Chapter 8: Move Along

Ash was awake and staring at the daybreak sun. He wondered what time is it and how did I get up here, because from what he recalled he was in the living room.

"Pikaaa," a yellow mouse groaned below the bed with sparks emerging from its cheeks.

Ash knew very well what came next, he startled and begged, "Pikachu, I´m sorry, please don't!"

Pikachu´s suddenly released a Thundershock, having let his temper get the best of him.

"He sure can pack a punch," a dazed Ash said, with a face he had on many times after he received an electric attack. His Sinnoh clothes, which he had been wearing, smelled like something burnt now too.

All of a sudden, Ash's mother had burst in to the room, "What is all the commotion and why does it smell like smoke!" she exclaimed.

She looked around the room, spotting a now calm Pikachu, who only stared at his trainer. He was obviously embarrassed at how his anger got the best of him, but he had been upset at the fact that he was woken up so rudely after a nice slumber.

"Morning mom," was the only thing the stunned boy could get out of his mouth.

It became clear that Pikachu had shocked her son by the look on his face, and what other reason would there be for the stench of smoke without any damage.

Delia gave Pikachu a displeasing look, who only put on a humiliated face due to what he had done.

"Pikachu, why did you shock Ash?" the mother demanded an answer.

Before Pikachu could speak, Ash had interrupted his pal.

"Don't be upset at Pikachu mom, it´s my fault I woke up all of a sudden and accidentally pushed him off the bed and he got mad," the raven-haired boy explained.

The electric type gave both of them a forgiving look and the mother softened up.

"It's ok Pikachu, I wouldn´t blame you for something like that. I´ll see you two downstairs and Ash switch to different clothing, you wouldn't like to smell like something fried when May and Misty arrive," Mrs. Ketchum ordered with a grin as she exited the room.

Ash instantly got up, he had forgotten about May arriving today. Finally, after so long they would once again meet. He was so anxious that he quickly showered and changed to fresh clothing. Nothing could take away his joy for today and Misty would also be around the corner. The more he thought about the exciting things that he would do with his friends, the more he restless.

He turned to the clock in his room only to read 10:15 am on it, meaning there were around 12 hours left before May got here. Misty, never told him the time she would arrive, but he believed that she wouldn't take too long.

Pikachu had been watching Ash the whole time as the boy got himself ready for the big day. The little mouse was pumped too, but not nearly as much as his partner for knowledgeable reasons.

When the boy in his Sinnoh cap saw him, he spoke, "Pikachu, May and Misty are coming here today and I want to get as much done as possible. First we'll get some breakfast and head out to train at the ranch until it's night, then we immediately head to the Pallet Port, sound good?"

Pikachu nodded, but he thought Ash was really going to overdo it today with all the training because of their tight schedule. Help us, was the only thing the rodent could think.

Nevertheless, he was also happy and even though Ash's plans for today seemed a bit crazy, the mouse answered with a cheerful response, "Pikachu!"

"Right then, let me get a bowl of cereal and I'll get you some food," he confirmed.

They both rushed to the kitchen at lightning speed, where Delia was and Ash quickly served breakfast for his buddy and himself.

"You sure are in a rush today aren't you Ash?" Delia mentioned.

The young man shook his head while he got breakfast ready, he decided to ask his mom on last night.

Pikachu quickly ate his Pokémon food as his trainer began to speak, "Hey mom, who took me and Pikachu to bed? From what I remember all three of us fell asleep in the living room."

Delia smiled and answered, "I took Mr. Mime out of his ball to use Psychic on both of you, and levitate you to bed.

"How come you don't use him when I´m around anymore?" the young boy questioned.

Mrs. Ketchum smiled, "Well, whenever you're around Pallet after coming home from a journey, I let Mr. Mime take a vacation, so you can help me around the house."

Her son could only look down in disappointment, he never did like being assigned for chores around the house.

