Gods Eater Burst
Arc 0:
The world was consumed by God's
Chapter 1:
A New live

AD 2061
10 years ago
somewhere in europe

"I hate this world, I hate them all. Why gives everyone me the blame for what happened, Mama? Why did you leave me..." thought a little boy

A little boy was lying on the ground with serious injuries. Around him was standing several man, woman and children to kick him and insult him.

"What now you little bastard!"

"What are you doing now?"

"Because of your Mother of a bitch we lost everything"

Everyone was curse him. Because of his Mother who was a scientist. A scientist who research on the behavior of Aragami with four other scientist.

"Hey! I think that's enough! We blame him but if we kill him we not better as his mother of a bitch."

"You right if the Fenrir police find us we get arrested..."


Suddenly a male voice was to hear and everyone begun to run away

"SHIT! Speaking of the devil! Run everyone"

The unknown man came near to the little boy, who looked to the approaching man, with his half death eye's.

"Poor boy! People this days they give everyone the blame."

The boy just felt how the man was carry him to a hospital and the boy just spoke the name of his mother over and over.

AD 2065
6 years ago
somewhere on the way to russia

Somewhere over the tundra in a Helicopter sat tree God Eater on the way to a mission. The name of this tree was Tsubaki Amamiya the leader of this squad, her little brother Lindow Amamiya and a new God Eater called Soma Schicksal the son of the new Director of the Fenrir Far East Branch, Johannes von Schicksal. There mission was easy they should protect a nuclear power plant for a Aragami attack. But the plan failed. The Aragami attacked early as expected, but not only the Nuclear power station they attacked even the HQ. All three fight really hard, but in the end the plan exploded. The explosion was to be seen from everywhere, so that even a little girl saw the explosion, far away in a mansion. All three survived somehow. They looked around and saw the vestiges of the power plant and the dead of thousend soldiers. As the helicopter flew them back Lindow talked than with Soma and asked him if he still want to become a God Eater. What they didn't know there was someone who walked trough the desert and watched the helicopter flying away.

AD 2070
1 year ago
Newest European colony of Fenrir

"Boy... It doesn't matter which place I go it's always the same..." spoke a boy with white hair after he took a bite from his sandwich

*tummy rumbles*


The boy heard something behind him as he turned around, he saw a little boy who was watching on his sandwich with big eye's. The boy looked annoyed to the side.

"Here you go little boy." the white heard boy gave his sandwich to the hungry on as suddenly a another voice was to hear

"HEY YOU! LEAVE THAT LITTLE KID ALONE YOU BASTARD!" called a man and the white heard boy felt a tight grap on his neck

"HEY! What is your problem you fat guy. I just gave that little boy my sandwich nothing more."

"Don't lie to me! I saw what you did you wanted to steal that sandwich from that little boy!"

After that the fat guy punched him right into his face. The other guy flow against a wand on the ground.

"It's always the same it doesn't matter which place I travel... I got always the same reaction..." muttered he to himself

He stood up and begun to ask the fat guy something

"Was that your best punch?"


"I asked was that punch you best? When it was? Then, you are really weak, because I met harder punch than yours..."

"Why you little..."

The fat guy started to punch him again and again, until the white-haired boy fall with a bloody forehead to the ground, and as the fat guy wanted to give him the rest a another voice was to be heard.


"An Aragami huh... How expected..."

The boy lose his awareness, as he saw a giant Aragami eating people right in front of him. As he woke up he saw how the Aragami was eating the left people. The boy stood up and he slowly walked to them in hope they would eat him to. To end his suffer. But as the last Aragami, who was still there, notice him it walked towards him, but before it could kill that boy a shadow out from nowhere appeared and he killed that Aragami. As the shadow turned around he remembered that shape it was the same shape which save his live alway's, it was a little girl covered in a coat. He could not see her face, than she wore a hood wich was connected with the coat. But he could see her eye's, her eye's were filled with tears and she looked at him as would she cry for him...

"Who... are... you..." the boy fall to the ground as he heard a helicopter

"Dammit are we to late?"

"I don't now, the whole city is a ruin..."

"Wait there is something on the radar"

"A survivor?"

"Let's take a look!" spoke the leader of the God Eater unit

"Understood Leader"

As the helicopter drop the God Eater, they saw a seriously injured boy lying in front of a giant Aragami who turned in a crystal stature, which fall to dust as they took a closer look at it.

"What the hell..."

"Let's take the kid back to HQ!"


