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"I'm fucking tired of your self-righteousness," Liv almost growled in a low whisper, her second hand coming up to rest just as firmly on the fridge on the other side of Olivia's head. "You and I both know you're not exactly as white as snow, here."

White as snow, Olivia was certainly not. Nor would she want to be at that instant, the last few weeks of bottled up frustration emerging incredibly fast as she felt her body so close to hers and yet refused to yield so hastily. And just like she had imagined, she knew Liv could now read it all on her face, see it all in her eyes.

She could see how raw and eager she had left her, how much she hated her for it, how much she craved for more.

Once again, they seemed to mirror each other perfectly.

In that suspended instant, a lot was being said without any word needing to be shared out loud. There was a battle of the minds and bodies happening, there, both acutely aware of the sizzling tension that surrounded them, as if the air had become utterly charged with static electricity. Olivia still held onto her need to resist, while Liv's pride acted like a barrier, obviously highly disliking to be treated that way when she had already put herself in a weak position by displaying her puzzling distress.

There was a constant game going on between them, a never ending competition, and right now, Liv might have the upper hand, physically speaking, having entrapped her that way against the fridge, but psychologically, Olivia thought she might actually win that round, for once.

She wasn't the one who still had tears glistening on her cheeks.

That was why she chose to speak instead of act, chose to press harder on the bruise that had made Liv react so strongly rather than succumb to the yearning in her guts.

"One of us has to be the self-righteous one," she said in a haughty whisper she knew would make Liv's skin crawl. "Seeing how we share the same genetic code, part of me really wants to believe you've got some of my moral code, too, maybe just slightly different…but all you do is walk around my world and interact with my people as if you hadn't done anything wrong. If you want me to respect you, start by showing me you've got even an ounce of integrity."

Close as they were, Olivia saw her eyes darken even more, her breathing halting briefly, and there was a flash of something very primeval and raw across her face, which made her think that Liv's next retort would definitely be physical. Maybe she would slap her, which would lead them to have their second real fight; maybe she would pull her hair and tell her to shut up, as if they were two infuriated school girls. Or maybe she would grab her face in her hands, crash her mouth upon hers and pin her fully to the fridge, crash her flesh and bones against the cold door until Olivia moaned her defeat.

Any of these three would do at this point, because the ending would be the same, inevitable, awaited, longed for.

But none of them happened at all.

Liv's entire body language suddenly changed, then, unexpectedly, and the strangest look crossed her face as she moved her head away, as if responding to some kind of call. She definitely looked like she was hearing something. And that something caused her to swiftly push herself away from the fridge, muttering another swear word under her breath, one of her hands already up to her face.

Left standing there alone against the fridge, feeling more than a little shaky in many ways, Olivia could do nothing but stare at her Alternate's back, both of them trying to get a hold on their emotions, even though they were clearly not of the same kind. She wanted to stay mad at Liv, but she was a little too intrigued now –not to mention worked up, to gather up the strength to remain angry. Instead, she decided to quietly keep on observing her double, as Liv walked back to the counter; she also used this sudden moment of respite to try and regain full control over her body, taking deep and slow intakes of breath.

Apparently, Liv had decided that alcohol was the cure to whatever was happening to her, because she drank more of her whiskey with another grimace that merely masked the pained expression already present on her face. She didn't put the glass back down, staring at what was left of the amber liquid instead, her traits slowly relaxing…never completely, though; her face remained slightly constricted, as she seemed lost in her thoughts.

Olivia still hadn't moved from against the fridge's door when Liv said in a quiet voice: "You know, I get why you're considered to be the victim in this whole 'Switch' situation, but did it ever occur to you that my side of the story isn't all that happy either?"

She could have laughed at that. Would surely have laughed at that, if Liv hadn't looked so dead serious, still staring at the bottom of her glass as if it held some kind of answer. She chose honesty instead. "Are you trying to tell me that walking freely, living my life and deceiving my friends, is somehow comparable to being kidnapped and held captive in a dark cell for eight weeks?"

Liv did chuckle at that; it was a soundless, humorless laugh, a shadow of her usual grin and easy laughter, and she finally turned her eyes away from her whiskey to look at Olivia.

"I hate being here," she admitted then, her voice slightly hoarse.

Olivia held her gaze, darkly, feeling unexpectedly offended by her admission. "Is it that unbearable to be around me?"

Liv actually rolled her eyes at that, briefly pursing one corner of her mouth, like she often did, before bringing her eyes back to Olivia's. "Not everything is about you," she said with a hint of her usual, almost amused derision, since everything was about them right now, literally. "I mean your place. I hate being in your place."

Olivia had to admit that she didn't really know what to answer to that. She simply stared at her, a question mark written all over her face.

Liv sighed, closing her eyes briefly. But she looked at her again when she said: "Just because I believed in what I did for my world, or that I surely would do it all over again, it doesn't mean I liked it." She shook her head slightly. "I don't pride myself on the fact that I spent two months deceiving these people who genuinely care about you. Do you really think I'm that shallow, or that devoid of emotions?"

