Ocean Eyes

A/N: So this story takes place about two years after The Last Olympian. It completely ignores the events of The Lost Hero. Percy and Annabeth are still together, but this story is an OC/Nico. So I think I should give you guys a bit of background on Nico: He's been spending most of these two years in Italy, dropping by Camp Half-Blood once in a while. He's Percy's best friend, and he's grown up quite a bit ;) . Oh, and Percy is going to find out he has a sister, going along with Poseidon's hint in the last book. Please be patient with this chapter, I know it has a lot of Percy and Annabeth in it, but I will move on to our main pairing SOON!

Lots of love and I hope you like the story! Please review, I love feedback!

Chapter 1

Poseidon looked out over his brother's domain, his eyes creased with worry. Next to him, his brother appeared calm, but Poseidon knew he was simply hiding the tension beneath an icy façade.

"If Aphrodite is correct," Poseidon said, his voice gravelly from lack of usage in the last few days, "they may engineer, without being aware of it, one of the largest disasters we have seen since Paris and Helen."

His brother sighed. "I can try to keep my son away from her, but his sister already knows – it's impossible to hide anything from that girl. When will your daughter arrive at camp? Next month?"


"Impossible!" When Poseidon remained silent, his brother flew into a rage – which the Sea God was used to. "How can you do this? You have doomed us all! Why couldn't you control yourself? Wasn't breaking our pact ONCE enough for you? And on top of that, you hide her existence from all of us, you only tell ME because it would spell disaster if you didn't, and you give me no time at all to prepare! And on top of that, we still need to figure out what is wrong with our children! All of them!"

Poseidon fixed his brother with eyes as stormy as a hurricane. "I had no choice. I did that which would keep her safe. And I have a hunch as to what is going on, but I hope I am wrong." And then he vanished in a breeze of salty air, leaving his brother clenching his fists, his brow furrowed.

"Did you hear that?" Annabeth Chase sat up and looked at her boyfriend, Percy Jackson, whose chest she had been leaning against moments before. They had been relaxing near the creek in the woods when they'd heard a shrill scream.

He got to his feet and pulled her up, noticing her hand was clenched around her dagger, and wondering where she'd drawn it from, since she wore no armor and had no sheath for it with her. He then decided that letting his thoughts go down that route was probably dangerous, and that it would be wiser to answer her question before she clobbered him with it. "We should probably go check that out. Hopefully Mrs. O'Leary hasn't brought another friend with her," he muttered, fighting back a smirk at the memory of when his hellhound had showed up at camp with a friend of hers, terrifying Annabeth and several of her cabinmates.

They jogged out to the volleyball court, still holding hands, to find the Aphrodite girls clustered despairingly around each other, while Clarisse and several of her siblings held a volleyball in their hands and rolled their eyes at each other.

"Clarisse, what's going on?" Annabeth called out, releasing Percy's hand and ignoring his pout. She decided against asking the Aphrodite cabin, because they tended to lecture her about straightening her hair and wearing better (and more) makeup before saying anything useful.

Percy hung back, looking around for some male company (after all, being a war hero in a crowd of pretty girls made him nervous, especially around his girlfriend). While Annabeth and Clarisse were making fun of Drew, one of Aphrodite's snobbiest daughters, for screaming because she found a split end in her hair, he spotted Grover playing his pipes to the strawberries, and headed over.

"Hey, G-man," Percy said, sitting next to the satyr. "We need to talk, dude."

Grover looked at him, pulling the pipes out of his mouth. "Listen, Perce. Before you get all bothered about it, look at it this way. I mean, being an only child can be a pain, right? I mean, so what if you spent most of your life without knowing her? She seems pretty nice, and things can only head up, right? Just get to know her before you judge. I mean –"

Percy, whose eyebrows had been traveling higher and higher up his forehead while Grover rambled, interrupted him. "Wait, what? I was going to tell you that tomorrow we're going to be playing basketball against Nico and Jake, and that if we get beat by sons of Hades and Apollo we are never gonna live it it down. What are YOU talking about? I don't have a sibling…do I?"