AD 2071
Present Time
near to the Fenrir Far East Branch

In the desolate landscape of a city in ruins, monsters stalked the streets. Every once in a while, they lumbered a few steps, then stopped to roar into the empty air. Besides these monsters, the city was empty, devoid of any other signs of life. Several of them were gathered around the fallen body of a monster that resembled a lion with huge fangs and a red cape, taking turns tearing into the carcass. They let their guard down, believing that their greatest enemy had been taken out already.

Without warning, a huge roar echoed throughout the city as another of the huge lion monsters leapt out over a wall. Before the smaller monsters could react, they had already become the monster's prey, and the lion monster bent down and began to eat the carcass that its prey had been eating, secure once again in its position at the top of the food chain.

However, what the monster didn't suspect was that there were three people hidden behind a wall, watching its actions carefully, seeking the perfect moment to strike. A black-haired man, carrying a huge sword, dressed in what appeared to be a military uniform, nodded at his companions, a young woman with black hair carrying a huge gun and another young man with white-blond hair that peeked out from under his blue hoodie carrying an even bigger sword.

In a flash, they dashed out from behind their cover and rushed at the monster. Sensing their approach, it turned and gave a roar as they came. However, the battle was already over before it had begun. The monster fell heavily to the ground, giving one last cry before it passed from this world to the next. The man, who appeared to be the leader, lifted up his sword and pointed it at the newly dead body. With a growl and a roar, his sword suddenly grew a misshapen black mouth with teeth and bit into the body, chewing several times before it melted back into the red metal bangle that he wore.

"Hey, it's a rare one!" the black-haired man said excitedly, a smirk creeping onto his face.

"To the victor go the spoils, as they say," the woman replied, walking up, the barrel of her huge gun resting easily on her right shoulder. She gave a little smile.

The man gave a chuckle.

"I bet old man Sakaki will have a fit over this." he remarked with a wide grin.

The woman gave a knowing nod before she gave a sigh.

"Now if they'd only get us some reinforcements..." She turned to leave. "Let's head back. I'm starving." She gave a little smile again. "I wonder what kind of rations they're serving today."

"Huh?" The man gave a chuckle, his sword easily slung over his shoulder. The other young man in the hoodie followed behind them silently, his aloof face never-changing expression. "Actually, that came up during the last food supply meeting." The leader gave a frown as he tried to remember what they had talked about then. "Got it! We're having a new type of corn!"

"Whaaat?" A look of disdain crossed the woman's face. "You mean that giant corn-on-the-cob again?" she whined. "But that's so hard to chew!"

"Hey, times are hard," the man replied with a chuckle. "You should be glad you're getting fed at all!"

The woman gave another sigh before she turned to the silent young man, who had followed behind her.

"Hey, Soma. I'll treat you! What do you say?" she asked, putting on a bright smile.

"No way." When the young man finally spoke, it was in a cold voice. The woman gave a pout, but before she could say anything else, their leader called out to them.

"Come on, you guys! You wanna be left behind?" he asked with a roguish smirk. He turned to continue walking as the woman jogged a little faster to catch up to him.

AD 2071
Present Time
Fenrir Far East Branch
Director Office

A blonde man sat alone at his desk in a long white jacket in his office. He stared at a screen with faces and data scrolling quickly past with impassive blue-gray eyes.

"Director, we've found a possible match for a New-type God Eater in the database."

The calm woman's voice reminded him of the importance of his duties as Director.

"I see."

He rested his chin on his folded hands, propped up on his desk.

"What's his name?"

He touched the screen with light fingertips, scrolling through everything and reading it all quickly.


His eyes scanned the information on the possible recruit, finding everything satisfactory.

"Get him down here to take the aptitude test."

He continued to read the information, going over it again and again, checking and double-checking on the new recruit's stats.

AD 2071
Present Time
Fenrir Far East Branch Anagura

A white-haired boy stepped in the building that he had been looking at for a long time from the outside. As he got out of the hospital 3 months ago. The shuttered gate closed behind him as he took several more steps into the Den. He looked around with wide azure blue eyes, taking in everything that he could only have thought about from the outside, pulling down his black headphones that he always wore to rest around his neck. Even the simple wooden tiled floor beneath his boots radiated wealth and importance.

"So this is the Fenrir Far East Branch Anagura in japan..."