Olivia wished she could say 'Yes', right away, without a second of hesitation. A month ago, she surely would have, without a second thought. But things had changed; they were still changing. And as she stared at her Alternate, who looked so atypically grim tonight, with her glass of whiskey, reddened eyes and damp cheeks, she knew that answering positively would be absurd, almost insulting.

"No," she admitted instead, her arms crossing in front of her chest again, part of her hating the fact that she had just yielded.

They stared at each other for another stretch of heavy silence, before Liv continued, her voice still low and serious: "I like being in a control. I like to win. And being here was…" She pursed her lips again, briefly tilting her head. "…challenging, to say the least. Your friends actually came closer to busting my cover more times than you realize. The control I had over this mission was nothing but an illusion I gave myself not to panic." There was another long pause before she spoke again, having averted her eyes to stare down her glass once more. "I am not someone who reacts well to fear, as I'm sure you know. So yeah, I hated being here, being afraid every damn second that my cover would blow and that I would fail my mission, fail my world. And being in your place again, it just brings it all back and it-"

But she abruptly stopped again, displaying every sign of what had happened to her mere minutes ago, her entire being apparently responding to something Olivia couldn't perceive. Whatever that was –and Olivia thought she was starting to know what it could be, it caused her face to constrict again, eyes lost in the distance, until she brought her whiskey up to her lips and tilted her head back to down the rest of it.

After putting the empty glass down on the counter with another loud sound, she spoke again, her voice still hoarse from the alcohol she had just drunk: "So you're right. It doesn't compare to being kidnapped and thrown in a cell. But it wasn't vacation time either."

And on these words, she simply walked away from the counter, leaving the kitchen altogether and going back to the living room. If Olivia had had any way to retreat without having to lay eyes on her again, maybe she would have done just that. But in order for her to go back to her room, she had to go through the living room.

In all honesty, she had no real desire to go back in her bedroom...not alone, anyway, but that was an entire different story, and she was fully blaming the fact that despite it all, she still hadn't exactly calmed down from their little encounter against the fridge. Staying right there in the same spot wasn't helping either.

She finally moved and entered the adjacent room, running a hand through her hair as her eyes fell back on Liv. She had sat back down over the rumpled sheets that covered the dark fabric of her couch, and had one of her hands up to her face again, heel pressed against her eye. She hadn't had nearly enough alcohol to be drunk again, but she was still far from having Olivia's experience and resistance. Olivia wouldn't be surprised if she was experiencing a bit of head rush.

"So, you think you would get off your high horse if I apologized to you or something?" Liv asked then, dropping her hand and raising her head to look up at her.

It was almost shocking to realize that she was being sincere. She also looked hardly convinced at all by her own words, as if she highly doubted that a heartfelt apology would do much, in their case.

Basically, she did not look like someone about to have a moral epiphany.

Olivia couldn't help it. She chuckled softly, not exactly amused, more tired than anything else.

She couldn't ignore the fact that Liv did have a moral code, but it honestly was the oddest kind of code, so different from her own. She had just admitted that she wasn't proud of what she had done, and yet, apologizing for it didn't seem natural to her. It was as unnatural as starting to walk around with the weight of her past mistakes heavy on her shoulders. She kept on moving with that swagger in her steps instead, because to her, no matter the wrongs that had come with her mission, she still believed in her job and in what she had done for her Universe.

She hadn't done it to screw with Olivia's life. Screwing with Olivia's life had been a rather deplorable, ugly ripple that had resulted from the stone that had been thrown in the water.

And Olivia knew that Liv hadn't been the one throwing that stone in the first place.

Standing there in her living room, staring down at her Alternate –who was still waiting to know if she was supposed to apologize or not, Olivia suddenly realized that she had tortured herself way too long about it all, and that maybe it was time for her to move on a little.

And so she shrugged slightly, answering her in all honesty: "You know, I think you just did. Sort of."

Liv held her gaze, in a long stare that soon had Olivia's fingertips tingling again, and she stared back as a smirk slowly pulled at the corner of her double's lips. Liv fell back against the back of the couch then, or rather slouched against it, one elbow up and pressed into the pad so she could lean her cheek against her fist, while she brought her legs up, sliding one of them under herself while she bent the other in front of her, in a fairly indecent posture.

Once again, she seemed to have gone back to feeling completely unbothered, apparently more interested in piercing Olivia with her eyes rather than continuing reminiscing about serious matters. But her smile became a bit apologetic then, and soon, she started nibbling on the nail of her thumb, before she spoke again:

"You know, since I'm being exceedingly and embarrassingly honest tonight, I might as well come clean about something else."

Olivia, who still hadn't moved, her feet pretty much glued to the ground, raised an eyebrow. "Oh?"

Liv stopped nibbling on her nail, dropping her hand and shrugging a shoulder. "I told you last month that I wouldn't play any more games with you, but…you were right about one thing. I did ignore you on purpose today. I wanted to see how much of it it would take before you…snapped."

Olivia knew that she was not imagining the return of the crackling statics in the room; there was something about the way Liv simply stared at her that was beyond unnerving. That kind of stare was what had started it all, weeks ago, and Olivia was more powerless than ever at that instant, especially when she had just been told that the way she had been ignored all day had been nothing more than another ruse.

