Author's Super long explanation: Okay first of all- this story is highly AU. So if you don't like people messing with the characters of a show don't read.

Basically Morgana still has parents and never went to live with Uther. Uther's wife is still dead and he never had an affair with Vivienne. Thus Morgana is Gorlois's daughter.

I changed Morgana a little. Her personality was never stifled by court life, and she's been more of a wild care-free child than she would have been. She's a little more stubborn and willful, and less tactful. She's not Ward to the King so she doesn't have to deal with propriety as much.

Morgause is completely different. She's had the chance to know her parents and have good influences. She didn't have to become hard and cold to revenge them. She's more normal and interested in things most women her age like. Such as boys, clothes, etc. She's a little sillier and more fun. Also more innocent and less knowledgeable of things of the world.

Merlin is the same and has magic. Morgana doesn't. That was a really difficult decision, I couldn't decide. But I think it suits this story better if she doesn't.

Arthur is more of a jerk because he didn't have Morgana there to influence him and take him down a peg.

Now here's the really hard decision I've been thinking about. I'm thinking of making a new Guenevere. ...I like the character of Gwen in Merlin and I really don't want to make her the Guenevere in my story. I still want to keep the real Gwen, I'll just change her name and make up a new Guenevere. The new Guenevere will not be on my good side and I just think it will work better.

Let me know if you can deal with that or not and I'll consider it. Review! :)

The wind was howling eerily as a single rider galloped across the countryside. The rider's hair trailed down her back in ringlets and whipped across her face. Her face was pale and framed with two bright spots of color encircling her cheeks. It was snowing heavily and white flakes covered her hair and braid. The parts of her hand that was poking out of her dress were covered in goosebumps, but her face failed to show any reaction to the cold. She looked exhilarated.

The silence echoed loudly and for minutes all she could hear was the pounding of her horse's hooves. The moon cast an illuminating glow on her raven curls, making her look even paler in contrast. Her horse was dark too, and anyone near the pair would have stopped to observe. They made quite a spectacle.

The silence was broken by the high irritating voice Morgana had learned to hide from. "Morgaaanaa. Lady Morgaaanaaa!" Rang the voice, sounding annoyed and out of breath.

She allowed her horse, Aurora, to slow and trotted forwards, not bothering to face her tutor, Westley. "Yes, Westley? Is there a problem?"

She could hear him panting as he struggled to force his horse to catch up to her. "Morgana, the party is lengths behind you now, and you have no protection and it simply isn't safe for a young lady such as-"

She tuned him out, bored of the same tedious speech Westley gave every night now.

After a minute the faint buzzing in her ear ceased and she smiled serenely at him. "Of course, Westley. I don't know what I was thinking. I'll slow so the rest may catch up. Until then you're welcome to accompany and see to my protection." She bit her lip to keep from snickering at herself. Westley was a thin, measly young man about thirty who was unable to protect himself, let alone anyone else. He ran when he saw spiders. She would end up protecting him.

Westley surveyed her and then gave a condescending smile. "All right. Very good then. I'm sure we will be arriving in Camelot in a few hours ride."

Morgana hid a grimace. Her father had received an invitation from King Uther to stay at Camelot for an extended period of time.

Although Morgana loved her father dearly, she disapproved greatly of his friendship with Uther. Though she hadn't met him since she was five years of age, she had heard more than enough stories of him. She was aware of the blood on his hands. Her father chose not to talk about it and adored him all the same. So of course he had accepted eagerly, and dragged Morgana along with him because Uther had to see the "young ladies".

Morgana brushed a lock of her hair to the side and replied evenly, "I can hardly contain my excitement."

She had been riding at an excruciatingly slow pace for ages until the other riders came into view. They consisted of her father, mother, sister, knights, and a handful of servants. Morgana surveyed the group, a smile pulling on her lips.

It was funny how much she stood out. Her family members were all fair-haired with brown eyes and a healthy complexion. Her sister Morgause was an exact replica of their mother. A sweet innocent beauty: short blond hair, inviting chocolate eyes, and a slightly pinched face. Morgana had a wider face, ridiculously pale skin, and green eyes with flecks of amber that people categorized as mysterious. Personally she had never found her eyes particularly interesting, but many informed her that they held something extra in them.

Both sisters had inherited their mother's full lips and small nose, and the wide brow of their father. That summarized all of the physical similarities they shared.

Morgana had allowed her hair to grow to a ridiculous length, and often braided it to keep it out of her way. Unfortunately she was now so fond of it, she simply couldn't cut it.

Her father was a tall, fit man, with sandy hair and a huge inviting smile that no one could resist. She had never encountered anyone who didn't automatically like Gorlois. He had a huge booming laugh that rang out often, a square jaw, and a tan healthy complexion.

He was intelligent and strong-willed, a man who often spoke his mind, but was so likable it was hard to become angry at him.

It had always puzzled Morgana, how her father had ended up with her mother. Her mother was in no way feeble minded or disagreeable. But she was timid and pleasing, and Morgana was often bored with her. It was a terrible thought, but Morgana had never been one to shy from the truth. She had concluded that her mother's obvious beauty had captured her father's attention.

Morgana was aware Morgause was her mother's favorite. Of course she denied it and said she loved her daughter's equally but it was always Morgause she talked to. Always Morgause who was complimented and referred to as the good child. Always Morgause who 'we must look to as an example.' Morgana had never been overly bothered by this fact, as she really couldn't change it. And Morgana was favored by her father, though that might have been to make up for anything Morgana lacked in a parental way. It seemed it had always been that way.

After a few moments the riding party had completely caught up. Morgause rode up beside her, looking stunning in her blue cloak and white dress. She was shivering and her nose was running slightly, which Morgana noted carefully.

Their parents rode behind her, conversing quietly.

"Did you have a nice ride, Westley?" Morgause inquired politely.

Westley nodded stiffly at her. "It was tolerable I suppose."
Morgana had to stifle a giggle. Westley must have noticed as he sent an evil glare at her and then said even more stiffly to her sister, "I think I'll drop back now that everyone had caught up."

Morgause nodded in agreement, and he turned his horse around and trotted to the group in the back.

"It was tolerable, I suppose." Morgana repeated in a stuffy, high voice,

Morgause frowned at her. "Really, Morgana. You ought to be less difficult."

She rolled her eyes at her ever-considerate sister. "Oh you know how he loathes me. No matter what I do he always gives me his evil, bulging rabbit-eye stare."

Morgause's mouth twitched at that, but said "And you wonder why?"

Morgana grinned, conceding. They rode in silence for a minute until Morgause broke it

"Aren't you excited to see Camelot?"

Morgana sighed at the eager look on her sibling's face. "I suppose. I doubt it's everything everyone says it is."

Morgause looked annoyed. "Oh I bet it is! You just always love to think the worst"

Morgana opened her mouth to retort but closed it when she saw the glistening object ahead.

Faintly in the distance, poking out over the trees was the tip of a castle, covered in snow.

Morgause saw it and clapped her hands together in anticipation. "We'll be in Camelot soon!"

Morgana nodded silently in reply.