... What?

The toss are you all expecting? More wit? You'll get enough below, so get reading!

~ Pups


"... ake up..."

Iun... Iunwaaana...

"... up, sir..."

Shaaadup... M'sleeeping...

A nice, good voltage shock to his everything jumped him up to speed, though it caused a head-on collision with the wall. Honestly, he preferred the alarm clocks. Not a cattle prod, or a taser, or whatever in heck it was that decided to give the teen shock therapy. Nothing was WRONG with him. Matter of fact, he felt fi-

"You feel fine because the update was completed five hours, fifty-five minutes and twenty-two seconds ago. Ample time to recover." The teen started at the sudden and heavily unwanted voice, looking about hurriedly. Someone got into the hotel room?! How? He was pretty sure he did a good job of reminding Neptune to lock it, then watching her convince Compa she should, saying it wasn't that...

Actually, he did a crap job. Wait... Random intruder, right! He continued his looking about for a moment longer before he heard that little voice again.

"Down here." His head turned to the left, and angled down to locate the owner of the odd voice. His eyes were met with a bare, pale midriff, framed about with a sheer black fabric. He would've gone on about what ELSE he could see from it all... but the rest made him blush and simply turn away from the figure laying down beside him, considering-
'PG-13, Azur.'

Shaddup. He took a fleeting glance again at the figure, just to affirm it was female. Knock-knock and... legs. Yep, female. He idly processed that, and silently got to work thinking of how in hell she got in.

"I was always in." Oh, well. In thaaaaaaa... ha ha... "You aren't that good with girls, are you? Whenever we want a guy to look... ah, screw it. Here, info." Glitch tilted his head to his left by a tick as a pale red box flashed up in his vision, one half taken up by a full body picture- clothed, mind you- and the other scrolling with text. For the most part, her clothing was plain black, rather sheer... ish. Her midriff was bared, along with her thigs- half were encased in stockings of a smiliar color- and a nice view of a valley and hills-

Shut up, I'm male.
-stood above the black top. A tail akin to a dress hung off of her waist, open up front for... whatever reason. Her arms were bare due to a lack of sleeves on the top, and it all seemed to hug her tightly. Veeeerrry tightly, as it seemed. Eh... tight was no real surprise there. A line shot up next to the picture, flashing a number up beside it; 168 cm. He watched a few more flash up, each one something different.

E.C.: Light Red

TM1: 43
TM2: 21

TM3: 33

"Er... What is TM?"

"That would be three measurements." Glitch's face lit up a bit more crimson than he'd thought he could go, and brushed his hand over the box without thinking. It flicked to side, then disappeared from view with his hand's movement. "Aww, the best part was where I put in what I liked..." He ignored her completely as he pondered what in hell was going on with him. It was one thing to be a... a SOUL, according to that girl that had a summer home in his brain, but random information popping up in his sight wa- Wait, how did she know?

"How do I know? Well, I made it... Oh, right, you wouldn't know. Let me explain..." Glitch blinked once more as another window shot up in his view.

G13-04 DS UPDATE 5.67.1

Addition of A.I. Code Lilith

Weapon Update, 'Darkstar'

Ramp up dirty thoughts just because it's funny

Addition of GP-44 TCI with Lilith

Customizable Code G Apparel

Appearance update, throw in a scar cause scars are cool. Jkaaaay



"Don't ask me." Again, the teen let out a long sigh of annoyance, hanging his head a bit and kicking the covers about him off. "TCI, though, stands for Tactical Combative Interface, whi-"

"I think I'll get the hang of it after a bit, thank you." Glitch cut her off with an almost apathetic wave of his hand, looking over at the door to the room. It was closed, yes. The chain to lock it was in place, too... Wait, it said A.I. "... Lilith, right?"

"Yes, that's my designated code."

"Lovely." He turned his head to look at her again... though out of the corner of his eye, so the new update with his mental processes didn't feel tempted to take effect. That failed, though... Whatever, a good view doth not be wasted! "... Uh... question."


"Funny. Is it just me that can see you?" He had no idea where that question came from... but immediately wished he had asked it earlier instead of comfirming her bloody name; the door behind him burst open with the all-too familiar cry of...

"Neptune's baaaAAAAAAAAAH!"