Maybe she would have felt mad about it if she hadn't been too busy feeling the oddest kind of relief. And maybe she could be honest towards Liv too, and tell her just how efficient her little game had actually been, or how she didn't doubt that she would have snapped sooner rather than later, had she kept at it.

But Olivia also knew that despite the slow liquefaction of her bones, due to that endless stare, she still was the one in control, here; she wasn't ready to surrender her power just yet.

"Is it what all the obnoxious flirting with Lincoln was about?" She asked instead, wrinkling her nose. "Were you seriously hoping I would get jealous or something?" This sounded ridiculous even to her own ears, and she wasn't surprised in the least when it caused Liv to snort loudly.

"Geez, no," she laughed, shaking her head. "That was because of a stupid bet I made with my Lincoln. He wanted to know how many times I could get your guy to push his glasses back up his nose on the first day. Apparently, my guy used to do that a lot in High School whenever pretty girls talked to him."

Genuinely amused by this revelation, Olivia had to ask. "How many times?"

Liv smiled with pride, briefly biting down her lip before admitting: "I stopped counting after the first two hundred times."

Olivia couldn't help it. She laughed, not a small chuckle, but an honest laugh this time, briefly closing her eyes as she smiled. Not for the first time, she thought about how intriguing it was, to see just how different and distinct the dynamics were between the Olivia Dunham and Lincoln Lee of each universe. She liked her Lincoln, he was a good man, a good agent and at times, he seemed to really understand her. But she couldn't for the life of her imagine herself joking around with him with so much ease, the way Liv was constantly doing with the other Agent Lee.

She reopened her eyes, about to comment on this, but the words never left her mouth, as she found herself entrapped once more into Liv's gaze. Her expression had changed, somehow, her head now tilted to the side as she stared at Olivia with blunt intensity, causing a shiver to run right up her spine, and her own smile faltered.

"What?" She found herself asking, even though it was pointless.

She knew Liv enjoyed seeing her react to that kind of look, the woman had admitted it herself. Plus, it wasn't like they didn't have a very valid explanation for the heavy tension that kept on growing steadily between them; it was becoming very clear that none of them had actually forgotten anything about what happened last month.

They both remembered everything clearly.

Once again, Liv surprised her by answering her question in all honesty. "You were smiling."

Olivia had already been blushing for a while, the warmth on her face almost a familiar companion now, whenever she found herself in Liv's proximity for more than a few minutes...and the extended heat that had settled there a few minutes ago in the kitchen hadn't gone anywhere. Yet, she knew right away that the color had just darkened on her cheeks upon hearing Liv's answer, more than her face warming up, to be honest.

For reasons she didn't fully understand, she was feelings almost self-conscious, now, shrugging a bit awkwardly and wrapping her arms even more tightly around herself, lips pursed in a small smirk. "I do smile, you know," she said, trying –and failing, to sound casual and amused. "It's not exclusive to you."

Even though she was smiling softly, almost mysteriously, Liv's gaze remained serious and intense as she shook her head. "Not around me, you don't," she replied simply.

Olivia's brilliant brain brought back another memory then, suddenly, almost unexpectedly, as she remembered vividly how she had stood in front of that mirror in her hotel room, with Liv body pressed behind hers, her hands splayed over her body and skin, her hot breath burning the side of her neck.

"What do you want from me?" Olivia had asked, as she desperately tried to get her mind to take control of her body again.

"I don't want anything from you." Liv had answered. "Though I won't lie, I would like to see what a real smile looks like on you, sometimes."

Right now, a few feet separated Olivia from the place where Liv was sitting on the couch, with her arms loosely wrapped around her bent leg, their postures once again the complete opposite of each other, as Olivia was still hugging herself almost in a death grip, her heart pounding beneath her ribs. But the distance seemed almost irrelevant at that instant; her body was awake and shivering, the strength of these memories blending with the intensity of the moment.

Olivia was stubborn, though. She was stubborn, and still more than a little confused by the fact that she seemed unable to fight the very real attraction that existed between her and her Alternate.

And so she used that upper hand she still possessed, choosing to press on a sensitive matter again when she said gravely: "Well, you don't usually cry around me either. What was that about?"

The change was instantaneous.

She saw Liv's entire body tense briefly, the way she was hugging her leg suddenly resembling Olivia's stance, and she averted her eyes almost hastily, all traces of her small smile gone from her face. "Of course you would go there…" she muttered unhappily, her eyes now fixed on a random point in space.

Truth be told, if Olivia had asked this knowing that it would give her a break from the smothering tension surrounding them, she had also done so hoping for an answer. She felt truly puzzled by her Alternate's strange display of vulnerability, which was so different from the way she usually behaved. Plus, she couldn't deny the fact that seeing her that upset had affected her in some ways.

Olivia wanted answers, and she wanted them now; judging by the conversation they'd had so far, she might actually get a few tonight, as Liv had obviously let her guard down around her, willingly or not, it didn't matter.

