A.N: Got this idea earlier today and decided to write up the first chapter. Although I put this fic under the Blaise/Ron pairing, the story is going to feature multiple pairings fic and every surviving Weasley will have a story to tell will have a story. I don't know how long to drag this story out so please be patient. Feedback and criticism are more than welcome. I hope you enjoy it.

The late summer breeze blew into the grounds of the Burrow as Hermione Granger sat outside by the lake. At lot had happened over the last year. For starters Harry, Ron, Ginny and Hermione finally finished Hogwarts. Hermione chuckled at something Ron said to her in fourth year;

'Will we ever have a normal year in Hogwarts?'

Hermione smiled at the memory, how naive they were then, how they thought fighting for the side of the light was an honour. Only when the rubbles and bodies pilled up around them did they all discovered that war only created losers, regret and casualties. Casualties such as Fred, Percy and Arthur Weasley to which Hermione's heart fell as she remembered the kind red headed gentleman who treated her like a daughter. She felt for the Weasley's, she loved them immensely and was loved back by all.

The plan Hermione had developed to save her parent's did not go exactly according to plan. Sure the Granger's loved their daughter immensely, but what Hermione did not count on was the happy fulfilling life they built in Australia. Hermione had spent a few weeks with them, but she couldn't bring herself to live there permanently. Hermione had changed, she would always love her parents but the world they lived in had been a loss for Hermione. She had spent too much time in the magical world and no longer felt like she was a Muggle anymore. But the trip was not a loss. It was in Australia that Hermione finally came to terms with a factor that had been disturbing her for awhile, a factor that had prevented her from developing relationships. The Grangers were supportive of their daughter, but they were worried also. Not because Hermione came out and wanted to live her life in the open, but because of her tastes in partners. It had been a year since her discovery and her parents were downright worried that her daughter hadn't yet managed to find a woman to settle down into a relationship with.

It was this thought that made her think how down right lucky Hermione truly was. Her family loved her and supported her regardless of what her orientation was and the Weasley's loved her also. With this thought that Hermione needed to tell them. She had already developed the courage to tell her family and it was high time her friends and 'family' knew also. Especially her closest and greatest friend in the world, a boy whom she loved, a boy who in the last year had proven to be her greatest confident;

"Hey Hermione" said Ron as he approached the witch. Hermione stood up and went to hug her best friend of seven years; Ron returned the hug and kissed her forehead. Just this show of affection made her even more depressed, she couldn't keep this secret any longer. Hermione loved Ron too much for that.

Ron sat with Hermione by the lake holding his hand. The year had too been a cross roads for the youngest Weasley male; the kiss he had shared with this beautiful witch was everything he never hoped for. This act was the latest in a string of events that rendered him confused. This whole debate first started with his fascination of Viktor Krum. At first he thought, he was jealous that Hermione went with another boy, but as time went on, Ron had found himself more interested in Viktor's reaction than Hermione's.

Throughout the fifth year Ron questioned his thoughts and desires, which were answered during sixth year when he got involved with Lavander, some thought he was uncomfortable due to his feelings for Hermione, but in truth he was uncomfortable cause he wanted to see whether Seamus had a large cock, or whether Cormac's six pack was that of a fallen god, or whether Neville was a hairless cutie who would drive any gay man with desire. The kiss Ron and Hermione shared further proved a point that he simply did not desire her, or her kind.

"Ron, you know I love you" said Hermione. Ron winced and Hermione loved; "Oh Ron, not that way. We've passed that stage, and I honestly couldn't be happier".

"Me too Hermione, I'm glad we are still friends. Its amazing we got through a year without bickering due to unresolved sexual tension".

Hermione laughed; "Its great isn't it. To be friends and actually not falling out over mundane things"

Ron nodded; "Yeah".

Hermione swallowed a lump in her throat and decided now was a good time as any;

"You know I would never do anything to hurt you" said Hermione. Ron looked into her eyes worryingly. Hermione looked away, not bearing to see those pleading eyes look so sad.

