The Story takes place showing a house in a city as two girls were talking as one of them was texting on her phone

"Nancy, who are texting to?"

The girl asked

"This boy I met on Chatbox, but he can be jerk"

She said continuing texting

"Then block him, Sarah"

Nancy said as she looked at her

"I did but he found a way back on"

Sarah said continuing to text

"Then report him"

Nancy said

"I would be he's so cute"

Sarah said showing her his bio

"That's a picture of Ricky Martin he was a boy killed 16 years ago in Normville"

Nancy said as her phone rang

"Nancy aren't you gonna get that?"

Sarah asked as she got a text reply

"Nancy check out this text it says Answer the phone"

Sarah read as Nancy picked it up


Nancy replied as Ghostface responded

"Hello Nancy, I want to play a game"

He said as Nancy covered the mic

"He's trying to do Ghostface"

Nancy said as Sarah let out a small giggle

"Yeah sure where are you?"

Nancy said she felt a blade cut her neck as she turned seeing Sarah dead as Ghostface was wiping the blood off his knife as they heard a voice in the distance

"Cut, that's a wrap"

A man in chair said as Nancy got up wiping the blood of her neck as Ghostface took of the mask revealing to be Donny Lizard

"Donny, that was gold; keep up the good work"

The director said as Donny walked off set seeing Uniqua and Austin who were now married with their 6 year old daughter Caroline (named after Uniqua's mother) who was a pink kangaroo with purple hair

"I'm so glad you guys could make it"

Donny said walking to them

"Mr. Lizard"

Caroline said giving him a hug

"Caroline wanted to see you after all you're her favorite babysitter"

Uniqua said as Donny looked at Caroline

"Hey Squirt you wanna see the set as Caroline nodded as Donny picked her up carrying her to the set seeing a sign that read 6host

"Donny I thought there were only gonna be 3 Ghost films"

Austin said

"Why are there 3 more"

Caroline asked

"Well Squirt the original Trilogy was based off the attacks on Your Parents growing up but your mom and dad threatened to sue Blacklight for using their life attack s"

Donny said letting Caroline down