It was for all these reasons that Olivia walked closer to the couch, to finally take a seat on the coffee table, right in front of her, telling herself that it had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that she was now physically much closer to Liv. Liv, who was still resolutely avoiding her eyes, looking rather grumpy now, as if she was very disappointed by how the mood had changed.

"C'mon…" Olivia said softly; both her hands had come down to grip the table on each side of her. "I am willing to believe that being back in my place makes you feel uncomfortable, but you've also been pretty clear about the fact that ultimately, you're not losing sleep over this. So what is it?"

Being indeed much closer to her now, Olivia could see her face more clearly, even though the light was still very dim around them, the only source of light coming from the kitchen. She could tell she was biting the inside of her lip, her face now slightly constricted, her breathing definitely shallower. She still refused to meet her eyes, though, and she was staring in the distance when she spoke in a whisper, shaking her head almost imperceptibly.

"It doesn't matter. It's not real."

One thing for sure, whatever pain she was experiencing was real.

It was real enough to ooze out of her and set off Olivia's natural ability for empathy, tuning to her in a way that was almost eerie, suddenly sharing more than a little of her inexplicable melancholy.

She remembered more than the physical aspect of their night together. She remembered just as vividly what Liv had told her, when Olivia had confronted her about what had brought her to her hotel room in the first place.

"Is it…the baby again?" She asked then, cautiously.

Liv did not need to answer. Her entire body did it for her, her leg now pressed against her chest in something close to a fetal position, and she closed her eyes, a pained mask contracting her every trait.

"You still hear the cries?" Olivia insisted, her voice low and soft; she wasn't doing this to make her misery worse. She wanted to understand, not just out of curiosity anymore. Something in her wanted to help her somehow, maybe.

Liv had reopened her eyes, but she was not looking at her, gazing in the distance again, and Olivia watched as her eyes grew more and more glassy; it was as if she was hearing these cries right now.

And maybe she was.

"It's a boy, you know…" Liv murmured, then. But as soon as the words escaped her lips, she had to close her eyes shut again, as if it had caused her physical pain, judging by the grimace deforming her traits, and two wet trails instantly traced their way down her cheeks.

She took a loud and raspy breath, obviously trying to get a grip before it got worse, letting her body unfold, both her legs falling back in front of her, her knees brushing Olivia's as she leaned forward, one of her arms now wrapped around herself while she used her other hand to wipe her face.

"This doesn't make any sense…" she said, her voice hoarse, sounding more aggravated than anything else as she shook her head; she was still avoiding Olivia's eyes, despite the fact that their faces were now very close, Olivia having mirrored her almost unconsciously, leaning forward as well. "This…this isn't like me. I don't get weepy. But this baby boy, I keep hearing him cry, and he keeps popping up in my dreams and it just…" More tears were rolling down her face, tears that she kept brushing off with annoyed fingers. "Honestly, it feels like a very bad case of PMS, my hormones are all over the place."

Up until know, Olivia had been thinking about how the last time they had talked about this, Liv had said it had started after the creation of the Bridge…which was when her own dreams had started. She couldn't get out of her mind the idea that maybe, just maybe, that mysterious child Liv was obviously grieving was linked to her mysterious man, for whom she so often longed for. But Liv's last comment about hormones put another thought into her head, one that was just as equally odd, but still preferable to the both of them sharing this strange bond over a man that did not even exist. She hadn't forgotten either how they tended to appear together in her dreams lately, but that was a completely different matter.

"Could it be your body telling you that…you're…pregnant, maybe?" She asked, then, feeling a bit ridiculous saying these words.

Liv finally raised her head and met her eyes, wiping her nose and letting out a tired chuckle with a shake of her head. "Hardly. For one thing, Frank has been away for almost three months now, so I had a few proofs that I'm not pregnant. And despite what you think, I really don't go around sleeping with people. And when I exceptionally do, I doubt pregnancy could be an outcome."

They were very, very close, Olivia thought then. They were so close that if she extended her hands a little, she could grab hers…bring her hands to her face, maybe, wipe her tears. That was why she was still holding onto the edge of the table, the urge to reach out for her becoming almost overpowering as Liv's gleaming eyes bore into hers.

"I'm sorry," Olivia said softly, her heart beating too fast again. "I shouldn't have implied that you like to sleep around."

Liv actually smiled at that, shaking her head slowly, shrugging almost in indifference. "Now see, you apologize way too much. There is some truth in what you said, you know. I do act like a bitch on occasions. What you need to understand though is that I'm aware of it, and that I don't care."

Close as they were, staring at each other the way they were, Olivia knew that she meant it. She honestly, truthfully, did not care.

And not for the first time, Olivia found herself torn between moral disapproval and selfish envy. Whether she liked it or not, she couldn't deny the fact that sometimes, she wished she could go around so blithely.

Maybe that was why she felt that inexplicable pull toward her; if she got close enough, maybe, just maybe, she would understand what made her this way, understand how she could still have tears glistening on her cheeks, and yet give her a look that told her she was doing fine, all the time.

Liv was fire, and Olivia felt like the proverbial moth drawn to the flame. She knew there was danger, there, that she would warm up, and that she would burn. But part of her wanted to burn.