… Oh, f-



"... and that basically sums up what you saw."

The trio in the room had taken up a weird circle on the beds, Glitch having been forced to take one separate from his... that's a weird thought... new A.I., which technically should be NEXT to him, as she is HIS... but t'was not important. Besides, all was unimportant in the wake of Neptune, mother-

'P. G.'


'That's derogatory!' And like that, Histiore was ignored for the fifth time that day in favor for the goddess.

"Oh. I thought you'd snuck out, got a nice gal, and then got to the dirty."

… A less than divine goddess. Luckily, he didn't feel like explaining that an A.I isn't tangible, and Neptune wasn't in the listening mood. Matter of fact...

"Oh, right! Me and Compa went out shopping for weapons. You know, like real girls. We got you some clothes with a + 5 defense rating, and a nice new gun. Guys love those, right?" Glitch blinked a few times in slight surprise, half in that she'd gotten him clothing, and the rest that'd she'd gotten him... a freaking nice piece of steel. Neptune pulled the piece out with a smile from a bag- that shouldn't have really held that weight, but whatever- and held it out, smiling like a mo... well, smiling like only she could. He took it without a second thought, flipping the cylinder out with a wide smile. Nice and loaded already? D'aww, Neptune has her moments, doesn't she? Very rare moments, but moments nonetheless.

He flipped it right back and gave it a quick once over... which proved useless, as a window with the exact same gun popped up in his sight. Name, manufacturer, caliber, fire modes, sight pictures, and a picture of... who the hell wears a dress like that nowadays? Oh, whatever. Shiny new gun, fun times galore. He was about to thank Neptune for her odd generosity until the door burst open again, the poor thing, and the third party member burst in with a wide smile and a nice sheet of we-have-to-leave-and-do-things paper.

"Guys, I got a quest from a person in neeeeEEEEEEEEEK!"

… My f- Don't say a thing, you spineless tome.

'You are going to turn into White Heart if you're that mean all the time!'

As the crew smashed a stay Dogooey- much to Glitch's dismay- for the fifteenth time that dungeon crawl, Glit- Azur, pardon- had only one, simple question on his processor;

"What in HECK does a cockatrice look like?" As an answer, a screen flashed up in his vision giving him a picture, general description, what times of a month it- "Lilith, refrain from the sarcasm at times like this.


He sighed as he glanced over at Purple Heart wipe slime off of her sword with a face that couldn't any more indifferent than... well, perhaps the crystals around them. Speaking of, why in heck did cockatrice make their homes in caves? The crystals were all nice and pretty and whatnot, but honestly, all the light that reflected off of them got irritating to the eyes a lot faster than even Compa would like. Heck, she wasn't even happy; compaints about her clothing being damp from all the moisture in the place were audible for miles, and it was her favorite sweater!

He tuned the complaints out as he went back to normal, abandoning the normal look to his Guardian Protocol and sawshields for the glaive and hoodie/denim shorts/trainers option.

"Ah... okay, we aren't... having any luck here. Compa, do you want t-"

"NO! The last time I did that, the Dogooeys got everywhere on me... waaa-"

"Okay, okay. I'll just... look over here." With another token sigh, he walked off for a separate part of the cave, using the nice crystals for light and idly considering how to mine those without causing landmass-wide outcries. He could get rich fast off of all of that. Maybe he'd go mainstream with LR.

Well, then we'd lose the appeal to the underground resistance-y edge we have, eh. I could use it for charit-OOF! A sudden impact on the general area of his face with something else knocked him out of his mental business musings... and onto his rear. He rubbed his face idly as it throbbed a protest, and even his ears wanted in after a loud clattering rang out, made worse from the echoing tendencies of the stone-and-crystal around him... along with a short curse.

"Oh, come ON! Why don't you watch where the hell you're going you dumb b... oy?" The surprised tone itself almost tempted him to look up, if not combined with the femininity of it. Those in conjunction, though, angled his eyes upward to... phones. And a girl sitting in the middle of them all.

… What the hell is with the f-

'I won't say it again.'

I will rip your pages out. Very slowly. After dog-earing them.

'… You are unnecessarily cruel.'

And believe me when I say their relationship won't get any better. No, seriously, it just will NOT get any better. Spoilers much?

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