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Chapter 18: New York

"Rise and shine, sleepyhead!" Quinn shouted, pulling the covers off Rachel's bed.

"QUINN!" Rachel moaned.

"Admit it," Quinn said. "I'm the best roommate ever."

Rachel sat up. "That I'll admit. I'm so glad you decided to come to New York."

Rachel was studying performing arts at NYU and Quinn had come there as well, studying fashion design. The two girls were sharing a bedroom in the three-bedroom apartment they were living in about six blocks from NYU. After they left camp at the end of the summer of 2011, the girls texted almost every day throughout their senior year. Rachel had been overjoyed the day that winter when Quinn texted her to say she'd been accepted at NYU. They'd just moved into their apartment two weeks ago, after a second summer at Camp Potomac Ledge. So far Rachel loved the living arrangement.

The second summer at Camp Potomac Ledge had been just as much fun as the first. Rachel and Finn had both been promoted to Unit Leaders, despite only being 18 and unit leaders typically being 20. The summer had been full of challenges, as the previous one had. By far the most memorable crisis was the third week with the campers when there was a tornado warning in the area. Despite the panic Rachel herself was feeling, she managed to keep her unit counselors calm and tried her best to comfort her 15 crying campers, who were covered in mattresses and could tell exactly what was going on. Then there was the first night the first week campers arrived, Rachel's first night as an active unit leader, when one of the campers began vomiting all over everything. And there was the camper who tried to smell everyone...

But there were so many more good memories. She and Finn had taken each other's virginity on a weekend trip to DC near the end of the summer - and it had been the most amazing feeling she'd ever felt in her life. She was the unit leader for a group of middle school aged who went on an off-property trip every day, which included ice skating, bowling, miniature golf, a zoo and a Nationals game, at all of which they'd had so much fun. She also had gotten the performing arts group two weeks, wrote a short play for them to perform for the rest of the camp at Celebration Night and enjoyed watching them have fun performing her play and coming out of their shells. In the middle of the summer, Rachel, Quinn, Santana and Brittany had gone to Ocean City together for a weekend, where it was so nice just having girl time.

At the end of this summer it wasn't goodbye for good though. Rachel, Finn, Puck, Quinn, Kurt and Blaine were all going to NYU for college and sharing an apartment. It was when she found out five of her favorite people from camp would be going to NYU that she ultimately made her decision. She would still get to live in the city she'd lived in and loved her whole life. She'd found out that Quinn, Kurt and Blaine would be going to NYU over the winter, then found out that Puck was going in the spring. But the best memory was the day Finn told her he'd be going to NYU.


Rachel's college acceptance letters had come in. It was April 1st, the day colleges sent their decisions. She'd gotten into Columbia, NYU, Northwestern, Boston University, Johns Hopkins, Georgetown, Berkley, New England Conservatory of Music and Cleveland Institute of Music. The lone rejection letter had come from Juilliard, but she honestly hadn't expected to get in there. She was leaning toward Columbia, but wanted to check with Finn to see where he'd gotten in. She picked up her phone and dialed his number. "Hey babe!" Finn said after the first ring.

"Hey sweetie!" Rachel said. "So, any college news?"

"You first," Finn said.

"I got in everywhere but Juilliard," Rachel said. "Your turn."

"I got a full scholarship to OSU," Finn told Rachel. "And also to Ohio University, Kent State and University of Cincinnati. Then I got pretty good deals to Indiana University and University for Michigan..."

Rachel sighed. Maybe there was no hope of her and her boyfriend going to college together. "What about Columbia and NYU?" she managed to ask.

"I didn't get into Columbia," Finn sighed. "I'm so sorry, Rachel."

Rachel's heart sank. She had gotten into Columbia and was planning on going there.

"You can't beat the price with OSU," Finn said. "But on the other hand, what really matters? Money or my happiness? I think my happiness is more important. I really want to go to college with you. I don't want to be apart nine months out of the year."

"But you didn't get into Columbia," Rachel groaned.

"Have you committed to Columbia?" Finn asked.