And if Liv's gaze was telling her anything right now, it was that she would gladly oblige.

"You know, as much as I hate to admit it, your little game today was working," Olivia found herself saying.

It was Liv's turn to raise an eyebrow, even though she was already smirking knowingly. "Oh?"

Olivia shrugged, a bit embarrassed. "I just thought…I thought you'd simply gotten bored with me. Which would have made sense, really."

Liv shook her head very slowly, losing her smile. "See, that's why it was a stupid game. I'm most definitely not bored with you."

That pull Olivia felt was definitely stronger than ever now, pulsing relentlessly, really, somewhere low inside of her, and she knew she couldn't ignore it anymore, let alone fight it.

But as if on a cue, Liv's face changed then, once again going from intently focused to lost and pained. Her eyes drifted away, before she closed them altogether, dropping her head and pressing both her palms against her eyelids with an unhappy growl.

Olivia didn't need to ask; she knew what was happening.

She also knew that she was not going to simply sit there and watch her go through this again without doing anything. Maybe she should; maybe a lesser person would, as some kind of revenge. But Olivia was still tuned to her, and she couldn't bear it; she needed this to stop, for her sake as much as her Alternate's. She might not understand it, or know how to resolve it.

But there always was the temporary fix.

She barely gave it a second thought.

She finally let go of the table, the wood having left its mark on the flesh of her fingers and palms; that's how hard she had been holding onto it, trying to stop herself from doing what she was doing now.

Without a word, she put both her hands on Liv's shoulders, pushing her against the back of the couch as she left the table. At the feel of Olivia's touch, Liv immediately dropped her hands and reopened her eyes, and she offered her a genuinely surprised look as Olivia then swiftly pinned her against the couch, straddling her firmly, not quite able to keep in the sigh that rushed out of her lips when Liv's hands instinctively fell on her hips and her own fingers gripped the pad of the couch behind her. There definitely was more than shock in Liv's eyes now, the way her chest was suddenly heaving a little was proof enough.

"What are you doing?" Liv asked her, her voice once again hoarse, but definitely not for the same reason. She looked honestly bewildered.

Olivia's entire body seemed to be humming at her proximity, as she was finally yielding to that aching hunger that had slowly been driving her insane days after days. Amazingly, it didn't feel like she was being defeated this time, though. She felt in control; this was her own doing, and the surprise on Liv's face was only accentuating this powerful feeling.

Using her grip on the couch, she pulled herself definitely closer, until their faces were only inches apart, and she whispered against her lips: "I'm distracting you."

When Liv's hands reached up, then, one of them cupping her cheek while the other instantly disappeared in her hair, Olivia almost sighed in relief again, leaning down to erase the distance that existed between their lips…but as it turned out, Liv didn't use her hold on her to bring her closer, like she had expected. She stopped her instead, opposing some definite resistance, keeping their faces apart.

"Wait," she said, almost in a rush, and Olivia did halt her movement, pulling away slightly to get a better look at her.

She frowned, as it was her turn to feel more than a little bemused. "Wait?" She repeated, highly skeptical. "Are you kidding me?"

Just like her, Liv's breathing was most definitely shallower now, the skin of her cheeks, still wet with tears, having reddened, and even though she had been the one stopping her, she was also making sure that she wouldn't pull away too much, keeping their faces torturously close, and yet not close enough.

Liv shook her head almost imperceptibly, unable to keep her eyes from regularly darting down to her lips. "Don't get me wrong, I have no doubt that you can distract me just fine, but to be honest with you, what I'm not looking forward to is what comes next, when you freak out on me and suddenly decide that this is the worst thing you could have ever done."

"Now who's the one over-thinking it?" She asked, tensing against her, mostly out of frustration and slight embarrassment, again, feeling more than a bit foolish at that instant. She instinctively tried to pull away some more, but Liv's grip on her face tightened, her other hand having left her hair to splay over the back of her shirt.

"I know why you're doing this," Liv whispered, her eyes too intense. "You have a thing for damaged people, that's why you're suddenly so much more confident and direct with me. But you and I both know that this…this isn't who I am most of the time. And I could be spared being treated like a bitch tomorrow morning when you start having regrets."

"I thought you didn't care," Olivia almost grumbled, not liking the way this was going, especially since there definitely was truth in her words. But for Christ's Sake, she was straddling her and basically offering herself to her, she definitely needed to stop talking now.

"I don't care when I know I'm acting like a bitch," Liv said instead, apparently decided on continuing their little therapy talk. "It's another thing altogether to feel wanted, and then be rejected depending on your mood." She shook her head, her thumb softly brushing the corner of her lips. "I'm not asking you for anything. So don't make it all sound like I cornered you into this, or that I-"

But Olivia's hands had let go of the couch, now, coming up to grab her face instead so she could pull her forward as she herself leaned in. She shut her up by planting a firm kiss on her lips, simultaneously rolling her hips into hers in a slow but resolute movement, which caused Liv to let out a raspy breath against her lips, her fingers digging into the fabric of Olivia's shirt over her back, instinctively trying to bring her closer.