People sat right in front of the entrance on green leather seats, beer bottles and other things littering the table that made the booth, all wearing the same red metal bangle on their right wrists. He remembered that he saw the same red rings on the guys who saved him. But he was thinking if it was a new fad or some fashion statement that normal people didn't know about. There were terminals lined up next to the entrance and people lined up in front of them, using them for several different things at once. And there were stairs that led to a lower level, but he didn't have time to go see what was down there. He had something very important that he needed to do.

"Excuse me are you're the new recruit?" Ask's a red-haired girl him

"Do you mean me?"

"Yes. Are you the new recruit?

"Yeah, I'm Silver"

"Silver? That's odd..."

"Oh boy, again someone who complain about my name..." Silver thought that

"You don't stand on my data... The only one who is missing is Ingo Neah Valentine... Not again... I get in problems if he don't show up"

"Why is she in problem..." Silver thought that again "*cough* Well you see... Thats my full name. Silver is just a cover name, which i get called from my friends..." He respond. "Even I don't have any friends..." thought Silver

"Than Ingo 'Neah' Valentine, right?"


"Thank god...Well niece to meet you, I'm Hibari Takeda. I take care of the incoming request. Let's get to business, shall we?"

"Sure go ahead"

"Well first here is a map where you should go. First you should go to the aptitude test. You will find him behind me if you take the elevator to the last floor you will see him. After that you come back and waiting here for your advisor."


"Well good luck and I hope we meet again, Ingo." Hibari said this with a cheerful smile on her lips

Ingo gave a slight nod, he felt somehow uneasy because he wasn't used of that behaviour of stranger's. His heart begun to beat quickly as he stood in front of the door. He could feel his body becoming numb, a sign that he was terrified? He willed his legs and hands not to shake as he stepped through the door. Ingo found himself in a huge circular room, lit by one light from far above. There were several people behind a huge pane of frosted glass, no doubt to watch him while he was in the room. He glanced around at the practically empty room. There was some sort of a machine in the center of the room, a sword resting on a panel that extended out from it. A part of the machine was suspended above the rest of it by four slim metal rods. Ingo wondered what that was for. But he noticed something else to the room where he was in, on every wall was claw prints and as he begun to watch again to that strange machine he saw a strange being in a white coat standing there. But as he could say something someone behind that glass begun to talk, and that strange being disappeared.

"Sorry to have kept you waiting so long," a calm man's voice said.

No doubt it was someone important, from the way he was addressing Ingo. Although the tone was rather cold, he could still detect a slight warmth beneath the surface.

"Now then, let me welcome you to humankind's last fortress, Fenrir. We will now test your compatibility as one of the anti-Aragami punitive force, the God Eaters." He paused, as if to let it sink in. "Please try to relax a little. You'll get better results that way." The voice said

Ingo closed his azure blue eyes and nodded, his white hair shifting slightly as he did so. He willed his heart and body to calm down.

"When you're ready, go stand in front of that machine in the center of the room."

"So that was what that machine was for..." Ingo thought to himself

Ingo slowly took several steps forward, taking a deep breath. He glanced at the machine again, as he stood in front of it.

There was a dip in the machine next to the hilt of the sword.

"Did they expect me to pick up the sword or something...?" asked he himself in thoughts

Taking another deep breath, he hurriedly thrust his hand into the depression where he hoped his arm was supposed to go, wrapping his fingers hurriedly around the hilt of the sword, squeezing his eyes shut in anticipation of whatever would happen next as the rest of his entire body flinched away from the machine.

Nothing happened. And Ingo opened one eye slowly, as if he were peeking at a secret. But it was true. Nothing had happened. He opened his other eye. He straightened up, confused.

"What?" He stared in confusion at the machine.

"That's it? That...that wasn't so bad... Other as the beats I got trough my travel's..."

Without warning, the part that had been suspended above the machine suddenly slammed down on his hand and wrist. Ingo gave a strangled gasp as his entire body jumped and he tried to pull his arm back out of the machine, but to no avail. He gave a scream of pain as, with a squishing sound, something pierced deep into his wrist. He felt something spreading through his body from his wrist, burning and numbing his body as it traveled through his veins. He panted heavily, sweat dripping from his hair as it finally stopped. He stared at the machine still holding his arm captive warily, even though it was now silent. At this point, he half-expected it to tear off his arm or some other thing that would painfully maim him and leave him dead again. Suddenly he heard two voice.

"What are you doing, Ingo?" spoke two female voice


"I'm sorry for what I put you trough... From now on... She will protect you my beloved son... I'm so sorry, so sorry..."

