Peppy sat in the kitchen and sipped some tea. He looked tired, and he sighed, setting the cup down. He heard from the tracker bot that Falco had gotten the tapes, and only time would tell now what Falco would do with the information he had been given.

Peppy closed his eyes and rubbed his temples. He looked up when he heard a loud bang of a door, "For heaven's sakes, you don't need to slam things!" He called to whoever it was but his eyes widened when he saw Falco run into the kitchen. He stood up quickly, "Falco?"

Falco stopped and looked around wildly then at Peppy, "Where is he?" he panted then shouted, "Where is he?"

Peppy pointed down the hall, "H-he's in your room!"

Falco didn't stop to chat. He turned and dashed down the hall. Peppy quickly followed after, moving slower than Falco though. He saw Falco throw open his door and run inside. A loud thump was heard soon after. Peppy hurried to the doorway and looked inside.

On the floor, laid Falco with Fox in his arms. Fox sat on the ground and Falco was knelt over his legs. Falco held him tightly, almost like he was afraid to let him go. Fox's eyes were wide and he had his hands on Falco's back.

"Falco?" Fox said quietly, moving his head to look at him.

Falco wrapped his arms more around him and frowned deeply, "You dumb ass!" he shouted to try and cover the hurt in his voice, "What the hell do you think you're doing? You are my god damn best friend, and this is how I find you when I come back? I find you thin as a twig and practically lifeless?"

Fox blinked a few times but he smiled. He wrapped his arms more around his friend and closed his eyes, "Mmm... You are Falco... The real Falco..." he said quietly. For the first time in a long time, he looked very happy.

Peppy smiled and leaned against the door frame. Krystel and Slippy came out of their rooms and to the door.

"What's going on?" Krystel asked, peeking inside.

Slippy gasped, "Falco! He's back!" He shouted and moved to run to him but Peppy put out an arm, blocking his way. Slippy looked up at him.

"Now is not the time," Peppy said quietly, "Leave them alone for while. Give them a couple hours. Fox needs this," Slippy looked back at Falco, seeing Fox under him on the floor.

Krystel crossed her arms and smiled, "Who knew Falco was Fox's life source..." she said quietly, more than to herself than anyone.

Peppy smiled and stepped back, "Come, leave them be," He turned and walked down the hall, Slippy followed. Krystel stood there a moment.

"Maybe it wasn't me you needed, Fox," she whispered, "Maybe it was Falco all along," she stepped out into the hall, closing the door behind her quietly.

*~A Few Days Later~*

Fox and Falco sat in the hanger. There was a fold up table between then and cards laid out on the table.

Falco threw his down, "No way! You cheated!" He reached over and grabbed a grinning fox's wrist, making him drop his cards, "You gotta have cards hidden on ya! There ain't no way I would lose this many times to someone who sucks so bad as you!"

Fox laughed, which sounded very light and full of heart, much different than how it would have been a few days ago, "I did not cheat! Maybe you're just losing your grip!"

"Uh uh! I don't lose my grip this many times!" Falco shouted and threw Fox's wrist back at him. He crossed his arms, slouching in his chair.

Fox pulled the money pile to him, "You're just jealous of my amazing skill~,"

"Amazing skill my ass!"

Fox laughed again and picked up the cards and dealt them again. Falco watched him as he did. Fox had started eating again and was very slowly, gaining his weight back, but to Falco, he looked the best he had in years.

The falcon picked up his cards then tapped them on the table with one hand, resting his other elbow on the back of the chair, "I never told you about my adventure," he said after a while.

"No you didn't. Did you fight any aliens?" Fox said with a grin as he looked at his cards.

Falco chuckled, "If you count the space food aliens, then I fought a lot of them," Fox laughed at that, "But no, that was definitely not the high point of my time out," he smiled up at his friend, "Finding myself was,"

Fox looked up at him and tilted his head, "Oh yeah? And where did you find yourself? Saturn's rings?"

"Actually, no," Falco sat up and leaned across the table slightly, "Where I found myself, and everything I am, and ever will be, was right here," Falcon put a finger on Fox's chest, "Right here, all along,"

Fox blinked and he looked down at his finger but smiled up at him. He felt happiness swell up in his chest, "You sure? Cause there ain't much there," he said softly.

"Oh trust me. There is more here than anything else in the world... more love, more happiness, more hope... And you know what else is here?"

"What's that?"

Falco gave him a real smile. Not one of his cocky grins, but one that he never gave anyone. One that he only gave to show the person he was smiling at that he really cared about them, "My best friend..." he said softly.

Fox gave him one of his real smiles too, feeling like his heart would burst from how happy he felt to hear that. It meant more to him than anything else in the world. "I missed you, Falco. You won't leave again, right?" he asked.

Falco took his finger back and shook his head. He leaned back in his chair, "Why should I? I have everything I could ever dream of, right here across from me,"

Fox looked down, still smiling though, "You're getting so soft on me..." he said quietly.

"Enjoy it while it lasts, because it won't happen again," Falco said, just as quietly, but with a little bit of playfulness to it.

Fox looked back up at him, "Thank you Falco, for being my best friend," he said.

"And thank you Fox, for being the greatest thing that ever happened to me," Falco replied, tilting his head some.

Author's Note:

Hi~ Thanks for reading ^^ I hope you liked it. Sorry for any mistakes I didn't catch as I wrote this.

If you're interested as to why I titled it Iris, well, it's because when you give someone an Iris Flower, it means that you have strong, deep sentimental feeling for that person, so it goes perfect with the story 3