"Hermione, I have to tell you something. I should've told you a long time ago". Hermione looked up in surprise.

"What?" she asked in disbelief. Ron was nervous; "Hermione I... Merlin I'm even scared to tell Harry this. I'm just so glad to have a friend like you".

A tear fell down Hermione's eye; "Oh Ron"

Despite the tear, she was confused and waited for Ron to be ready to talk.

"Hermione please let me explain." said Ron.

Hermione smiled; "I like boys. I'm crazy about them. I know I should've told you but..."

"I like women. I love them Ron. They drive me crazy" Hermione blurted out.

"You mean I've been having sleepless nights for nothing?" asked Ron. Hermione laughed; "How about me, I've had more sleepless nights than you can imagine".

Ron began to laugh and was clearly relieved; "Look Hermione. I need to tell you when we err... kissed".

Hermione nodded; "It meant a lot to me. But I just want to tell you that your err. abilities were not what made me err. well".

Hermione laughed; "Ron, I bloody hope I did have a part. I hope I was the one to make you happy".

Ron was relieved and nodded; "You did Hermione. And I'm grateful that it was you and not anyone else".

"You did the same for me too. You're one amazing kisser Ron, and any guy would be happy to be receptive to your talents".

Ron blushed. Hermione grinned; "Who is he? Who's the lucky boy?"

"Blaise" replied Ron. Hermione nodded; "He's amazing Mione. We've been together for about two months now, and well...I'm seeing him later tonight".

"Have you and Blaise..." Hermione did a head motion.

Ron blushed; "No, I think he wants to take it slow. But I really like him, and I know he likes me too".

The sun was going down and Ron and Hermione were discussing their discoveries; "So your parents are okay with it?"

"They are it's just that they're worried about what kind of women I like".

Ron was interested; "What kind?"

Hermione blushed; "Well I like women. Mature women, when I was in Australia I experimented and I discovered that girls my age didn't do it for me. It was only when I met this forty year old woman that I finally decided at what I craved".

"So got a nice lady on the horizon?" asked Ron.

Hermione shook her head; "No, the woman in Australia was a summer romance. But I can't blame her; I didn't want to spend my life with her anyway. By the way does your family know about you?"

Ron nodded; "Charlie is gay anyway and pretty much everyone has been supportive. Mum is very happy for me for some reason. She gave me a lecture on why I should be proud of who I am".

"I'm glad Ron, I'm really happy for you" said Hermione hugging her best friend.

Both Ron and Hermione got up and walked arm in arm back into the house; they saw Harry and Ginny playing a game of Exploding Snap.

"Hey you two" said Ginny worryingly.

"It's okay Ginny. I know" replied Hermione. Ginny nodded and was relieved. "So no romance for you guys?" asked Harry.

"No Harry. Ron isn't my type" replied Hermione. Ginny looked up and scathed at Hermione;

"What's wrong with him? Just because he's gay, automatically you are turned off..."

"Mate. You're gay?" asked Harry. Ron nodded sheepishly; "Good for you mate" replied Harry. Ron smiled and clapped his best friend on the back; "Thanks".

"This still doesn't answer my question. Hermione just because..."

"Ginny, I'm gay too" replied Hermione. Both Harry and Ginny were shocked, as was Molly who was behind the two in the kitchen.

"My word" said Molly. Everyone looked at the Weasley matriarch.

"First Charlie, then Ron, and now you, where on earth do you get it from?" asked Molly with a hint of humour in her voice.

Everyone couldn't help but laugh at Molly's naivety. "It's not a disease mum" said Ginny.

"I know it isn't dear. I don't care if all my family were homosexual; it's just strange it all happened at once with you all".

"Well I guess it was the war that finally gave us the push. Life's too short and I don't want it filled with regrets" said Ron.

Molly smiled at her son and hugged him; "You're right dear. Live life the way you want to".