"Mum! Wait don't leave me alone again..."

"What are you doing, Ingo?" again he heard that gentle voice in his mind

stood stiff and was watching on this machine as he felt the pain in his body and waited with no fear now...

But this time, nothing really happened. With a hiss, the machine returned back to its former position, open again for another potential candidate. Blinking away the tears of pain that had blurred his eyes, Ingo tried to lift the sword again. To his surprise, he easily lifted it, nearly falling over backwards with the momentum. He stared at it, and finally realized that there was a red metal bangle attached to his wrist now. So that was what those bangles were for. They hadn't been fashion statements; they had been symbols of their status of God Eater. As he watched, a tendril of some black matter suddenly grew out of a core embedded in the sword's hilt and attached itself to a slot in his bangle.

"Wh-what?" He was surprised

"Congratulations on being the first of the New-type God Eaters in the Fenrir Far East branch."

Ingo nearly jumped again at the sudden voice of the man, he totally have forgotten about the people who was watching him from that room behind the frosted glass.

"Now that we know you're a match, you'll be going to a medical check-up next. Don't hesitate to let someone know right away if you start feeling unwell."


"Please rest in the waiting room just outside of that door." Ingo only gave a nod as he turned to leave. "I've high hopes for you!" the voice called as Ingo started towards the door.

He stopped as he realized he was still holding the sword. Suddenly he heard a gently voice.

"So you made it too?"

Ingo turned around as he heard that voice she came from a silver-haired girl who was wearing a mechanic uniform.

"I'm Licca Kusunoki. I'm one of the mechanic who work in the maintenance Unit. I take care of the God Arc."

"God Arc...?" he asked naïvely

"Yeah your sword if you give it to me I take care of it."


"Don't worry I just bring it in the lab to make checks on it. After all even God Arc are living things"

"Living things?"

"Yes they like a child or something or like a part of you"

Licca smiled as she got a warmth up to tell Ingo everything about God Arc. But he still need to go back to the Den entrance. After a while he found himself in the entrance and Ingo sat on one of the green seat.

"Man that girl, she didn't stop talking about God Arc's..." Ingo slowly sight

Ingo slowly noticed that he wasn't the only one sitting on the seats next to him. It was a gum-chewing rust brown-haired boy wearing a striped yellow hat. The boy was also wearing a sleeveless yellow vest over a web-patterned black shirt with knee-length shorts that flared out around his legs as he swung them restlessly. A striped scarf was wrapped around his neck, but Ingo was sure it was more of a fashion thing and not something necessary.

"Hey..." The boy's voice was muffled as he spoke around the gum in his mouth.

"At least he was friendly." Ingo thought

"Want some gum?"

"Sure, I guess."
"What could the harm be in accepting a piece of gum?" thought he after he said yes to the boy

Ingo watched as the brunet went through several pockets, searching for a piece.

"Oh, I'm all out. Looks like I just used the last piece." The boy gave him an apologetic smile as he scratched the back of his head. "Sorry, sorry."

With that, they returned to the awkward silence again. After a few seconds, though, the boy turned to him again.

"Hey, are you also a match too?" He gave a little chuckle. "Even though we're joining at the same time, it seems like you're a little older." he said with a slight frown.
"But I'm still your senior by a nanosecond!"

"What? Th-that's only because I was holding up from Hibari and Licca!" Ingo protested

The boy gave a laugh at his response.

"Well, my name is Kota. Kota Fujiki. What's yours?"

"Ingo. Ingo Neah Valentine..." He gave Kota a covering smile. "Oh, what's your nickname, Kota?" he asked curiously. "Mine is Silveredge!"

Kota gave Ingo an almost incredulous stare.

"You actually made a code name?"

"W-why are you asking that? W-was we not supposed to?" Ingo asked worriedly.

"Yes...but most people just use their names as their code names." Kota replied with a laugh. "You're a little weird, man."

"I'm not...weird..." Ingo hung his head. "Would nothing go right for me in my live? Even someone who seemed younger than me was laughing at me." thought Ingo depressed

"How old are you anyways?" Kota asked him curiously.

"Sixteen." Ingo replied, sulking slightly.

"What? You're just one year older than me, and you are a girl? I'm fifteen! That is just Perfect!" Kota made a strike pose with his arm

"What?" Ingo turned to stare at him. "Did you just call me girl? I'M NOT A GIRL!" he begun to yell at Kota

"Yes, you are!."

