I decided to write the Epilogue early because of the important details that you will read about that will be significant to the sequel's plots however, there are some elements mentioned in the epilogue just for the fun of it. We'll talk about the epilogue at the end and reveal some surprises, so for now enjoy.

Epilogue: Intro

"Come on Tracey, it isn't very hard. Trust me, I was the nervous the first time too, but after that it all smoothens out. Now come on, Daisy and Misty are waiting," Gary walked in to the Cerulean Gym, which stood majestically under the full moon.

Tracey wiped off some sweat that formed on his forehead and let out a deep breath, "Ok, here we go."

The two boys dressed casually for a double date with Misty and Daisy. Daisy was at the counter of the gym and smiled gleefully when she saw the boys enter. "Oh my gosh, you're here! This is perfect!"

"Hi Daisy, we made it just in time. Where's Misty?" the brunette boy asked Misty's older sister.

"She'll be right down," the blonde-haired girl answered him and turned her attention to the boy smiling nervously. Her eyes became flirty and approached him, "So are you my date? You're cute."

Tracey admired the beautiful blonde; she had a great figure and looked marvelous in her blue jeans, black shirt, and sleeveless denim jacket. "Thank you and yeah, I'm your date," the boy from the Orange Islands responded nervously and formed a sheepish smile.

"This should be fun," Daisy winked at him and gave him a peck on the cheek.

Gary grinned slyly and chuckled under his breath. "Gary!" A voice called out his name and Gary saw that it was Misty, who ran up to him and hugged him. The red-head wore her usual clothing, but she looked even more beautiful than usual.

The young Oak stared into Misty's cerulean eyes. "Misty, you look amazing."

The gym leader blushed and said, "Thank you Gary."

"Are you ready to go then?" the brunette asked the red-head.

Misty leaned in to kiss him when he asked the question. She felt an incredible, warm, and sweet sensation inside her, as did Gary. Their lips cherished each other and it felt like they would never stop.

"Hey, are we going to stand here and watch you two kiss the whole night?" Daisy interrupted their sweet moment. Tracey only grinned at the passionate scene between his two friends.

Misty and Gary separated when Daisy spoke, but the red-head continued to look at him tenderly, "Did that answer your question?" the cerulean-eyed girl inquired him.

Gary nodded with glistening eyes, but then turned his attention to Daisy and Tracey. "Let's get going," Gary told them.

Daisy shook her head and held Tracey's hand, "C'mon sweetheart, I'm going to show you a good time," the two dashed outside with a bright red blush on Tracey's face.

Gary and Misty laughed at the scene and held each other's hands. They gazed each other with warm eyes and the brunette said, "I've been waiting for this for such a long time."

Misty pecked him on the lips, "The wait is over Gary, I'm yours."

The couple smiled and walked out of the gym, holding hands under the moonlight.


"This ribbon looks so gorgeous when I hold it in front of the moonlight," Dawn admired the ribbon as she sat on a log.

Paul grinned as he stopped staring at the fire and admired the ribbon as well, "You've earned it Dawn."

Dawn turned to the purple-haired boy she sat next to a smirked, "Thanks Paul, you're sweet."

Ash's rival returned the gesture and looked into the fire again. They were nowhere near a Pokémon Center tonight so they had no chance, but to camp out alone in the wilderness.

His mind began to focus on the words Ash told him before he left. He turned to Dawn, who still admired her new ribbon won from Rustboro City and then back to the fire. I promised I would make her happy, I've been encouraged to follow my heart, but I don't feel like I have the strength. When I set out to become the strongest, I never had any intention of falling in love with anyone; it was just supposed to be me and the road to glory.

Paul sighed, but that ship has sailed now. Now I have this wonderful person next to me, the only person I felt like I could ever open up to. She is a selfless human being, she's caring, she's optimistic, she didn't care about the horrible things I did in the past and accepted me as a friend anyway. She has a beautiful personality and she's gorgeous too.

Dawn turned to Paul, wondering why he remained so quiet since they setup camp. She looked at his blank face and thought what he was thinking about. Wonder what's going on in his head, he's been awfully quiet. I wonder if he's thinking about me, Dawn blushed at the thought of that. I still think about what May told me that night, is Paul really capable of love? She always thought of him as a person who put his battling before anything else and wouldn't know what love was if he hit him in the head, but she had to find out.

"Hey Paul, what are you thinking about?" the blue-haired girl asked him.

Paul snapped out of his trance and looked at her; he stared intensely into her blue eyes. Dawn took notice of this and blushed. She's blushing, you idiot just do it, you're already in love with her, you can't go back to just being the Paul she met in Sinnoh, you're hopelessly in love with her, do it!

The two remained quiet for a few seconds until Paul closed in and kissed her. Dawn's face lit up a bright red and placed her arms around his neck. Paul held her waist and kissed her with all his passion, it was like he always thought it would.

Dawn felt her whole body boiling from the passion and felt her mind light up. They finally stopped for some air and the two stared with love stricken eyes. "I love you Dawn," Paul admitted his feelings to Dawn.

The blunette gave him her greatest smile and said, "I love you too Paul." Dawn pulled him in for another kiss as the moonlight shined brightly above them.

