Chapter 5:

Protagonist P.O.V

As Sakuya let off me she smiled at me and begun to speak...

"Let's go, little brother."

But I was still perplex, I really wasn't use of that kindness towards me. But suddenly I felt how a hand was pushing me forward and I realized I was sitting inside the helicopter with Sakuya in front of me.

She was holding a glass with the Aragami core in her hand and was looking at it, to figure it out what so special is on those Aragami. I don't know why but I felt sleepy...
And drifted soon into sleep, but even than I could hear Sakuya talking... I thought it was Sakuya's voice but...

AD 2060
11 years ago
Christmas Eve
25th december

Pain was running trough my left side, but the right side where my right arm was. I didn't felt anything anymore and my right eye, wasn't there anymore...

As I recall what happend I begun to remember... Sylphi, my elder sister wanted to show me the snow, which lay outside. Because I never saw something like this before. And then we were attacked by a Aragami. The only thing I felt was pain glowing from my body... I could heard screams... But then it become dark around me, the last thing I could recall was a shoot from a gun and some man's begun to cry out to that Aragami...

The next thing what I saw was a white room… a hospital. Why am I here? Where, is Sylphi…?

Over there… several people are standing next to some sort of table… all strangers to me, yet only three of them stand out…

A man with short hair as black as night, a man with long red hair burning like fire and a woman with eyes as blue as the sky and platinum white hair…

Why do I feel nothing? This unfamiliar place…

And those three people… I know them. My mother and her both elder brother's

"…We're losing him! Alisa, we have do something!" another woman suddenly cried.

Huh? Losing him? What is going on...

"I'm sorry, we have done everything we could… But his body..., there is nothing that can be done." Another man dressed in what appears to be a kimono.

The woman was on the verge of tears
"No… I refuse… I refuse to give up, to do nothing but watch my son die like this! I don't want to lose two of my children at the same time..." she begun to cry

Your son? Two children at the same time? Who is that on the other table… a torn corpse! That is...Sylphi! But how? What is going on here?!…

A man with blond hair begun to speak and looked up,
"There is… a way to save him. If you use that…"

The woman gasped as she covered her mouth in horror.

"But… if we do that, wouldn't it be like… that child?" the other woman gazed at the man with the blond hair

The black-haired nodded,
"Perhaps… but he would also be… a God.. just like them. But it is your choice, Alisa"

"Aiden is right. It's your choice to use Project Silveredge." the flame head said

Silveredge? That was Sylphi's program... A God among men… What is going on here?

The women looked really solemn, as if considering the choices in front her,
"Do it… like I said I refuse to see my son die like this… Forgive me, son. Forgive us all…"

AD 2061
10 years ago
Christmas Eve
25th december

Suddenly I saw a white-haired child screaming and crying and was holding from a Aragami to the ground, around him where several death people. God Eater?
I don't understand this, what is going on? I also saw that the facility was burning...

"I... will eat you..." The Aragami begun to speak with a broken human tongue

A speaking Aragami ?! But they can't speak?! Or is this just a bad dream...

The Aragami rise one of his crescent-shaped arm and sliced over the boy's face and hurt his head. Blood begun to run down of the face and the boy begun to cry...

Suddenly I recalled what was going on in front of me, that little boy was... me...

"INGO!?" I heard a female voice crying out my name

It was that woman Alisa, which I called my mother. Alisa run towards the boy and smashed the Aragami away from... me... I could see that the Aragami was on the ground, but he grabbed Alisa and smashes his crescent-shaped arm inside her womb and begun again to speak...

"" he begun again to speak with that broken human tongue, but he repeated himself at was that Aragami not really able to talk.

I begun to scream, but no matter how loud my voice was, they could not hear me... But then...

"DON'T DARE TO TOUCH MY MOTHER YOU, MONSTER!" the boy who was me begun to scream... just in that moment something small and fast flew past him. And smashed against the Aragami.

"GUHAAAAAAAAAAA!" the Aragami begun to cry out in pain as that small thing smasehd against it and brought it to let go of Alisa

How could I forget this... That was the first moment as I saw Sylphi

"What the hell...!? What was that..." I could see that the boy was shocked but also I know that he was staring at the Aragami who flow away from the half death body of our mother..

I closed my eye's I didn't want to see it again, but I could not block my ears. I know what would happen next, Sylphi would shoot that Aragami, before he could even attack her again. But as I heard the boy crying out to our weak mother I could no longer look away.