Grover paled. "Oh, Percy, you know what, I think I confused you with someone else. I mean, so many new additions to camp, I can't keep up with who's got siblings now, and…You know what, I was supposed to meet Juniper today, so I think I'll just…" And he scampered away, leaving behind a very confused Percy.

"Percy! Percy, wake up!" Annabeth shook her sleeping boyfriend desperately, marveling at his ability to sleep through every crisis they faced. Honestly, she thought, even Clovis had woken up for this – but her hero couldn't wake up (not that she ever referred to him that way out loud). "SEAWEED BRAIN! GET UP!"

He mumbled something incoherent and opened his green eyes, blinking in an adorably lost way at her. But, she told herself sharply, this was no time to lose herself in how cute he could be when he was sleepy.

"Percy, get up and get Riptide out now! There's an entire ARMY of monsters outside!"

He sprang out of bed, snatched his trusty pen up from the nightstand, uncapped it, and stared at her while the sword elongated in his grip. "Annabeth, you guys do remember that the borders of camp are protected, right? There's no chance in Hades that those freaks can get in."

Grabbing his hand, she pulled him out of the cabin, and he nearly froze in shock while she dragged him behind her. It was raining. Somehow it was raining, as though the bad weather had broken through the camp's enchantments.

"Percy, please hurry! They're after a demigod!" she screamed at him over the storm, which intensified even as they spoke.

But when they reached the top of the hill, they both stood still. The horde of monsters was surrounding the demigod they had been chasing, and although Camp Half-Blood fighters were trying to reach her, it seemed doubtful they would get there in time. Archers from Apollo's cabin were trying to simultaneously shoot the monsters nearest her and protect their fellow warriors, while Clarisse and Malcolm were leading flank attacks.

Being the super-powerful son of the Sea God, Percy did two things. First, he wished his friend Nico were there – having the son of the Lord of the Dead on your side in battle was invaluable. Secondly, he called on the sea to help him. As he stood on the hill, he summoned the waters of Long Island Sound to rise and engulf the monsters, while doing his best to form air bubbles around all his fellow demigods to protect them from the impact as well as the lack of air. And although he had gained considerably in muscle and strength than the first time he had explored the powers his parentage had given him, the effort to coordinate so many efforts crashed upon him without warning, and the moment his work was completed, he collapsed into Annabeth's arms, sinking into unconsciousness.

Percy woke in his cabin several hours later, to find Annabeth spooning ambrosia into his mouth – again.

"You idiot!" she shrieked, before hugging him so tightly that he was positive his head was going to fall off. "I'm so glad you're okay," she whispered into the crook of his neck, and he smiled, before realizing that Chiron was sitting opposite him, watching them.

"Annabeth, if you could get off of Percy for a few minutes," Chiron began, his eyes twinkling, "there are a couple things I need to tell you both."

Blushing, Annabeth kissed Percy's check and then settled next to him on the bed, her legs crossed.

"I'm sure you were both wondering why I insisted that the entire camp goes to help one demigod, especially when there were so many monsters out there. The reason is that she has quite an aura – and I believe she may be implicated in a prophecy we received recently. And don't ask, because I am NOT positive, and I'm not supposed to know about it anyway. Percy, I want to thank you for what you did. No one was killed last night except for monsters. A couple campers were injured, but they are all being treated and will all recover. The girl in question, however, is still unconscious. She has injuries that date back to before last night, but we cannot find out any more about her until she wakes. Not knowing her parentage is what's bothering me the most – we could heal her faster if we knew what she responds to. But she should heal as well, given time."

Percy leaned back against the pillows, relieved. Chiron stood and bent down so he could fit through the doorway. "Oh, and Percy," he said, "I wanted to tell you that your friend Nico will be arriving tomorrow. See if you two can keep at least some of the girls away from him for a while, will you? Have a nice day," he smiled, and left.