"You were right," Olivia breathed out against her mouth, then, with a definite hint of irritation, before nibbling slightly on Liv's bottom lip. Shivers shot deliciously through her entire body as she let her fingers slid from her damp cheeks, threading them through the silky mass of her hair. "Over-thinking things leads us nowhere. So now shut up and kiss me."

Liv didn't need much more prodding, her body arching off the couch before Olivia was even done talking, and their lips soon met again. It was a slow meeting, and yet it was definitely fervent and famished, their bodies swaying against one another to the matching beat of their pulsing hearts. Hands moved, too, in an attempt to increase their proximity as the kiss quickly intensified and tongues joined the battle their lips were already fighting; Olivia reveled in the taste of her, a unique flavor tinged with the familiar hint of a liquor she was very fond of; all of her senses were being attacked again, taste and smell and touch. Before she knew it, Liv's fingers had slipped under her shirt, her palms pressing firmly into her back, before she let her cool fingertips trace their way up her bare skin, embracing her closely, inducing shivers and goose bumps, as well as sighs and a world that spun behind her close eyelids.

Under her touch, against her lips and into her arms, Olivia was slowly burning, the sensation almost indecent in its delight; she had kept this fire trapped for the last few weeks, and now, she was letting it run free at last, free to consume her whole in a unhurried and yet steady pace.

Once again, Olivia was quickly losing control; she was nothing but malleable flesh in these expert hands, her caresses soft, yet striving, and it wasn't long at all before Liv halted their heated kissing to grab the hem of her shirt, swiftly pulling it up over her head. Olivia wanted to protest, briefly remembering that she had wanted to be the one in charge this time, but any objection she might have had promptly dissolved away when Liv strategically splayed her hands upon her back again and pressed. She arched into her touch, even more so when she swiftly latched onto her breast, and her lips and tongue repeated what they had been doing to her mouth only moments ago; Olivia's sighs turned into low moans as the warmth spread mercilessly. She was more than arching under her ministration now, her head thrown back so far that, had she been able to think clearly, she might have wondered how they hadn't crashed upon the coffee table yet. She held onto Liv's head, fingers lost into her hair, for balance as much as for closeness, making sure this torturous mouth of hers wouldn't go anywhere.

Olivia was soon using that grip on her to let her know that she should come back farther up again, though, pulling not so gently on her hair; she obliged without much resistance, taking her time, scattering languid kisses all over her neck and jaw. But none of them was as languid as the one they shared when their lips met again. Olivia pressed forward, using her weight to pin Liv back against the couch, then moving strategically, adjusting herself over her lap to gain more access; her head still felt delectably cloudy, but she also felt the renewed strong desire to take the lead. She needed to touch her, too, not to simply be touched. She vibrantly remembered how good it had felt that night, to forget everything else as she melted into her caresses. It had been liberating, truly, and giving the current circumstances, she thought it was time for her to give back.

After all, she was merely looking out for herself.

Mimicking Liv's earlier move, she slipped a hand under her shirt, letting her fingernails graze lightly over the soft skin of her chest, feeling the muscles twitch beneath her fingertips; when she fully cupped the warm flesh of her breast and squeezed it approvingly, almost curiously, she rapidly decided that she definitely enjoyed the feeling; she especially loved the way Liv was reacting to her touch, sighing into her mouth, and Olivia massaged her to the pace of their undulating hips, cataloguing each reaction to her every move.

Before long, Liv was almost wriggling again, though, obviously trying to get the upper hand back, attempting to pull herself off the couch. But Olivia pinched her pebble nipple between her fingers, not hard enough to hurt her, but hard enough to make her react alright; it successfully put an end to her fighting as she fell back against the couch and groaned into her mouth, her fingers twisting in her hair a bit roughly in response. Olivia could be swift, too, and she proved it by getting her out of her shirt within the next few seconds. Before Liv could get a chance to attempt anything again, Olivia tightened the grip of her thighs around her, quickly spinning them over the couch until Liv found herself lying down upon it, head pressed into the pillow she had used to sleep earlier.

Olivia felt unstoppable, now, feeling more than a little emboldened by how, despite the fact that she still didn't really have a clue what she was doing, she was being obviously successful in distracting Liv. She was not even trying to fight anymore at that instant, her cheeks a delicious shade of dark pink, her eyes hazy with desire as she panted slightly beneath her, just as intoxicated as her by the feel of their bare chests meeting and rubbing with every slight shift of their bodies. Olivia focused on Liv's neck, next, tracing the tense, pulsing line with a slow and teasing tongue, once again taking note of how she responded to her, judging by what made her tighten her grip on her hair, what made her pull, or what caused her fingernails to scrap her scalp, unambiguous in their longing, but never too roughly.

Olivia let her hand travel down, then, not even stopping briefly before she grabbed the hem of her pants and started pulling down. Even though Liv instinctively moved beneath her, trying to help her out, discarding the item using only one hand turned out to be trickier than she first thought; Olivia almost grunted in frustration as she detached herself from Liv's neck to bring her second hand into action, finally managing to get rid of the annoying piece of clothing, definitely roughly. Satisfied –and yet nothing but satisfied at that instant, she leaned back over Liv, who was now smiling rather mischievously as she reached up for Olivia's face again, fingers disappearing into the cascade of blond hair falling all around her head, pulling her down.