"No, I am not."

"Yes, you are!"

"Yes, I am!"

"No, you not!" Kota ran a hand down his face. "Ugh... Never mind. Girls such a pain in the ass."

Ingo himself could not as lough, even tough he get pissed if someone call him a girl. That Kota-type reminds him on Levi, a guy who mixed him for a girl too. As he remember Levi he had to think on Kaithlyn too. Kaithlyn and Levi were the first people who were actually nice to him. Ingo meet those both after he was sent from his Master to the Fenrir HQ in europe, and just a month later they send him to Japan to the Far East Branch, Anagura. Those both were the only one he know Ingo's little secret, Sylphi.

Suddenly the sound of heels clicking loudly on the floor made them both turn to stare. A woman with wavy black hair that cascaded down one shoulder came up to them, her white shirt open to reveal much of her chest, her white pants laced up the sides, exposing a lot of bare skin.

"Stand up."

Both Kota and Ingo looked up at her blue eyes in confusion at the sudden command.

"I said stand up!"

Both boys hurriedly stood, Kota staring up at the ceiling, Ingo trying not to meet the woman's eyes with his own. He tried to lower his eyes deferentially, but it ended with him trying to avoid looking into her eyes and at her exposed skin. It wasn't that Ingo was a pervert or anything, but...he just didn't know where to look because he was never so close on a girl or woman... with one exception, Kaithlyn.

"My name is Tsubaki Amamiya, and from now on, I'll be your adviser." she said, holding a clipboard to her chest as she talked to them. "After your medical checkup, you'll be going through a full curriculum of basic weapon training and education on Aragami."

Her face never changed expression as she continued to talk.

"Up until now, we've been protecting you, but from now on, you'll be the ones doing the protecting. If you don't want to die from anything stupid, you will answer my every order with a yes, understood?"

Ingo and Kota stood there in silence, wondering if they should answer, wondering if they could speak now.

"If you understand, then respond!"

Still nobody said something

"Answer me!"

"Y-yes, Ma'am!" Ingo and Kota answered, snapping his salute again.

Tsubaki's cold expression seemed to crack lightly as she gave what could be passed for a slight smile at their responses. However, as soon as it had come, it disappeared again.

"Your medical check-ups will begin shortly. First is you." she said, pointing at Ingo. "Report to Doctor Paylor Sakaki's room at 1500 hours. Take a look around until then."

Ingo nodded repeatedly.

"From now on, this will be your new home, the Far East Fenrir branch. Its nickname is The Den." She looked both Kota and Ingo, who were now looking at her, in the eyes. "Make sure you pay your respects to the members of your team, especially your seniors."

"Yes, Ma'am!" Ingo said, saluting her again as Kota ran off to explore the Den. "Uhm...sorry to ask this, but..." Ingo gave a weak laugh. "Where exactly is this Doctor Paylor Sakaki's room...?"

"Don't you got a map from Hibari? Well anyway. Get on with it! First, go get your medical checkup. That is what you have to do first. First go up the stairs and take the 'Section Elevator' to the 'Laboratory'. Head toward 'Dr. Sakaki's Labatory' at the far end of the corridor. When you're done with your checkup. I want you to come back here... Understand?"


After that he went the stairs up on the left side as he saw a little 'Affluent-looking Girl' as he passed her she ask him something...

"... Excuse me, do you work here? I seem to have gotten separated from my father... Do you know where my father is?"

"I've never met him, so I don't know. Are you lost?"

"No, I'm just walk around on my own having fun! Maybe I'll buy something at the merchant's..."

"Well... sorry..."
"Who cares anyway a parent who left his child is never a good parent..." he thought as that little girl begun to mumble

"Hmm... Well. I guess I can ask that operator lady over there, so that's all right." She mumbled as he continued my way

To Be Continued

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Name: Ingo 'Neah' Valentine
Code name: Silveredge
Age: 16
Date of Birth: 3th may
Birthplace: Europe, Germany
High: 168 cm
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Weight: 56 kg
Eyes: Azure Blue
Hair: White long
Blood type: 0
Hobbies: listen to music, training his battle skills
Values: The memory's of is Mother
Likes: Meat dishes, ice cream, cola and other soft drink's, pudding and Sylphi
Dislikes: Ghosts, most of the Human's and the Aragami

"An interesting profile I think I keep an eye on you Ingo" spoke a female voice as she was looking on her clipboard

"Hey Big Sis! Where the new recruits?"