"Mama...!?" the boy begun to cry like myself... "No, please stop! Don't to this to Mama..!" I saw that the the boy was desperated... "Run.. RUN, MAMA!"

The Aragami was close in front of her, and then it happens. Sylphi open her mouth and shoot a Bullet and destroyed it. As the Aragami was gone the boy crawl towards Alisa and to look as if she was still alive. She was rising her head and begun to touch his right arm and put that glove off and said with a tears and blood-smeared face as she reached his face.

"Please... forgive me, Ingo. I'm sorry for what I put you trough... From now on... She will protect you my beloved son... I'm so sorry, so sorry... I...I love you..."

I could see that the younger me was shocked and cried as his mother was touching his face. But in the same moment she put something in his right hand

"Please... forgive me...!" Alisa said before her hand fall without any living signs to the ground...

I could no longer watch, so I close my eye's. I only hear the scream of sadness from him. But than I heard myself screaming in pain, I gasped as I saw this. Because I could not remember on this. My right hand begun to glow and something begun to burn inside the hand and left a scar in form of a X formed cross and the eye turned black and had red rings as eye lens.

AD 2060
A few days later

Than it become black again. And I didn't know what was going to happen until...

"What now you little bastard!"

"What are you doing now?"

"Because of that Mother of a bitch from you, we lost everything"

I could hear how some people begun to curse... Suddenly I felt pain in my body and I know what this was and what was going to coming next, because that was my youngest memory on what I could remember...

"HEY WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING OVER THERE?" I could hear a voice of a mature person. And I could tell the people begun to run away...

The footsteps came near and I tried to open my eye's as this person begun to lift me and put me against a wall. As he begun to speak...

"Poor boy! People this days they give everyone the blame... You reborn in a world where is no freedom for us, where we are the prey of God's. And you're trapped within us for all eternity, and the only way out is to fight against those god's or to become their prey... Being reborn as an Anti-Aragami weapon... What a destiny you carry."

I could no longer see from the outside. It was more as was I now this little child and was looking trough that strange Aragami eye and my normal eye... and could feel that someone was sitting on my head, and that what the man said sounded like a baptism, for a newborn human child...

As everything become dark again I finally remembered why I wanted to become a God Eater... . I denied it until now, I hated Fenrir for what they did to me but that man, the man who was the brother of my mother asked me a question.

"Do you wanna become one of us, a God Eater?"

At this point I wasn't afraid of Aragami anymore, I just wanted to kill Aragami doesn't matter if the people treat me as dirt or trash or if they punch me to the ground. Before everything become dark again, I could take a last good look at that man. That man's appearance, reminded on a priest, but instead of a cross or something he had the sign of Fenrir on his uniform. Fenrir... a wolf who was able to kill gods... As I felt how the man was carry me I could feel that I begun to cry again... but not because I was sad, my right arm and my right eye begun to burn in pain...

AD 2071
Present Time
Fenrir Far East Branch

As I woke up, after that strange dream of my past. I was surprised that we were back at the heliport and that Sakuya wasn't there anymore, I thought that at first, but...

"Ah, you woke up." I heard her voice beside me

I could felt her arm around my neck.

"You fall asleep as we flow back and I just wanted to wait until you wake up." her gently voice said.

I turned to her and begun to smile, and wanted to stay up as Sakuya smiled while patting my head,
"Thanks again, you're a nice kid and a cute one, too."

I gave her an amused look with a red face
"You know I can still be a jerk if that's what you want."

What I am saying, did I finally thawed? She begun laugh at my respond

"No need, thanks for the offer though." Laughing together suddenly. "Well I bring the core to the Doc. I see you later in the Den." She then headed back to the Den

the Den
entrance hall

Just as I walked down the stairs to give my report to Hibari, she called to me out...

"Oh Ingo! Sakuya couldn't praise you enough! She was just here. I wonder if she's resting in her room?" Hibari said to me as she looked around.

"I don't know she looked a little sad..." I shrugged as I said that

"Really? I wonder, could that have to do with Lindow?" Hibari raised an eyebrow

"Lindow? What has he to do with that?"

"You didn't saw it? Well Sakuya like's Lindow, more as just friends. But Lindow is here really popular so he has many date's with God Eater and normal girls."

"That's why..."

"Something wrong, Ingo?" Hibari raised an eyebrow again with a questionable look on her face

"Well.. not really. I was just question myself about that question she just asked me on the end of the mission. Sakuya asked me "Do you have... someone special out there?" That was what she asked me."