As soon as he wrapped up his meal, Ash brushed his teeth and prepared for the excitement. Once he was done with that he walked down the stairs, but the sound of a knock stopped him in his tracks. It is only 10:43 am who could be at my house at this hour, he thought.

His mom had beaten him to the door and he could hear talking.

"Misty, how nice to see you!" the joyous mom announced.

"Thank you, Mrs. Ketchum it's nice to see you again too," the red-head greeted.

"Please call me Delia, Misty," Mrs. Ketchum remarked.

Ash got excited and scurried down to see his old friend after so long. Pikachu followed close behind and before them stood the Water-type gym leader, who had gotten into many conflicts with in the past, nonetheless they remained good friends.

Misty looked at Ash and grinned, "Well if it isn't Ash Ketchum, who won Top 4 in the Sinnoh League."

Ash laughed, "Already starting with the teasing Misty? What's up? Long time no see."

"Well, I should get back to the kitchen. I´ll let you two catch up on things," Delia stated as she left for the kitchen.

Soon Misty and Ash were alone, but Pikachu leaped in to Misty's arms.

"Pika pi!" the little mouse cheered.

"Pikachu, it´s so great to see you again too, it has been so long!" Misty opened arms for the Pokémon.

Soon the two started rubbing their cheeks against each other until, making Ash feel a little left out until he decided to speak, "So Misty, how is everything at the gym?"

She put Pikachu on the floor and the mouse retreated back to his trainer. "Well, I don't give out many badges these days because of how the end results are."

"So are you calling yourself unbeatable?" the raven-haired boy asked.

"That's about it Ash, but nothing exciting has happened in my life except that Gary has started to drop by the gym a lot. I don´t know why, but he´s been alright," she informed her friend.

"That Gary, he´s the reason I went to Sinnoh in the first place. I can´t wait to see him again and battle, that´s the first thing I intend to do," the determined boy made a fist.

Misty only smiled at his determination, "Typical Ash, always willing to take on the whole world."

"What can I say? I´m going to win the next league out there," he told her.

She could only giggle, "Have you chosen where to go next though."

Ash shook his head, "No, but I´m not staying here forever. A Pokémon Master is always on the move."

"Well, what have you been doing here lately?" Misty inquired.

"Preparing for May to arrive, and train at Oak's Ranch," he responded her question.

The red-head was surprised, "Oh I totally forgot May was coming too! I wonder how she´s doing. I wonder how she did at Johto, do you know Ash?"

The boy could only shake his head left and right.

Misty wondered why he didn't know, but oh well. There was much to focus on. "You said you are training at Oak's Ranch these days Ash, why don´t we head there right now. I could use some practice myself, how about a battle?"

"Are you kidding? You're on Misty and I´m gonna win!" the young teen claimed.

Misty only moved her finger back and forth. "Not until you prove it Ash," she demanded.

Then Ash shouted, "Mom, me and Misty are going to Oak´s to train k? I´ll see you when I come back with May!"

"Alright honey, just be careful, bye now!" The loving parent told her son from the kitchen.

Soon Ash dashed out of the house with Pikachu on his shoulder, and left Misty in the dust.

As usual, the gym leader appeared upset at her friend´s childish attitude. "Hey wait for me Ash, this is not fair!"

In return, the boy could only snicker at the girl. They made it to Oak's Laboratory in no time at all. Ash knocked on the door as Misty walked up the stone stairs and the boy was welcomed by Professor Oak.

"Hello Ash, nice to see you on this fine morning and you too Pikachu," the man saluted.

"Professor, stop that kid, I´m going to teach him a lesson!" a furious red-head exclaimed.

"That voice, could it be?" Oak wondered.

Ash quickly ran inside as Misty was soon two steps away from the door.

"Misty, it is you. How wonderful to see you again," the elder man greeted the girl.

Misty gridded her teeth and ran at a quick speed, "One minute professor."

