Victoria had bought a few new toys for her pet, not speaking to or touching her when she went down to place the new things. It had been nearly a week.

Carrying a case of various other items not already in the basement, Victoria finally went down to play with her pet.

Now in the far corner lay a large cage. In the other corner along the same wall, sat a stretching rack. Victoria set the case down and opened it. Withdrawing a large metal collar and chain link leash, attaching the leash then walking over to Bella. Bella was watching her.

Victoria fastened the metal collar around Bella's neck.

"You will sit and stay until I order you to move," Her voice was cold and commanding as always.

Bella said nothing.

Victoria released her shackles. The girl fell to her knees in relief. Victoria tugged on the leash harshly, walking over to the stretching rack. Bella followed her, on her hands and knees.

When they finally reached it, "Up," Victoria commanded. Bella climbed on to the table, laying flat on her back.

Victoria tied the leash to a leg of it and then strapped Bella's arms above her head and her legs down. With that finished, she walked over to the case she had carried down. She with drew a long candle and a lighter. She lit the candle before returning to Bella.

Bella watched her, determined not to scream.

Victoria held the candle upside down over Bella's pale body. Wax wasn't dripped just yet, so Victoria slowly let the tip of the flame touch Bella's nipples. One then the other, the girl writhed, arching her back, trying to squirm away. Finally wax began to drip, Victoria let the wax fall on to her breasts, stomach and right above her pussy.

Smirking with a new idea, Victoria walked to the end of the table. Facing Bella's pussy, candle in one hand. Bella watched her, fear all over her features. Victoria leaned closer and plunged the candle into Bella's awaiting pussy. The flame end still burned, the candle would burn down to the girl's pussy while she watched.

Next, Victoria found two clothespins, clamping one to each of the girl's nipples.

"For being such a good girl, you get a prize," Slipping her pants off, Victora spoke to the slightly frightened Bella, swinging her leg up onto the table.

Bella looked up at her wide eyed.

Victoria straddled the girl's face. "Lick me."

Bella stared up at her.

"Do it," Victoria growled, pressing her pussy into Bella's mouth.

The girl had no choice but to obey. Her tongue slid easily into Victoria. She pressed her tongue in as deep as she could, licking upwards. Sliding her tongue deeper and shallower, licking quickly.
Victoria didn't moan, forcing her hips still. She was enjoying herself though. Bella was skilled.

Bella's tongue brushed her clit then, startling her into bucking just once. Bella then began to suck on her clit before delving deep again.

Victoria let herself enjoy it for a few moments longer before climbing off and putting her clothes back on.

Bella watched her. The vampire blew out the candle before gripping it and using it to fuck the girl, hard, unrelentingly. Bella moaned, and bucked, and gasped, begging for more when Victoria would stop.

Victoria withdrew the candle and walked over to her case. She withdrew a small bottle of lotion, using some on her hand before goign back over to the strapped down girl.

First, she slid two fingers into her, deep into her, all the way up to the knuckle. Then she added a third, fucking her with three fingers mercilessly. Finally, she clenched her hand into a fist and slid her fist into the girl. Smirking as she gasped and moaned. Victoria thrust her hand deeper then, burying her hand past the wrist into Bella's pussy. So warm, so wet, so tight. Victoria smirked again. Her pet.

Victoria continued to thrust deeper and harder until Bella came all over her hand moaning.

She withdrew her hand and unstrapped the girl, untying the leash and forcing her into the cage.

"Your new home."

"Thank you mistress," Bella said softly, falling into a heap, curled up in the cage.

Victoria smirked, saying nothing and returning up the stairs.