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Rachel turned the large skeleton key in her hand and cautiously pushed the previously locked door open. Taking a few steps into Kurt's dark dressing room, she saw hundreds of flowers cascading out of vases placed on every flat surface, but Kurt wasn't there. Frowning, she took a few more steps across the room, trying to figure out where Kurt could have gone. Everyone was looking for him, and it was quite late.

Turning to face the full length mirror, she noticed it was a few inches out of frame. Curiously, she crossed the floor to it, seeing that it was actually a door. There was a single rose on the floor with a black silk ribbon tied around it. She regarded it for a moment, then slid the mirror a few more inches over to fit through.

Rachel lightly stepped through the frame and crept into a dimly lit, dank looking hallway. She had only made it a few feet when a mouse startled her. Letting out a small shriek, she continued forward into the darkness, hoping to find Kurt. All of a sudden she felt a hand on her shoulder.

Whirling around, she let out a sigh of relief. It was only her mother, Madame Beiste. She shook her head and pulled Rachel out of the hallway, through Kurt's room, and back to the ballet dormitories.


Jeremiah growled and lunged playfully at a group of giggling ballet girls. Pulling a blanket around him like a cloak, he rounded on another group of girls. A few of them screamed, but most of them laughed.

"Like yellow parchment is his skin,

a great black hole serves as the nose that never grew."

He laughed and jumped towards a couple of blonde dancers, one of whom gave him a wary glare, the other staring blankly off in the distance.

"You must always be on your guard." He warned. Most of the girls had stopped laughing by now. A few of them looked legitimately scared. Rachel and Madame Beiste had just arrived, and Rachel walked over to her bed by the window, also looking afraid.

"or he will catch you with his magical lasso!" Jeremiah finished with a grin, throwing a rope around a girl who walked past him, laughing. He growled at her again and pretended to try to kiss her.

Madame Beiste stalked over and pushed them apart, her glare sending the girl away.

"Those who speak of what they know

find too late that prudent silence is wise." She said. Jeremiah looked at her sheepishly.

"Jeremiah hold your tongue." Madame Beiste slapped him across the face. A few of the girls gasped. "Keep your hand at the level of your eyes!" She grabbed his noose and tightened it warningly.


Kurt sighed as he blinked awake. With a slightly confused expression, he sat up, realizing he wasn't in his room. Trying to remember what had happened, he pulled a tassel by his head, causing a lacy curtain to rise around him. He was in a comfortable rounded bed sunk into the floor. Next to him was a little music box, gently playing a haunting melody.

He rose slowly, gaining remembrance as he took in his surroundings. He thought he was still in a dream.

"I remember there was mist...

Swirling mist upon a vast glassy lake." He took a few steps out of the room, the lake coming into view, just as still and black as he thought he had dreamed.

"There were candles all around

and on the lake there was a boat." He walked forward more, turning and seeing his Angel who had led him here, who caused his voice to soar.

"and in the boat there was a man."

The Phantom was hunched over a stack of parchment by his organ, carefully composing. Kurt took a few more silent footsteps towards his Angel.

"who was that shape in the shadows?
Whose is the face in the mask?"
Kurt asked himself as he stood behind the Phantom. He gently touched the mask and the Phantom's face. He leaned into the touch almost subconsciously, and the mask came off in Kurt's hands.

His Angel jumped up out of his chair, one hand flying up to cover where the mask had been. "No!" he yelled. Kurt had never heard him this angry or loud before. He jumped back in surprise and terror.

The Phantom turned away quickly, forcefully knocking over a candelabra and his sheets of music. He looked like he was about to yell again or do something else destructed, then his persona took on a defeated look as his hand dropped when he was faced with a mirror. The hand shot back up almost instantly and he turned around again.

Kurt only caught a small glimpse of what was hidden by the mask. Something horrible must have happened to his Angel's face. His heart ached for his suffering and he was no longer afraid.

The Phantom stood there, looking at him for a moment, as if trying to judge Kurt's reaction. Kurt could only stare back.

"Stranger than you dreamt it,

can you even dare to look

or bear to think of me" He turned away in self-hatred.

He took a few steps away from Kurt, "this loathsome gargoyle

who burns in hell

but secretly yearns for heaven"

"Secretly...secretly," he whispered and repeated, almost hopefully. "Kurt." He sang softly. Kurt looked at him sadly. He hadn't meant to take off his mask; he didn't want to cause his Angel any pain.

"Can fear turn to love?

Can you learn to see,

to find the man behind the monster?" The Phantom had turned to look at him again, a curious expression mixing with his sadness.

"this repulsive carcass

who seems a beast

but secretly dreams of beauty" Kurt's eyes never left his Angel's form, trying to follow his constantly changing emotions.

"Secretly...secretly..." he repeated again, just as sad as before.

"Oh, Kurt." he sighed through his tears.

Kurt's heart broke for him. He walked over to where his Angel had sunk to his knees, facing a broken mirror. He gently put his hand on his shoulder and held out the mask.

The Phantom turned and Kurt stared into his beautiful eyes glistening with tears. He took the mask with a quiet thanks.

"What's your name?" Kurt whispered.

His Angel just looked at him for a moment, a bit of hope breaking into his broken expression. "Blaine."

"Blaine," Kurt repeated with a small smile. He was about to say something, but his Angel, Blaine, stood up suddenly.

"Come, we must return. Those two fools who run my theatre will be missing you."