Shiki x Akira - Togainu no Chi

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"Hey..." Akira began.

"What do you want?" Shiki answered.

"When is your birthday?"

Shiki looked at him with sarcastic eyes.

"Why do you want to know?"

"Naah, I was just bored."

Akira was sitting naked in Shikis bed, no wait, make that THEIR bed, looking at Shiki who was sitting next to the bed on a simple chair.

His aloof manners made him look beautiful, sexy even. His black leather coat hanging on the back of the chair. His bloodred eyes fixated at the katana he was polishing.

"Your Eyes" Akira said out loud (though he thought he was thinking it).

Shiki suddenly stopped the polishing and turned to face Akira.

"Did you say something?" he questioned.

"What..? Me? No..." Akira turned to the window, looking at the snowy scene outside.


"I don't know" Shiki suddenly said.

Akira could feel Shikis weight on the bed.

"What don't you know?"

"When my birthday is.. I haven't celebrated, for so many years now, that I have forgotten"


Akira fell silent, it was the same with him. After the WWIII, he and other children was sent to live with random people they had never met before and since they often turned out to be abusive, there was no family-feelings, no celebrations, no love, no nothing.

He could feel Shiki come closer to him.

"Do you want to know more about me?" Shiki whispered in Akiras ear.

Akira jerked his head around, nearly hitting Shikis nose in the process

"Wha.. Whaat? Eh.. Well..."

"And you?"


"When is your birthday... Akira?"

Akira sighed.

"I'm the same as you, I don't know..."

"I see".

Shiki then kissed him, earing some soft moans from Akira, touching everywhere he could. Akira in return caressed Shikis silky-soft onyx hair. Akira then broke the kiss in desperate need of air, and gazed into Shikis crimson orbs...

"Hey Shiki.." he began

"Yes?" Shiki answered kissing Akiras neck.

"Why don't we make today our birthday?"

Shiki stopped in the middle of the kiss, looking at Akira

"Well, in that case I'll take my birthday-present right now" he resumed the kissing and licked the piercing on Akiras belly.

"You are mine! Mine alone!"

He positioned himself and thrusted into Akira, making Akira breathless in the motion.

Shikis words are absolute and Akira knew it.

Between thrusts, Akira managed to respond:

"Yes, master.."


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