Unknown Location

The room was dark and two figures sat across from each other, with a table between. One of the men slammed his fist on the table and replied aggressively, "Our alliance has caused a split in the organization I worked so hard to build. I should have never agreed to work with a bunch of low-life criminals such as you."

The other man responded calmly, "Your failure should not be Team Rocket's or my burden. You're the one that wasn't discreet enough to hide our agenda from your son. Besides, being free from the white lie you told your son about Pokémon liberation should make things easier for our plan to advance."

Ghetsis came out of the shadows and spoke, "Yes, but now we have N as another enemy on our list. Team Plasma is experiencing disagreement and because of that, half of the organization is siding with him."

"Then we'll just wipe him out from the map, N would have to be rid of at some point because his ideals differ from ours completely. N and his Team Plasma might serve as another obstacle, but at least we have a Legendary Pokémon under our control that can freeze him out of the way," Giovanni came out of the shadows and grinned deviously.

Ghetsis calmed down a bit and began to talk again, "You have a point there. Another thing we should keep in mind of is that we outnumber him by tenfold, the members of Team Rocket and my Team Plasma will dash N out of the board and this will bring us even closer to our goal." N's father stood up and made a fist.

"Don't forget who you still work for," a third man came out of the shadows, but his face was covered under a black hood and he wore a leather coat that almost reached his ankles.

Giovanni and Ghetsis stared at the figure blankly. The man in black spoke, "Our agenda here is only the beginning of a grander one. What happens over here will matter in the future and the last thing should be worrying about is N, the larger threat is currently on its way so we should be prepared for it."

"Of course we haven't forgotten, but you best keep your part of the deal, we didn't sign-up for an alliance just to help you. Team Rocket is committing acts of terrorism in Sinnoh, Hoenn, Johto, and Kanto just to distract the officials from your criminal activity and because of this, Team Rocket is now the most wanted organization in all four regions." the leader of Team Rocket spoke while Ghetsis nodded in agreement.

Ghetsis began to speak, "Team Plasma only set out to dominate Unova and the Tao Trio, but you're plans regarding the world and Legendary Pokémon isn't what Team Plasma was created for. Our reward should be high of value when we succeed.

The man in black laughed with amusement, "I am a man of your word, don't worry. Once our plans have been executed and we have succeeded, you will get your share. Of course if you fail like Team Magma, Aqua, and Galactic, you get nothing! Now prepare your men for their next mission and I'll prepare mine for theirs."

Giovanni and Ghetsis nodded at the man as he turned around and vanished into the shadows of the room.

Nuvema Town

A man in black stood on a cliff that overlooked Nuvema Town with his Lucario. It was very cloudy and the only thing that could be heard was the whistling of the wind until it was broken by the man's voice, "They are preparing for the full-scale attack on Unova, Lucario."

Lucario looked at his master and then at the town filled with innocent people. "They have already gotten away with too much in the other four regions. This is where they stop."

"We won't let them advance any longer, too much damage has been caused, and too many Pokémon and people have suffered at their hands. He thinks that because he's got an entire crime syndicate under his fist, he will accomplish his goals, but he never will expect what hit him when we set our plans in motion." Lucario's trainer replied with an aggressive tone and determined attitude.

"It was in Unova when it happened, correct?" the Aura Pokémon asked his trainer.

"Yes, when Unova fell, the world fell. That's why we can't afford to lose Unova to their clutches," the man answered his Pokémon's question.

"Do you think that those people will help us?" Lucario inquired his master again.

The man pulled down his hood and revealed a man with sapphire eyes and black raven hair. He smiled confidently, "I don't think, I know. I've learned enough about them to come to that conclusion. They represent the hope in everyone's hearts."

Lucario nodded and looked at Nuvema Town with his trainer. A bolt of lightning struck from the sky with the sound of thunder and the pair disappeared from the cliff. They were waiting for beginning of the end…

That officially closes the first part of the saga, although it was short, but that was the point. The first part of the epilogue is a wink to the other relationships formed after Ash and May left to Unova while the second part reveals several things and clearly foreshadows big things that are about to happen in Unova. People will be tested, things will be revealed, friends will be made, and there will be lots and lots of struggle. Plenty of characters will make their debut like Ghetsis, Giovanni, N and yes, Cilan, Iris, and many characters from the anime and the games will be introduced as well. The sequel will mix events from the Black and White & Black and White 2 as well as the anime. I've already written down plenty of ideas on how to set this story in motion so that's exciting.

There's also one more thing I'd like to say, I was wondering if I should experiment with Pokémon and Christopher Nolan's Batman Trilogy just to see what that would be like. Obviously Ash would take the role of Bats, May would be his love interest and characters like Brock could be Lucius Fox and I'd make some twists of my own to the story so not everything will follow Nolan's films. So I'd like to hear your thoughts and opinions on that.

Feel to state your thoughts, opinions on whatever in your review and please tell me what you think about the idea of experimenting with Pokémon and Batman. The sequel to One Love, One Heart will be out in December and will be titled "Black or White". So thanks for reading and I'll see you guys then!