other parts to the famous underground band 'Little Resistance', often found playing somewhat secluded concerts on the Planeptune landmass.

Go figure, right?

Anyway, they're one of the biggest underground artists in Gamindustry, well known for... guess... how they dress. Glitch was the most notable of all of them, sporting a black/red plaid hoodie as a trademark. Rebellious phrases decorated the sleeves and back, and there was even the band's 'Revolution' emblem on one of his fingerless gloves. To add to the 'rebel' image, he wore a pair of black, loose pants with large red patches here and there, and even a belt... that was a chain with a padlock for a 'buckle'. Even matching shoes for the effect. The others had similar get ups... but Glitch was certainly the most noticeable. Also, being the guitarist... well, he was pretty much well-known, and the face most people associate with the name 'Little Resistance.'

Pretty good life to lead, in anyone's opinion. Even Glitch had to agree, he loved his profession. At the same time, he didn't like to be instantly recognized on the streets.

Truth is, he is probably the WORST when he is forced to handle a social situation. For developmental purposes later, why and how will not be disclosed.

At any rate, there he rested, on the slope of a hill he liked to rest at, just to look up at the stars. Quite the view, as always. Glitch chuckled lightly to himself as he started to hum to one of his band's songs (not to be named). How odd...


He gasped as he saw a streak of light, recognizing it immediately as a shooting star. Hmm... Oh, what could I wish for! Oooh, it's disappearing... Maybe... Meet that one cute-sounding hostess on the radio I listen to? Ooh, that's good, that's good! I love it~!

He closed his eyes and laced his fingers together as he silently wished to his heart's content.

Completely oblivious to the fact that the 'shooting star' was in fact headed right for him. That is, until he finished wishing. "... Hmm?" He slowly got to his feet as he stared at the approaching object. "... That's..." He tilted his head as he tried to work out what it was, since it was surely not a... flying... little... lolita... girl... thing? Either way, it was coming in fast!

"... Oh, fuck me sideways!" Glitch blurted out as he started to perform operation B.A.I.L, which consisted of turning the hell around and running the fuck away.

Sadly, he didn't get far.

The object-girl-whatever-thing hit the ground real hard, sending out a shock wave that forced his breath right out of his lungs, and knocked him right the hell out before he even hit the ground.

And, of course, he blacked out immediately.

… Hmm? Two people? I sense another...

Wha? W-Wha... That's not my thought. I don't think... about... huh?

Oh, I'm sorry, I seem to be intruding upon both you and Purple Heart. My apologies...

… No, no, don't leave right now. You'd better tell me why my mind is getting violated by some girl I've never met.

Don't make it sound like that. I merely must have broadcasted a bit too far...

… Yeah, okay, sure. Just tell me why the hell I can hear you.

Actually, I don't really know wh-

Oh, that's helpful.

Quiet and listen. I don't know why, unless some game mechanic is going haywire...

Game mechanic? What shit are you smoking?

… Please, you're reminding me of White Heart. Lay off of the cursing. Anyway... Give me a few moments t-

Few moments over, tell me what the hell's going on.

… Ah!

'Ah!' what? Did you figure something out?

I-it... It can't be... I thought they were...

What can't be? Who are you?

M-my name is Histoire, but... you...

I what? What is it?

… I'm sorry, I can't keep this connection any longer! Please forgive me, but I must leave...

W-wait! Don't... Tell me! Tell me what is it with me!

Ah, she's gone. Shit... It's warm. Very warm... Oddly... Hmm?

"... ou okay? Hey..."

… That is one adorable voice. Could that be...? Oh, I wanna wake up... Two large, warms objects pressed into his chest in a very suggestive manner- to him, at least.

"... Hey. Hey!" The owner of the voice started to lightly shake him. "Wake up~!" Slowly, he began to open his eyes, looking down at the rest of his body.

And the girl that was on top of him.

… What. The. Hell. Is wrong with this girl's chest?

And meet the moe girl of the series! Glitch comes off as just everything, doesn't he? Smartass, shy guy (XD), and one hell of a dreamer.

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