Not feeling too swift

The humans especially that Macready we had underestimated. We almost had completely imitated the one they called Bennings…all we had to complete were his hands. Then someone had to scream and alert the others. Oh, well. But now they know of us and would be on alert. We had to be more careful if we were going to assimilate the entire team. Luckily we had chosen Norris as a backup. We had taken Norris when we were in dog form and only used a small piece of us to take over his body. But what we hadn't figured on was his heart condition. Yes, when we take someone over we also are inflicted with whatever health issues they have.

Even though the issues would not kill us they would slow us down. But that is of no consequence. Norris was a slower human anyway and his health issues would actually serve us. No one would suspect. Macready had called everyone into the rec room to have a "meeting" of sorts. Everyone went. We sat down in a chair next to Childs and Palmer and said nothing. Norris was a quiet man and rarely spoke unless someone spoke to him. We all sat and listened to Macready give his idea on how this "thing" acted and how it did what it did. We were surprised that Macready seemed to know so much. After Macready did his briefing on what they were dealing with the one called Fuchs had suggested we all prepare our own meals and eat only out of cans to avoid contamination.

Damn. That was another plan that would have worked. After the meeting we all relaxed in the rec room not doing much of anything. Then Macready had to go into his shack to get some notes he was working on. That put everyone else on edge so Doc suggested that they go in teams and if someone came back alone he would have some questions to answer and Mr. Flame thrower would be asking questions. We hope he froze out there if he was suspected. Childs had us stand by the window and report whatever suspicious activity we saw. It wasn't a long wait. Nauls had come back without Macready and explained that he cut the line because Macready was acting not himself out there.

Everyone bought Nauls's story because we all had suspicions growing about Macready and Nauls had never been alone from the moment everything happened. "Hey you guys…come here right now!" We called out when we had seen Macready make his way back to our base. We grimaced in pain and clutched our heart. Great. Heart attack. Norris was having a heart attack and that meant we were having a heart attack. Luckily it was not a heart attack as we had thought. We all went to the main room where Macready was clutching a stick of dynamite and a flame thrower to his chest daring anyone to come up to him.

We told him to calm down and that we could discuss this like rational adults rather than jump to conclusion. One of the team made a lunge to subdue Macready when a melee broke out. We were knocked back which caused us to have a Norris heart attack. For some reason this stunned us for a time. Doc got us on the table and pulled out the difibulator to get the heart going again. "Clear!" he yelled and electric currents shot through our body. "Clear!" he yelled again. Mentally we cursed. We had not planned on a straight out attack unless necessary. Well, its now or never. "Clear!" Doc yelled for a third and what would be his final time.

Before that accursed device could pump electricity into us again our chest burst open revealing stalagmite like teeth. We bit down hard onto his wrists biting off both his hands. His scream echoed though the room and he fell dead as a Norris/head burst through our chest. Still dazed from the heart attack and being jolted with electricity it took a second for us to regain our senses. We glared at the humans before us snarling and bellowing in frustration and rage. Our gaze settled upon Macready and something beyond hatred settled into us. Macready would pay and pay dearly.

Macready launched his flame thrower at us burning our head. But what they had not noticed in their frantic yelling was that part of our Norris head had worked itself loose and wanted to make a get away. While getting the fire under control Palmer had looked curiously at us and we at him. "You gotta be fuckin' kiddin me!" he said alerting the others to our presence. The next thing we knew we had a face full of fire upon us. It was over within minutes and our head was disposed of by Palmer who was convinced that nothing could survive a face blast like that.

What he didn't know is that some of our blood and gotten into a small paper cut. Soon he would be one of us. We hoped that we wouldn't be as stupid as he was…although his stupidity could be used to our advantage. The burnt head was disposed of and Palmer went back to help Macready with whatever there was left. By the time Palmer got to Macready he was one of us.

"Go find Blair. We need him right now." Macready commented. We nodded our head. "What do we need him for?" We asked. "We already know what were up against." Macready looked at us and for a moment we thought we had been discovered. "We need him to tell us EXACTLY what we are up against and how to kill it. We can't let this thing get to civilization regardless of what happens to us." Macready replied.

We nodded and went to find Blair who by now had lost his rational mind and was in the middle of destroying whatever link we had to the outside world.

We debated on killing Blair outright but we also knew when humans were under duress they could do severe damage if pushed even further. No, it was best to just wait and let the others handle it themselves. Once Blair was out of the way then our job would be a lot easier.