Don't cry, I'm here,
You'll never be alone.

And if I'm not here,
just look at the stars,
And remember everything.

I had a dream that I died
These are becoming very common,
And I'm ready to, lived with no regrets, none at all.

If I'm not there when you wake up,
go on with your life.

I might not always be there,
but you have to learn to go on.

When I leave,
Don't Cry.

I'm always with you,
Deep down inside,
And if you really miss me,
Remember, and listen.

Sorry Livii97, I know that I was going to make it into a story, but I just don't seem to have the time. I did write this though, and I figured that I would just continue adding poems to Remember Me.

Hope you all enjoy, and if any comments/questions you know where you can find me!

And Happy Thanksgiving to all of our active soldiers, wherever they are, and whoever is out there! Remain strong and be proud! You're doing a lot for all of us and you are the ones who we thank everyday for our freedoms and rights!

Rozez And Angelz