She bolted through the door and soon saw Ash trying to escape from her wrath. Unfortunately for Ash, Misty got caught up and grabbed him by the ear. Pikachu got off his friend's shoulder just in time to avoid getting caught in the crossfire. Misty turned back to normal after glaring and hurting Ash, but Ash held his ear, which hurt a little because of the pulling. The boy realized he had gotten hurt because of his friends twice today.

The boy could only shrug off the pain he felt in his ear by laughing it off nervously. When he finally got over his pain, Pikachu snickered at his friend´s situation, but also found it a bit harsh.

"Gosh, Misty that hurt more than usual," Ash said, rubbing his ear a little with his hand.

"You're welcome Ash," Misty gave him sly smirk.

"Misty, Ash, how are you guys!" a cheerful Tracey came out of the book room, surprised to see that his other Orange Archipelago traveling friend was here.

"Hey Trace, what´s up?" the boy in the cap said to his good friend.

"Tracey, it´s wonderful to see you again," the red-head had also spoke to her friend.

"Nothing much, I was just doing some fixing in the book room until I heard the entire ruckus. Was that about?" he inquired his pair of friends.

Misty felt a bit humiliated at her aggressive behavior while Ash just stared at the floor with the same embarrassment. Pikachu only eyed them with an expression that found their behavior unacceptable.

Before one of them could speak, the boy with the head band just chuckled, "Some things never change, but it's cool that you're reunited again."

"I see you two have settled down," Professor Oak chortled as he entered the room.

"Yeah sorry about that professor," Ash could only apologize at the rude attitude he had when entering the lab.

"Oh, Professor Oak I´m sorry for the improper hello, it´s good to see you again and I also want to apologize for the mess," Misty apologized with a shameful expression and said hello to the older person.

Oak just smiled. He knew things would never change between these two, "It's good to see you again too Misty, I´m sure you're doing excellent at the gym. I also understand the commotion, but there´s no problem, I was your age once too." Oak laughed and smiled at the pair.

Misty was assured by his statement and said thank you for accepting their apologies.

The old man gave a reassuring smile and turned his attention to Ash, "So Ash I see you have come for some training and with Misty like you said. You must also be excited to see May again too from what you told me yesterday," grinned Professor Oak.

"What time is she getting here Ash?" asked Tracey.

Ash nodded at Oak´s remark, "She'll be here at nighttime I guess. In the mean time I brought Misty with me for some training."

The old man spoke, "That´s great you two, anyways you know the drill. I´ll be in the computer room…"

"And I´ll be in the book room," Tracey interrupted and informed the duo.

The two shook their heads and Professor Oak and Tracey left to where they had work to get done.

"Come on Pikachu, I can´t till you see me beat Misty," Ash laughed quietly.

"Talk is cheap Ash; hurry up I´m already ahead of ya!" The red-head had gotten a head start to the ranch and taunted her pal.

Ash quickly followed behind and the trio found themselves outside. There they saw all of Ash's Pokémon ready for today's routine. After everything Ash told them, they expected the trainer to arrive at the ranch in the morning.

"Hey everyone, I'm sure some of you remember Misty. She's going to help us battle today and I´m sure you all know May is coming tonight. Soon we'll have two friends to practice with, awesome huh?" Ash waited to hear a loud cheer from his teammates.

Almost everyone gave a large shout approval, except for Ash´s Sinnoh Pokémon since they were baffled at the presence of this red-head that they had never met before.

"Pikachu do me a favor and introduce Staraptor, Torterra, Infernape, Buizel, Gible, Gliscor to Misty," he informed his yellow buddy.

"Pi," Pikachu acknowledged and introduced his comrades to their old friend. The six quickly accepted Misty as a friend due to her being Ash's long time friend.

Misty was happy to see all of them and got to know the Sinnoh Pokémon, but her attention soon turned to Ash, "So Ash, I was thinking this should be a three-on-three battle."

The trainer brought his hat down and gave his companion a determined smile. "Sure Misty, just pick out three of your Pokémon while I pick mine."

"K, I already know already which ones to use, but I won't say a thing because I want to make it interesting," the Water-type trainer notified her acquaintance.