"My, you're really on fire tonight," she whispered against Olivia's mouth, and she felt her smile before Liv started nibbling the plump and swollen flesh of her bottom lip.

Olivia felt the fleeting urge to let her know that the fire she was talking about wouldn't be here if it weren't for her; it had been so long since she had felt so bold with someone, in such intimate ways, feeling like she was burning up indeed, every new meeting of their skins, just as equally feverish now, increasing her hunger and desire to watch her squirm. But she quickly realized that she didn't want to talk at all, not anymore, and she didn't want Liv to talk either. She was more interested and intrigued in finding out what she could do to make her shut up for good. Without a single word, she recaptured her lips, then, heatedly, leaving no doubt about her intentions.

She had to break the kiss when she felt Liv hands travel down over her spine, though, as she soon tried to get her out of her pants, too. But Olivia did not approve; she knew just how sneaky these hands could be, and she was well decided on keeping the lead for the time being. And so she moved again, grabbing both of her wrists and pinning them above her head, which caused Liv to smirk again, obviously understanding Olivia's plan, but being as equally resolute in her desire to fight back, already trying to escape from her grip.

But both her resistance and her smirk promptly dissolved away when Olivia used the thigh she had slipped between Liv's legs, bringing it definitely higher. She pressed firmly against that warm place, instantly eliciting a melodic hum from Liv as she clenched her fists closed and bit down her lip, her hips rolling again, trying to increase the pressure Olivia was applying, a little bit harder every time she slithered upon her.

"No fighting back…" she murmured against her parted lips, loving how burning Liv's breath felt on her face. "It's your turn this time."

Liv caught her bottom lip between her teeth again, biting just hard enough. "We could team up, you know…" she said, or rather sighed, her hands wriggling again within Olivia's grasp. "You obviously need some relaxing, too."

Her eyes were so dark with desire and pleasure, Olivia wasn't sure if what she felt was her own rush, or a mere projection from Liv's entire body language. It surely was a bit of both. The throbbing she felt, deep and low within herself, was definitely aching now, demanding, and part of her just begged her to gave in and let Liv touch her…but she was enjoying being the one on top way too much.

Plus, the night was still young….sort of.

Olivia shook her head, then, moving her leg up and down once again against her burning core until she got Liv to bite her lip again with a muffled moan. "I like working on my own…" she said teasingly, yet categorically, and this actually caused Liv to chuckle against her mouth.

"You like working on yourself, you mean."

Olivia abruptly increased the pressure as she let go of her wrists, bringing one of her hands down to her breast again, kneading and pinching, causing Liv's face to constrict, eyes now tightly closed. "You really need to learn when to shut up," she whispered in her ear, before she started sucking at her pulsing point.

Liv was shuddering beneath her, her free hands on the move again, raking her skin with her fingernails. She soon encircled her tightly in her arms, though, so tightly, her fingers digging into her back and into her hair as she rippled against her. With her mouth so close to Olivia's ear, each and every one of her soft and low moans resonated into her head, adding fuel to the fire already consuming her insides.

"Take your pants off…" Liv breathed out into her ear, then, almost pleadingly. "I want to feel you…" She punctuated her request by dropping her hands to her waist, grabbing her hips tightly, adding force to their next sway and pinning Olivia more firmly against her, causing her to swallow back a moan of her own; she had to admit that the fabric between them was getting more than a little annoying. And then Liv panted out the word that made up her mind. "Please…"

Olivia was as swift as humanly possible given her state, and soon, that last piece of clothing had fallen somewhere onto the ground with the rest of their clothes. Before long, she was leaning down over Liv again, and she paid the price for having yielded to her plea. She found herself intoxicated, entrapped between her limbs and warmth. Everything was skin and everything was scent and sensations, Liv's legs locked around her, her hands travelling, caressing, massaging, her scorching mouth and tongue trailing kisses alongside Olivia's jaw as their hips grinded and their bodies met, rippling and dancing in perfect synch again.

With the music of her drumming heart pulsing against her ears and deep within, the most enticing drug coursing through her veins, Olivia somehow managed to push herself up just enough, relying entirely on her most primal instincts as they directed her moves; she let her hand wander down, down between their bodies, nothing but an inch of heated air separating their skin, and her wide and hazy eyes locked with Liv's as her fingers slid through wetness and warmth. Tremors and melodious moans followed, from one woman to the other, Olivia responding just as keenly to the feel of her, dazed by it all. Liv reached out for her again, grabbing her face to pull her down into another longing kiss, and their tongues followed the rhythm of Olivia's hand, as she teased the small bundle of nerves she had swiftly found there. Encouraged by her responses, she quickly intensified her caress, causing Liv to abruptly let get of her lips with a resonating moan when Olivia's fingers slid inside of her, her head thrown back deep into the pillow as she arched beneath her.