"Not yet, but that's what I was thinking," Rachel whispered. "I was really hoping we could go to college together!" They'd handled a long distance relationship for a year, but could it continue?

"Well, what about NYU?" Finn asked. "You got in there, so did I. I didn't get a full ride but it might be doable."

"YOU GOT INTO NYU?" Rachel screamed.

"Yes I did," Finn said. "And I'd much rather pay to go to college with the girl I love than go for free by myself."

"FINN CHRISTOPHER HUDSON I LOVE YOU!" Rachel shouted as she began dancing around her room. She couldn't believe that this was actually happening!


Every day Rachel replayed that phone conversation in her head, still finding it hard to believe that the boy she loved so much was sleeping in the room across the hall from hers. Well, he was sharing it with Puck, and Kurt and Blaine shared the third bedroom. The six friends had picked out the three-bedroom apartment in late May. Since there were no longer any threats of being apart, Quinn and Puck were now growing strong as a couple, despite their breakup during their senior year of high school. That summer Kurt and Blaine had officially started dating. And living together was just allowing Finn and Rachel's relationship to grow stronger than ever.

The group had kept in touch with their other friends from camp their first summer, the summer that had changed all their lives. Brittany and Santana were going to West Virginia University, but told Rachel and Quinn constantly that they would be coming to New York to visit. Sam was going to to George Washington University in DC, which was close enough to come up to New York and visit from time to time.

Rachel and Kurt were going to Broadway shows almost every weekend, while Rachel had done lots of shopping and gone to lots of museums with Quinn and Kurt. Finn, Puck and Blaine were loving having the Jets, Giants, Yankees, Mets and Knicks and had bought season tickets to all the major teams. They often wanted to bring their significant others along. Now that she had all these friends to enjoy it with, Rachel thought she was enjoying New York more than ever.

Rachel went into the living room, where Finn, Puck and Blaine were watching a baseball game on TV and Quinn and Kurt were making pancakes for breakfast.

"Morning sweetie," Rachel giggled, sneaking up behind Finn and giving him a kiss on the cheek.

"Hey babe," Finn said, pulling Rachel on to his lap.

She snuggled into him, giggling as he began rubbing her back.


Finn looked at Rachel cuddled into his lap. He loved living in New York and didn't regret moving here at all. He missed his parents, that was for sure, but he knew he'd made the right choice. There was so much to do in New York and he enjoyed living in an apartment with Rachel, Puck, Quinn, Kurt and Blaine. Since he and Puck already knew each other really well, they didn't have to worry about the whole adjustment as roommates. Classes were starting next week. Finn was taking Introduction to College Life, College Writing I, Life On Planet Earth, US Formative Period, College Study Skills and Explorations in Modern Math. He didn't know what his major would be, but this would help him get his general requirements out of the way before he chose a major. Rachel was taking lots of performing arts classes, but they had College Study Skills together, as well as living together.

Camp had helped Finn grow in so many ways. The first summer had just changed his general outlook, but by now, he had been changed as a person. He was no longer the shy kid who sat in the corner all the time. Already he'd made friends at orientation activities at NYU. He was working harder and more sure of himself. Being a unit leader this summer had helped him to grow as a leader and gave him more confidence. His best two weeks had been when he was with a two week group of older boys who were learning about what careers they wanted to go into. Every day the group went into Washington to meet with various adults and learn about their careers, including going to the capitol and meeting with their congressman. They had also gone to a hospital, law firm, bank and nonprofit organization. The congressman told the boys they could do anything, and Finn now knew that he could do anything and had a great future ahead of him.

Of course he had now had a girlfriend for over a year. They'd gotten the night they officially became a couple off over the summer and gone out to dinner together to celebrate. Rachel was the best person who had ever come into Finn's life. Whenever she was around, it made even the worst situation seem somewhat better. The night they took each other's virginity over the summer was a night Finn knew he would never forget. It felt perfect and neither of them wanted to stop.

Rachel had been going to Broadway shows with Kurt since they arrived. Finn knew that Rachel herself would be in a Broadway show too one day and he knew when she was, he'd be in the front row, cheering her on.