Hermione looked at the scene with envy, sure her parents accepted her and loved her no matter what but Molly's attitude was somehow different, and she encouraged her children to live a life of happiness no matter who they were.

Later in the evening Hermione and Ginny were upstairs in the room they shared;

"So I take it it's not me whom you fancy" said Ginny. Hermione smiled; "No I'm sorry to break your heart Gin".

Ginny laughed; "Oh how could you Hermione."

Both girls laughed; "I like older women Gin".

Ginny calmed down and listened to her friend; "Have you, you know..."

Hermione nodded; "When I was in Australia I had a brief relationship with a mature woman".

"When you say mature you mean..."

"Forty years old Ginny"

Ginny smirked; "So no one at Hogwarts caught your eye? Well Madam Hooch is pretty well built, plus McGonagall...

Hermione laughed and slapped Ginny lightly on the shoulder; "In different circumstances I may have gone for those two, but the fact they've known me since I was eleven is a bit well sordid."

"So you do fancy them?"

Hermione blushed; "Yes they are beautiful but... I see them as friends. Especially Minerva, I like to have a friendship with her now that Hogwarts is out".

"So who's the mystery woman for you?" asked Ginny.

"No one really" said Hermione. 'If only you knew whom I desired' thought Hermione.

"How about you and Harry, I don't see you guys so well close that much" asked Hermione.

"We've split up. I'm actually happy that we did, since he and I can still be friends. Don't want to lose him as a friend you know".

Hermione nodded; "It was the same with Ron and I. I love him and I always will, he'll always be my friend, even when I'm mad at him".

Ginny smiled; "I'm just glad you didn't descend to hysteria like Fleur and Bill have".

Hermione was puzzled; "What do you mean?"

"Bill and Fleur, they've divorced" said Ginny.

"Why? What happened" asked Hermione.

"I guess both Bill and Fleur realised they were wrong for each other. Mum was a bit annoyed but I guess she respects Bill's wishes. It's a shame since I really liked her".

Meanwhile Harry and Ron were getting dressed; "So who's the luck guy?" asked Harry

"Blaise" replied Ron. Harry's eye brow rose; "You know I heard that blokes like him are well..."

"Enormous" laughed Ron. Harry nodded; "How would you know?" laughed Ron.

"Cause when I was checking out Dean, he too had an impressive package".

Ron was shocked; "What! You mean..." Harry nodded. "How long Harry. Does my sister..."

"Your sister is my sister now and she is happier that way. Besides I don't think Cormac would be happy".

Ron was in disbelief; "What! She is dating that twerp?" Harry laughed and nodded;

"Why did you have to be a poof Harry?" said Ron. "Why did you?" said Harry. "Because I had a difficult childhood" he replied with a grin. Harry smirked; "What about me?"

Ron laughed; "Sorry mate I was just..."

"I know Ron. I know. So you and Blaise, moving up a level?" asked Harry.

Ron blushed; "Yeah, he's cooking me dinner and well... let's see where it goes. How about you?"

Harry stood still for a millisecond before replying; "Nobody in particular, just waiting to see what the town has to offer".

"Well good luck mate. And err..."

"What?" asked Harry?

"Be careful, yeah" replied Ron. Harry nodded and left the room to apparate.

Ron landed on his feet outside the beautiful mansion. Picking up his rucksack, he approached the vast doors and rang the bell.

After a few seconds, the door opened to reveal Blaise. The beautiful dark skinned angel dressed in a black t-shirt and jeans smiled his melting smile, showing his pearl white teeth. Ron was invited in and as soon as the door closed Blaise pulled him in for a kiss. Ron dropped the rucksack and used his hands to pull Blaise closer. Finally letting go Blaise looked at his boyfriend.

"Damn you Weasley. Look at how you torture me!" said the Slytherin as he pulled the red head into another heated snog.

"Zabini... you're... divine" replied Ron between kisses.