Olivia resembled rippling waters over her, never still, undulating steadily, her sound movements adding momentum to her strokes. She kept on scattering languorous and scorching love marks on every bit of exposed skin her lips could easily reach, acutely aware of Liv's hands as they went back to massaging her breasts, blurring her perception with dazzling light on more than one occasion, letting herself momentarily drown into the misty warmth. It wasn't long before Liv became far too consumed by the impetus growing fast within her to be able to do anything but merely react to Olivia's touch, clinging to her rather than caressing, her movements focused on bringing her closer, while Olivia focused on bringing her closer, and closer, and closer…

Even through cloudy eyes and foggy brain, Olivia couldn't help but stare, thinking without even an ounce of vanity that she was beautiful, with that vibrant halo of hair spread all around her head, her skin having reddened too with the assault of the swelling heat within her flesh, through every inch of her, resulting in a thin layer of perspiration that covered Olivia's skin, too; her tears had gone at last, and judging by the exquisite relief that constricted every trait of her face, so had the distant cries.

She was beautiful, as her released neared faster, and faster, and faster, and the sounds Olivia was educing from her were beautiful, too. She understood, now. She understood what Liv had found so enticing in getting these reactions out of her, the previous month.

It was both mesmerizing and empowering.

Olivia never relented the rhythm of her caresses, both from her curling fingers and hungry lips, as well as from the rest of her entire shivering body, still seeking hers with their every move; she might not be as far gone or inexorably enthralled as the quivering woman beneath her, her high wasn't any less real or overwhelming. And when Liv finally came undone against her, in a powerful rush of rippling shudders and moans, she swore she almost saw stars, too.

Nestling her face in the damp crook of her neck, Olivia placed soft kisses against her pulsing point, tasting the salt of her skin again, and feeling the galloping tempo of her heart under her lips, as she gradually came back down with loud and hectic intakes of breath.

Given her obviously drained state, Olivia did not expect her next move at all…which is undoubtedly why Liv was so successful on her first attempt.

Without giving Olivia the slightest fighting chance, Liv locked her legs firmly around her waist again, spinning them around with incredible dexterity. Before she could even start to process the sudden change of position, Liv had attacked her breasts again, cupping one with a warm palm while her mouth focused on the other, lips, teeth and tongue assaulting her nipple.

That pulsating heat that did not have any time at all to lessen in the least abruptly expended, and positively exploded when Liv fervently grinded her hips down to hers, causing Olivia's hands to shoot up behind her head to cling to the edge of the couch as she instantly arched into her touch, her turn to moan loudly. And she had no doubt whatsoever that all Liv would have to do was keep on using her tongue on her breast the way she was now as she kept on moving over her relentlessly, and she would come crashing down spectacularly soon enough. But unsurprisingly, it wasn't nearly enough for the daring redhead who was evidently well decided on giving back properly.

Olivia was nothing but a puppet made of raw nerves beneath her, and god she knew what string to pull. Without giving her another moment to react yet again, her head still thrown back with her eyes tightly closed, she felt Liv move away, before she found herself being pulled rather firmly. Her entire body moved forward, towards the other edge of the couch, forcing her to let go of the one she had been holding on to. She reopened her eyes and raised her head just long enough to see that Liv had most definitely climbed down the couch, having strategically settled herself between her legs, which she was already placing over her shoulders. The last coherent thought that crossed Olivia's mind was 'Shit', before Liv'stongue began working on her again, shutting her brain down most effectively.

As she completely and wholeheartedly surrendered to the fire now roaring and burning for miles and miles around it seemed, her hands entangled in the silkiest of flames, it did occur to Olivia –very, very briefly, that she was, in fact, reenacting the dream she'd had less than twenty-four hours ago.

Except that there was no ghost of a man in this reality, only the very tangible feel of the woman entrapped between her legs, breaking her down so absolutely and effortlessly with her fingers and her tongue, and that was quite alright, truly.

The other noticeable difference was that, this time around, there was no abrupt awakening, no sudden end that would leave her aching with frustration. This time around, Olivia let herself go with no restraint. She let the warmth burn her whole, burn her every cell, her every thought, as blinding pleasure annihilated everything else, and her entire being shook with the force of her breathtaking release.

As it turned out, she might have blacked out for a moment, there, because when she reopened her eyes what seemed to be a mere second later, her chest still heaving ridiculously fast, Liv was hovering over her again, definitely back on the couch. There was a tired but very satisfied smirk tugging at the corner of her lips.

"Scooch up," she told her softly, and Olivia realized then that Liv had rested one of her hands on her cheek, the gesture almost tender.

Having officially lost the capacity to use her brain for the time being, Olivia could only obey, feebly managing to move back up the couch, her limbs still trembling in the aftermath of that one earth-shattering orgasm she wouldn't forget any time soon. As she came to lie on her side, her back pressed against the back of the couch, Liv slithered next to her, having grabbed the sheet in the mean time. She threw it over their cooling forms, shielding them from the cold already settling around them.

Her couch definitely wasn't made for two people to sleep on, but they managed it just fine, limbs entangling again, reducing space and sharing body warmth, along with a few stares filled with unspoken words, before sleep finally took over.

For the first time in weeks, they both slept soundly.


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