"And? What did you say, do you have some one?" Hibari asked me out of the blue

"N-..." Before I could respond a guy in a red jacket appeared and grap me from behind and pushed me away. It was the same guy which I saw earlier.

"Excuse me, but I'm kinda busy right now, so if you don't mind." The guy merely shrugged me off. As he begun to talk with Hibarai. What was that ?

I could see how Hibari was annoyed by him. And also I noticed the girl from earlier was watching me from above, it was the same girl who asked Kanon a lot question about me. I can't remember her name but it was that girl in purple with an eye patch over her left eye, and the same hair color as mine.

As that guy was gone, Hibari walked to me and helped me on my feet.

"I'm sorry, Ingo."

"Who was that guy... He is even worser than Silva..."

"That was Tatsumi. He has a crush on me and think I only belong to him. And...before you ask, no he is not my boyfriend, I'm still a single."

Looking at Hibari who returned my gaze, suddenly begun to lough. I wonder what was so funny?

"You should see your face right now." Hibari suddenly reach out her hand and begun to touch my face, which brought me to blush "The three are right, you are really cute."


The moment was really awkward, how the way she was looking in my eyes...

"AH... sorry I didn't mean to..." Hibari's face turned bright red and she fast walked back behind her counter

"I...It's okay..."

"Really? Thank god... ."

Somehow Hibari's face turned to her normal color and she looked checking on her computer.
"By the way, I have a new mission for you. This time the mission is called "Iron Rain" and is located at the Sunken Grid. 4 Aragami were sighted at the Factory Ruins, identified as Ogretails ad Cocoon Maidens. This time you will be dispatched along with Soma and Eric."

For some reason, I saw Hibari had a look of concern when she read the name of Soma. I noticed it too by Kanon as she said me that about Soma, she said something strange about him. I wonder what that should be? Brushing it off, I accepted the mission and after checking on my supplies, headed straight for the Sunken Grid.

Mission Name: Iron Rain
Mission Client: Fenrir,
Location: Sunken Grid
Anticipated Mission time limit: 30 minutes

As I was sitting in the helicopter I took a look out of the window. What I saw then made me depressed, the whole place was quite misty, damp and death. I decided to stop my musing and continued my way to find the other two comrades for this mission. After the helicopter was gone I saw many death Aragami's.

"Guess they have already killed all Aragami..."

I continued my way until I saw two person, one was a guy has dark blue jacket with his hood on and had a large Buster Blade resting on his shoulder. The other was a guy wearing a red vest with sun glasses and was wielding a Blast Gun. All heavy hitters by the looks of it. Noticing my arrival, the guy in red ran over towards me while waving his free hand.

"Hey, are you the rookie we've been hearing so much about?" He asked to which I nodded my head in confirmation. He then continued brushing his hair. "I'm Eric, Eric der Vogelweid. I suggest you take your instructions from me, and learn to battle gloriously for humankind."

"Gloriously? Since when was fighting for survival, glorious?" I begun to wonder

I don't know why but somehow I could feel that we both was being watched and it was not Soma, he was busy with extracting the core.

But than Soma suddenly shouted,
"Eric, above you!" and I looked to see an Black Ogretail dropping down from the sky.

I instantly jumped forward in reaction, pushing Eric away to avoiding the attack. I used my free hand and land onto it and jumped back on my feet. But I had drop my God Arc, as I pushed Eric away.

Eric however, wasn't that lucky.

He smashed against one of the container and fall to the ground and the Black Ogretail looked at him and than at me. In that moment my right eye begun to burn and it begun to change in that one from my dream. It was like, at it was saying me I should attack...

The pain was so intense that I couldn't move myself, or was I scared at this Aragami, it felt like when I was frozen or something… Damn, is that what Sakuya warned me about...

As I blankly watch it happen, how that Aragami walked towards me. Soma with his Buster Blade shouted at me,
"Don't just stand there!" while killing the Black Ogretail with single strike.

He turned to Eric, after confirming that Eric just unconscious was, he extracted the core from the Black Ogretail before turning to me,

"Welcome to this godawful workplace. I'm Soma. Not that you need to remember that. Sorry to break it to you, but this kind of thing happens on a daily basis here." Soma continued before jabbing his sword at me "What kind of place did YOU think it was gonna be? … Just kidding…"

Even though he said that, I was still freezing up

Soma then turned around, shouldering his Buster Blade again,
"Time's up. Let's go, rookie. If you don't want to die, just stay out of my way as much as possible…"

Acknowledging the warning, I decided to take Eric's unconscious body. And put him into the helicopter which arrived to bring us back. As we sat in the Helicopter I could see how Soma put some headphone's out of his ear's and looked at me.

