The American spy sagged on the device which had, until his recent and terribly tragic demise, been used to torture him. His entire front end had been terribly damaged and scorched by the explosion which had killed him, and all of the courage and defiance which had made him look like a hero in life was gone now.

A smirk of triumph slowly crossed Professor Zundapp's face. "And so," he said to no one in particular, "it seems that us lemons are already proving to the world that we are stronger than anyone could have guessed. We, my friends, have just killed a highly trained spy who happened to be a muscle car!"

The other lemons started cheering, with varying levels of enthusiasm. Some were still trying to keep themselves from throwing up.

"Umm, Professor Z? Where are we going to put the, uh, dead car?" asked a younger AMC Gremlin, looking puzzled.

"Toss the traitor in the alley. We'll be gone by the time anyone finds him, and I was planning on abandoning this place anyway," Professor Z said cruelly.

A few lemons shoved the broken muscle car out into the alley. They were so busy celebrating their victory that they didn't notice something rather important.

Rod Redline, master of disguise and tire-to-tire combat, was still breathing.