"There's the big dipper." Shane lifted his hand from Reed's waist, pointing up to a cluster of stars. Reed rolled off of Shane's chest, laying next to him in the bed of the truck and looking to where he was pointing. He giggled, pointing upwards.

"No, that's the big dipper." Shane stuck his tongue out at him. They lay there in silence for a few minuets before Shane rolled over to face him.

"This is nice don't you think? Just you and me, out in the middle of nowhere on a beautiful night like tonight? It's not half as beautiful as you though." He wrapped an arm around Reed's waist and pulled him closer to him. Reed hummed in approval, nuzzling his face into the taller boys chest to hide his blush. He tilted his chin upwards so that Shane could hear him.

"It is nice. Kind of an interesting way of finding this place though."

"Hey now! The GPS lied to me!" Shane pointed to the cab of the truck and at the accused GPS system. He felt the smaller boy shake his head.

"No, I'm sure you just got lost. It's ok though. I like it out here, it's nice to get away from the city sometimes." He wrapped his arms around Shane's waist, looking up at the twinkling stars. "I love you." Reed started tracing patterns into Shane's lower back as he buried his face into Reed's curls, breathing in the smell of his expensive shampoo.

"Love you too."