Pikachu looked at his trainer to see what his choices would be. He thought about it a bit, but he seemed to have a pretty good idea of whom to use. Misty only uses Water Pokémon, so that was one thing to keep in mind as he thought.

Then Ash suddenly snapped his fingers and chose his three partners, "I´m going to use Buziel, Infernape, and Torterra. I thought this would be a good chance to show you how strong they are."

"Same strategy as always Ash, disadvantage vs. advantage, fire against water, another with water against water, and grass against water. This is going to be a good battle so let´s make it count," the strong-minded female spoke with fortitude.

"You bet and I´m sure you want to battle by the lake," the teen returned the gesture.

"You read my mind," the other teen smirked.

Misty felt her blood boiling for this battle as they walked to the lake. Ash had picked three different types that would have different results. Buizel was water and would be challenge since it was Water-type itself. Torterra was a Grass/Ground-type and had the advantage; however she had some tricks up her sleeve.

They both thought about the last choice, Infernape. He was a Fire/Fighting-type, but knowing Ash, Misty believed that Ash and Infernape had a couple of tricks of own up their sleeve too.

After all the thinking they were by the lake and Pikachu had decided to be judge for this battle. They didn't have flags, so they had to make do with it.

"Pika pi pikachu!" the Electric-type announced.

"You know Ash, I was a bit shocked that you hadn´t picked Pikachu for this one, but this will make things more intriguing and I want to see how well you've raised Infernape, Torterra, and Buizel," Misty told Ash.

The black-haired boy gave her a sly smile, "Trust me, this will make it less predictable and just as exciting. Go Buizel!"

As he released his Pokémon, the otter-like friend sprang out with pride. It was ready to take on the challenge of a new ally.

"Buizel huh, this is going to be good. Go Corsola!" The gym leader released the Pokémon Ash hadn't seen in forever. It looked a whole lot stronger than last time, that was for sure.

"Corsola!" she happily cheered and the Water/Rock-type Pokémon leaped on to the lake surface.

"Buizel, go on the lake surface as well and get ready!" Ash ordered the otter.

"Bui!" it stated and followed the order.

"Corsola start with Spike Cannon!" Misty yelled out.

Buziel braced himself and waited for his master´s orders in order to proceed. Corsola glowed white, and shot a dozen glowing spikes that aimed directly for Buizel.

"Quick, use Sonicboom!" Ash screamed.

It countered the Spike Cannon and canceled it out. Misty was taken back by the counter, however she ordered another command.

"Corsola use Tackle," the red-haired girl demanded.

It charged right at Buizel, but Ash told it to use Aqua Jet and now both were going head on, however the boy had a trick to use.

"Use Brick Break!" the boy with the hat shouted.

Now a fighting move like that was going to be super effective on Corsola, but Misty had her own tricks too.

"Quick Rock Smash!" the girl in the yellow clothing shouted.

Not only was Ash stunned at this comeback, but all the other Pokémon including Pikachu were amazed at how this was progressing.

Corsola's edges glowed red and collided with the powerful Brick Break. Soon the two broke apart and were enjoying this fight so far.

"Now use Bubblebeam, Corsola!" Misty ordered at the pitch of her voice.

"Ice Beam!" Ash commanded and Buizel shot out a powerful ice color beam at the bubbles that caused them to freeze. "Now use your tail to launch towards Corsola!"

Misty was astonished by the technique and couldn't have time to react and soon her beloved friend was hit by many ice balls. Ash had taught Buizel Ice Beam along with Brick Break in their spare time and Ash became certain that these moves would come in handy for times like this.

"That was a good strategy Ash, but it looked more like a Pokémon Contest attack to me. You happen to pick up that move from May?" She teased the boy.

The auburn-eyed teen blushed a little when Misty said that, but he shook it enough in a second, "Enough Misty, Buizel now use Water Gun," and the otter shot out a stream of pressurized water at Corsola.

