"Georgeā€¦ She's gone."

Angelina Johnson was too young to die. She had two small children, a wonderful career teaching at Hogwarts, a loving husband, and an entire life ahead of her. It was ten years after Voldemort had been killed. She had been in a bad mood that day. She and George had gotten in a fight about kids; he wanted more, she didn't. It was so stupid now. Needless to say, she had been a bit distracted while attempting to teach first years how to levatate feathers. Hogwarts and the Ministry were stumpted as to how a few remaning Death Eaters were able to enter the school. How they were even able to get on the grounds, let alone a classroom. The families of the children in that classroom would be haunted by that question forever.

"She was in the wrong place at the wrong time." "There was nothing anyone could have done." "No one could have forseen Death Eaters getting into Hogwarts." "We didn't even think there were any Death Eaters left." All of those statements and more drove the Weasleys and so many others crazy. Some, including George, were told to take comfort in the fact that their loved ones didn't know what hit them. According to a Healer, Angelina hadn't even seen her attacker coming. He hit her with a spell in the back. She was dead on impact.

A letter was found in Angelina's desk drawer.

Dearest George,

Yes. I want to have another baby. I love Fred and Roxanne and I will love our next little one as well. We should name her Minnie, wouldn't that be cute? I know she'll be a girl. I have to go. My next class is coming. I love you.


George read the letter aloud at his wife's funeral before breaking down and letting Angelina's friend Alicia take over.

"Angelina Johnson was a beautiful, sweet, smart, funny woman. She loved life. She loved her family more than anything. Sometimes during the summer, she would bring her daughter Roxanne to Hogwarts. She would walk her around the school and play Quidditch in the field. Angelina always wanted to play Quidditch; she hoped to pass this love down to her children. Can you imagine? A Johnson-Weasley child would have to try hard to not be a quidditch pro! Angelina will never know if Roxanne and Fred will follow in her footsteps. She will never know whether they're tough like her or jokers like George.

In addition to being a mother and wife, Angelina was a dedicated teacher. She took over Charms when Professor Flitwick decided to retire. Many of you may remember yourself or your classmates blowing up a feather or something equally silly. Angelina always had patience for these things. She knew that these were children who had been born during the worst war of our history. Many of them were afraid of their own magic. Angelina worked with them. She wanted to be the person they could come to for help. What happened to Angelina and the other victims of this attack was not fair. It wasn't right. They deserved much better. I know that many of you have lost a child, sister, brother, friend, cousin, or classmate in that classroom and are going through your own grief. So I ask of only one thing. Do not forget Angelina Johnson. Keep her in your memories. We love you, Angie."