The Thing

This story is told from the creature's point of view and how it handles coming across humans for the first time. I do not own The Thing or any of the characters.

The last thing we can remember is traveling by this blue planet covered in ice. We knew it was earth and from what the readings on my onboard screen said it was going through the ice age. That was 10,000 years ago. We were curious about this planet and the life forms on it although we had no immediate desire to visit this world just yet. Unfortunately fate decided otherwise as we were trapped in the earth's gravitational pull. All we could do was go with the flow and wait for impact. Our ship crashed into the ground somewhere in the middle of what would be known as Antartica one of the coldest regions on earth.

The ship's outer door opened and we crawled out bruised and wounded but alive. Our ship was useless to us now. All we could do was just wait and see. With no food present we buried ourselves deep within the snow to freeze and await the future. Believe us, sleep makes things go by so much faster than it would if we were awake. It wasn't long before we encountered our first humans. They had found our body and unearthed us. They put us in a warmer room with hopes that we would thaw out and they could examine us. We thawed all right.

We made short work of the humans who spoke nowregion. It was quite funny to see them scatter and find out if they could discover who was human and who was a copy. It made getting around easier and we have to admit some foods the humans ate were pretty good. We absorbed the humans for knowledge and food. Its not that we have anything against your kind please understand. We don't actively go out and plot the demise of any world. We are hunters pure and simple. Far superior to your kind. Hey, who do YOU know can build a functioning ship that traveled light years to your world, a ship that is even superior to your technology even today? And that was 10,000 years ago.

Anyway to absorb our food, we have to be in close proximity for the life form to be absorbed. What we do is shoot out a paralyzing substance that incapacitates its target. Then we go in for the kill, changing our dna and shape as well as feeding. Not painless exactly. But we are hunters and do not kill with malice. You have your cannibals and wild animals on earth that hunt and kill you all the time. it's a way of life.

One lone survivor did try and fight us though. And for that I give him credit. He burned the remains of his commrades and managed to get one of us as well. Little did he know that one managed to escape and freeze to recover. It was in the process of changing itself when it was discovered. One of our flaws. It is when we are at our most vulnerable. Part of us had broken off and took the form of one of their dogs before killing it off. Dogs do not make good meals but they do provide a warm supply of blood and meat. We had taken off and run in our 'borrowed' form and ran as fast as these creatures would allow. We do not know how far we had run when we heard the human's helicopter behind us.

The human had somehow survived along with a friend. One was the pilot and the other one was firing at us. The bullets nipped at our heels and for the first time we were worried. Worried that this human would be the end of us. We had to find shelter somehow. Even if it was at another human's camp. After all who could shoot at a dog running for its life?

Just as our luck seemed to run out we had found a camp. Outpost 31. Humans. Lots of them. I ran into a man with a beard. The one called Bennings. While trying to get behind the barracade of humans as they squared off I found myself hiding behind an even bigger man with a beard. This man was tall and he had small dark eyes. I knew he was a dog handler and took his job seriously. I knew his love of dogs the way he acted around me. I was safe. I heard the other man screaming saying that I was not a dog but something else. Then there was a crash and then total silence. I could see other members of this team putting out the fire from the destroyed helicopter that had gotten blown up accidently. I stared out quite a while before making my decision. I would stay here for the time being, studying them, their lifestyle and motives before making my move. My ultimate goal is to go where civilization thrives and settle there.

Read and review. Also as a side note the thing uses the words We, and Us because I believe each piece of it is a separate creature bound by a single hive mind. I believe that the creature can survive on its own if need be but can form to be one large creature. (at least that's what from when I watched the movie.)