As Ghostface left Austin entered the house calling an ambulance when he saw Uniqua barely alive

At the hospital: Drake was sitting in Uniqua's room with Dewey, Austin and Caroline

"Drake you're OK now that's what matters"

Austin said as Drake pretended to cry

"I just can't believe my own brother would try to kill me I'm just glad I'm a survivor"

Drake stuttered as they looked at Uniqua hooked up to a machine

"I just wished your wife was too, we have written a great story"

Drake said

"Nothing's certain yet but the doctors think Uniqua might just make it"

Austin said

"What, I saw Donny kill her?"

Drake said confused

"She's in a coma right now she's still alive but we don't know; please get some rest"

Austin said leaving the room as Drake Got out of the chair sneaking in the hallways to Uniqua's room the room as Austin was walking down the hallway on the other side of the hospital


Austin said running to Uniqua's room

Uniqua's room: "you just won't die will you?"

Drake said as Uniqua woke up seeing Drake

"Who are you, Jason Voorhees?"

Drake said choking her

"Die already"

Drake said as Uniqua pushed her off the bed landing on the floor as an officer entered the room seeing only Uniqua as Drake stepped out of a closet beating him with a tray taking his gun as he pointed it at Uniqua

"This is silly the movie was supposed to end at the house"

Drake said

"Consider this an Alternate ending"

Uniqua said


Austin said entering the room as Drake held the gun up to him as Drake knocked him over

"Don't think about shooting or I'll blow your wife's head off"

Drake said aiming the gun at Uniqua as Austin slid his gun on the floor as he picked it up

"Can I say one word before you kill me?"

Austin said noticing Uniqua was turning on HR paddles up to 360 volts

"What is it, please?"

Drake asked

"No, Clear!"

Austin yelled


Drake said confused


Uniqua yelled slamming the HR paddles against his head shocking him dead

"You forgot the third rule of remakes Drake, Never mess with the original"

Uniqua said

The End