"Hey, rookie. Nice job out there, but next time don't drop your God Arc."

In that moment I was really surprised and thought, maybe he isn't that bad as everyone said. But before I could thank him he put his headphone back to his ears. I wonder what he is listening.

As I saw Soma listen to music, I decided to listen one of my sister's songs. So I choose on my black Fenrir Mp3 player the song, Muteki no Soldier.

The Den

As we were back, I was just happy that nobody was death. For Eric he was brought to the sick bay to recover. After I saw Soma and the other walking of I jumped out of the helicopter and decided I should go back to Hibari and said that that everything good and that there were no casualties

As I walked in front of the counter I saw Licca with Hibari. Hibari smiled when she saw me come back
"Oh, you're back! Is everything…" But stopped as they both begun to stare at my right arm...

"Yeah, no casualties." I said bluntly with feeling a little happy

Hibari did not seem to catch on and asked,

"I said there was no casualties." I repeated before adding. "I don't know what you guys have against Soma." I begun to scratch my head with my right arm "He is maybe a little harsh, but I think he is a great person."

"Ingo your arm!" Licca suddenly said


"Your injured..." Hibari said

"Was that Soma's fault?" Kanon added, which showed up as she heard my name

"Eh... No,no-no no not at all. Hehe."

All of them begun to stare at me and I didn't know how to say I could tell them that my arm was since I can remember like that. So I decided to run away from them. I didn't saw there face's, but I guess they were all worried about me.

Rookie Section
Ingo's Room

I throw my jacket in a corner and sat down on my bed, as I begun to stare at my hand.

"You know what Sylphi?" I looked at Sylphi which flow in front of me... "I don't know what this arm is, but... just maybe I will not be treated as a monster... Maybe... I can make some friends... but..."

I clench my right hand in a fist and fall in my bed.

"*sigh* I just don't know..."

As Sylphi land on my chest and begun to sleep I felt a feeling of comfort, which I really missed.

"I wonder... what Kaithlyn is doing right now..."

With that I closed my eye's and fall asleep...

Fenrir HQ
Kaithlyn's Room

I was lying in my pyjama on my bad hugging my pillow as I stared at the room ceiling... I was thinking on Ingo, I could feel that my face turned red and begun to sneeze.

"AHHHHHH! Why did he had to go to that stupid Far East Branch!" I hug my pillow pretty strong and rolled around in my bed, until

"Hahaha! I guess you really was falling for him and now you miss him." I heard the voice of a guy standing at the way of my door.

"Shut up, Kyle!" I throw my pillow at him and begun to think at Ingo again
"I hope he is okay..."

End of arc 0

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I make the true profile and from some other char in the next Arc. Here is the profile of the Silveredge project.

Projekt Silveredge
First proband: Sylphi Valentine (Voluntary proband, died in the attempt to protect her little brother)
Second proband: Ingo Valentine (Forced proband, Alisa Valentine used the project to save the live of her son)
Unknown female proband: There was another proband, but that was after the death of Alisa. She also was forced.
Unknown other proband: There were also several more people.

The Silveredge project was a attempt to creat a new kind of God Arc, an artificial and tame Aragami with would fight along the God Eater. But it was a failure. The result from Project Silveredge was only a unique Crystal. This Crystal was like that of an Aragami Core.

Officially he was never used, but Prof. Alisa Valentine use it to save the live of her half death son. After the first proband died forcfully. The outcome was unexpected, just one month later, the missing right arm and eye regenerate themself. The eye of the proband show no different to the one before, but his right arm was different, the arm was not normal anymore. It was now deep red and venous. Later after several test, from Alisa Valentine on other subjects, she found out that they after a certain amount of time begun to crystallize and to break down to dust. An unknown resource stated that Alisa tried to find a way to heal her son. But it was never noted if she was succesful. All information about the project were destroyed by an Aragami attack.

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One more thing the song which Ingo is listening, is this here "Owari no Hoshi no Love Song: "Muteki no Soldier" PV - Subbed". Just put the text in Youtube and have fun by listening. For the song, the credits belongs to
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