"No you are. Damn you Ron" said Blaise as he kissed him again "Damn you, my love" he whispered. Ron let go and put his head on Blaise's chest.

"It smells nice" said Ron.

"Me or the food?" asked Blaise. Ron sighed; "You. Always you".

Blaise smiled; "As much as I would love to ravish your lips till dawn, my stomach is hurting and I'm hungry".

Ron laughed; "Ravish me all you want. I'm yours". Blaise let go and Ron pulled up a bit to look at him in his eyes.

"Do you mean that?" asked the ebony wizard. Ron nodded; "I'm yours. I want you, I want you so bad".

"Let's eat first. I imagine we both have a bit of stamina when it comes to sex" replied Blaise.

Ron's trousers felt tight, Blaise looked down to see the bulge on Ron's and his own trousers.

"Patience Blaise, After all we both have stamina" said Ron. Blaise laughed and walked with him hand in hand to the kitchen.

Harry apparated and landed on a beautiful beach, although he couldn't call it beautiful due to the darkness and the September breeze that was approaching. Harry knew very well how beautiful it could be in the summer. Looking around he saw the house, the house he first visited more than a year ago, when he was on the run. Harry trudged along the sand and knocked on the door, finding it unlocked. Harry entered and magically locked the door behind him. It was dark and the only light was coming out of the corridor. Walking towards it, Harry saw it empty; "Hello?" he called out.

Walking up the stairs he saw the bedroom door left open, and yet another source of light emitting from it. Harry slowly walked in to find it empty and clean. Harry looked around the room, all previous evidence of one of it former occupants had been cleared away, only a hint of the consummating fragrance still remained. Hearing a subtle creak, Harry turned around quickly to find the person he had been looking for. His long red hair was freshly dried; his well defined torso was a tad damp. His jeans hung loosely of his shoulders and his feet were bare, his toes tapping the floor underneath him. The scar on his face was considered a handicap, but to Harry it was a thing of beauty, it defined the man. His eyes were filled with lust and Harry felt his trousers get tight.

"Sorry love, I needed a shower. Didn't mean to scare you"

"No worries love" replied Harry. There was a slight pause and then man spoke; "Its over Harry, she's finally gone".

Harry smiled; "How did she take it?"

The man smiled; "Pretty well, although I haven't told her about you yet"

"That's okay. I haven't told anyone about us either"

"Its all ours now Harry" replied the man as he approached his younger lover. Harry hugged him and drove his own hand underneath the waist band of the man's jeans. He grabbed hold of the fat cock and wiped his thumb on the slit.

"Ron's gay by the way" said Harry. Bill smiled; "He finally saw the light. I'm glad he saw it before he got married to a woman. Who's the lucky boy?"

"Blaise Zabini" said Harry as he opened Bill's jeans and let the fall. Pulling back Bill retrieved his wand and spelled away Harry's clothes.

"Why I am not surprised one of us ended up a bottom?" asked Bill.

"What do you mean?" asked Harry as he got on the bed.

"Well Charlie, George and I are tops. And Ron turns out to be a bottom. Its kind of unique isn't it?" asked Bill.

"Guess he also saw a different light and realised the pleasure he could receive. Also since when George is gay?" said Harry.

"Since forever, that's how Charlie and I told them apart. Fred will look up the girl, whilst George will look up the guy's arse".

Harry laughed; "And you. What do you look up?"

Bill lowered himself on the bed and got on top of Harry; "Since I met you, only your arse".

"Do you want to do this here, on Fleur's bed?" asked Harry with a hint of mischievous in his voice.

"We need to. I want your scent to fill the air, not hers" said Bill as he snogged Harry again;

"Will you have me?" asked Harry.

"I've already had you for nearly a year remember" said Bill

"No, I mean. Are we an item?" asked Harry. Bill nodded; "Yes and I'm crazy about you Harry". Harry pulled the elder red head into another heated snog.