Chapter 1

A/N: The name makes it sound action-y, eh? Well... that's not the case. Believe it or not, this is just romance with a dark past. And well... something much like insanity. Yuri, JoxMeg. The usual. ;) And yeah, considerable action.

Meg stopped, just outside the building. She almost re-thought what she was doing. Almost. But she'd already said she'd do it, after all. And hey, if it wasn't terrifying enough to immobilize her with fear, then it could be fun. The place seemed normal enough, save for the... barred windows. As she stood outside the gate, a small group came out.

Stepping out of the way, she watched. The group was just two people, one of them staying back more than the other. The one ahead was a black-haired woman, her long blue jacket closed to the bitter cold of winter. She looked at the other one, and she froze.

There was a strange sort of wild beauty to this woman, she realized. Her short silver hair was messy, but in a nice sort of way. Her figure was lean, and she looked strong. But it was her eyes that captivated her. If she looked into the crimson depths of those eyes of hers, she would see sadness but a great deal of self-control. Holding back.

They approached her, the woman in the blue jacket smiling politely as they reached her. "Hello, I'm Sei. You must be Meg, if I'm correct. I am in charge of the asylum."

Meg nodded. "Yeah, I'm Meg. Who's this?"

"Jo," said the person, nodding to her. Her voice was quiet, empty. "I've been here for ten years."

Now that, that surprised Meg. For the most part, Jo looked fine. Not to mention, she was, what, about a year older than Meg herself, who was twenty seven? She was in the asylum for a notable portion of her life.

"She's the one you'll be visiting," explains Sei. "Now, I have to go check on the other patients." As she turns, she adds one more thing. "Don't be offended or surprised if she doesn't talk much. She was never very social."

She then leaves, heading into the building and leaving the two alone.

"Amy, you're sick. Try laying off the computer time."

The weak teenager (A/N: Well, if everyone else is older than she should be too, right?) looks at the older woman with pleading eyes. "If you take away my computer, it'll kill me! God, do you really hate me that much?"

Sei sighs. "I never said I was going to take it from you. What do you even do on it, anyways?"

"I try to find a cure."

The teasing look fades from Amy's eyes when she says that, and she types some more. Yes, she's fatally sick, not to mention her head was messed up enough to get her into the asylum. She decides to change the subject, not wanting to talk about her health for any reason.

"How's Jo?"

"You can never be sure with her. She acts perfectly fine. But she only acts. I think she's only gotten better at hiding it. For all we now, it could be worse."

"She's too stubborn for her own good," mutters Amy. "But she's nice. When I came here, she really helped me get used to it. She didn't say anything. Just took my hand and showed me around."

"Everyone's kind in their own way," agrees Sei, nodding. "Now get some sleep, or something."

"Sure, sure."

Meg sighs. Jo hadn't said much, but she did seem to be looking around quite a bit.

"Well, I have to go." Meg grabs her bag, about to walk out the door.

"I'm sorry I don't talk too much."

The sound of Jo's voice makes her stop and turn around. It's not as empty as it was, but she has more time to focus on it now. It's calm, controlled, smooth. "Yeah, I'm sorry I don't talk much. Maybe next time I will more. I just don't have much to talk about. It's hard to sometimes. Goodbye," she waves, "Meg."

Meg smiles and walks out the door, leaving Jo in the empty room. It's not too crowded, just a bed, a desk and a dresser. There is, however, a wardrobe with multiple locks on it. All of the locks have the same key, the key being around Jo's neck.

As Meg leaves through the gate, a new figure goes in. Shorter, a bit older than Amy. Her hood is up, and as she walks through the door she lowers it.

"Hello, Maria," Sei greets her. "Jo is in her room."

Maria nods in thanks and up the stairs, to the top floor. It's the last door, on the end of the hall. She opens it.

Inside, Jo is sitting by the barred window, looking out with dull eyes. No, she looks like she's ignoring something. Maria walks up to her, waiting for her to notice. But she knows it may take a while. Jo closes her eyes, turning to Maria.

"Maria, you're here. Right?"

Maria walks up to Jo, and puts a hand on her head. "Yes, Jo."

She thinks it's sad that Jo has to ask her if she's real. Jo closes her eyes, gripping the key around her neck and squeezing it until drops of blood fall from her clenched hand. When she opens her eyes again, she's snapped out of it. Her eyes are sharp, and she lets go of the key. Opening a drawer, she takes out bandages.

"Sometimes I worry about you, Jo."


Maria knows that Jo doesn't talk much. She has enough to do, after all, ignoring what she thinks she sees. But Jo does it because Maria's her little sister. Jo stands, and Maria gives her a hug. Jo returns the embrace. Maria's visits help her.

Maria remembers a time when Jo helped her. For ten years, she's been trying to return the favor.

A/N: Sorry it's short. I've had this idea in my head for a long time. It may not be too well written, but I'll get the hagn- hag- hang of it soon. Stories seem to get easier as I go. Here's an example: Seeing the sun. Man, it's taking me so long to write other stories, but no, that one can have chapters ready in an hour if I wanted.