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Mornings are good

''Good morning lovely!'' the Doctor beamed, looking up at her from the console to where she was stood at the top of the stairs in her pyjamas.

River just give him a stern look, ''Shut up''

''Apparently not then..'' he muttered ''Sleep well?''

River sighed impatiently and secured her dressing more tightly around her waist making her way down the steps ''No, I didn't and you know it. Your son kept me up all night,''


''-kept wanting to be fed and then burped and changing,''

''He wanted the light off'' he corrected matter of faculty.

''No he didn't''

''Yes he did''

''Oh, I'm sorry. And how would you know?'' she snapped sarcastically.

''He told me this morning actually''

''Urgh. Right of course he did. Silly mummy'' she shuffled down the last step, rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

''Aww come on grumpy. Turn that frown upside down'' he cooed in a baby voice making kissing gestures and walking over to her for his morning kiss but sadly it was not to be. She put a hand over his mouth and give him her best 'don't even try it' face.

''Don't patronise me and make your wife some breakfast''

''Alright bossy!'' he exclaimed, standing up straighter and trying to look a little hurt she still hadn't kissed him.

''Oh hush, you know as well as I do, you find it an incredible turn on'' she smirked, sauntering over to the kitchen to make herself some coffee with him trailing behind her.

''Oi!.. Well, maybe just a little...''

River raised an eyebrow at him over her shoulder from where she was leant over getting the milk from the fridge,

''Alright, a lot then!..'' he admitted sulkily, folding his arms which made River chuckle softly,

''Oh sweetie, you're so adorable when you blush'' she pinched his cheek

''Adorable? You think I'm adorable?'' he spluttered, appalled at such a statement.

''Yes. Why, what's the matter?''

''Well, it sounds like I'm a cute little flower or something 'Oh your adorable' really River, is that it?''

''Fine'' she said putting the milk down ''you ooze with masculinity. You're so devilishly good looking I can barely keep my knickers on if we're in the same room together for longer than five minutes, I swoon at your ever so charming smile which is a massive turn on and your blush also happens to be incredibly sexy. Is that alright for you my love?''

He gulped. ''Yes''

''Good, because I'm far too tired to deal with you in a sulk as well as a 7 month old baby that won't sleep at the same time I do''

He wrapped his arms round her waist from behind, kissing her shoulder slowly and murmuring into her neck, ''Do you really find my ever so charming smile a massive turn on?''

She could practically feel the smirk against her skin, turning round in his arms she kissed him back deeply and proved all of the things she said to be true. Today was a good morning.

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