Once again, the Coral Pokémon took a great deal damage and looked like it could give in at any moment.

"Don´t think it's just over Ash, I have more skill than you know, Corsola use Recover and to make sure that you're able to fight throughout the battle use Aqua Ring!" the tomboy insisted and soon Corsola glowed white. Its wounds were completely gone and it was also surrounded by an Aqua Ring that would heal as the battle progressed.

"No way, now what?" Ash looked desperate.

If he used Brick Break she would counter and if he even caused damage, Corsola would heal.

"Buizel, go underwater," he ordered the Water-type.

"Follow behind it," Misty told her Pokémon.

Buizel was swimming underwater, with Corsola behind it.

"Use Sonicboom now!" Ash called out.

"Protect and proceed with Psychic," Misty cleverly demanded.

Corsola´s shield protected her from the Sonicboom and followed with a Psychic attack as she glowed blue as did Buizel. Then she launched him out of the water.

"Finish it with Spike Cannon!" The tough girl called out now.

Buizel still injured from the attack couldn't react and saw Corsola leap out to the surface with another Spike Cannon that knocked out the otter once it fell on land.

"Pika pi!" the mouse announced Buizel unable to continue.

Ash couldn't believe his Buizel lost, nonetheless though he was proud of his performance and told him to take a good rest after he returned it to its ball.

"That was good Misty, but are you ready for this? Torterra I choose you!" a white flash appeared and revealed a gigantic turtle.

"Terra!" it roared as it turned to eye its opponent.

"This just keeps getting better," the tomboyish girl murmured.

Torterra can´t go on water, but that wasn't going to stop Ash from winning. The black-haired boy demanded a, "Razor Leaf!"

"Protect," Misty told Corsola once again.

Corsola was once again protected and Razor Leaf failed.

The raven-haired boy reacted quickly with another attack. He realized Protect couldn't be continuously used or else it would fail and this was his chance.

"Energy Ball, quick Torterra!" Soon a green energy ball aimed like a dart for Corsola and Protect failed to stop it this time.

Aqua Ring was also unable to recover such a heavy attack on the Water/Rock- type.

"Pika pi!" Pikachu called Corsola done for this.

Misty smiled as she put her friend back in the ball, "Great job Corsola, you were great, now take a rest."

"That was clever Ash, but I still have two Pokémon left with me and Torterra won´t last forever. Go Starmie," Misty was set on winning this.

The boy braced himself and his ally, knowing this was going to be tricky.

"Use Razor Leaf," Ash pointed towards Starmie.

"Counter with Swift," Misty countered.

The attacks canceled out, but now Misty called out a move that might cost Ash the battle. "Use Confuse Ray!"

There was no way Torterra could dodge this one and had succumbed to the confusion of the orbs. The purple star-like Pokémon proceeded to tackling Torterra after confusing it. It followed up with Water Gun and sent the tortoise back. Torterra was sustaining heavy damage.

"Torterra, please get up and focus, come on, we have to win this!" Torterra's master pleaded, but nothing.

"Finish this with Ice Beam!" Starmie launched a ray at Torterra that flew him back, Ash's mouth opened, he knew Ice Beam would surely deal a great amount of damage.

Pikachu was about to declare the victor in this battle until Torterra got up and was no longer confused.

"Unbelievable, that should have knocked him out!" The red-head shouted.

"That´s it Torterra, now Synthesis!" Ash ordered and a bright yellow glow healed some of Torterra's wounds. It might not have been enough to completely heal him, but it allowed him to continue.

Misty was stuck, now she knew that Torterra was able to heal. She wasn't going to call it quits now though, she thought one more Ice Beam should do it and that's what she did.

As another Ice Beam aimed for Torterra, Ash was prepared, "Dodge with Rock Climb and head directly towards Starmie!"

It successfully avoided a KO and approached Starmie with speed and hit the star. It now stood before the defenseless Mysterious Pokémon.

"Starmie, go underwater!" It was too late now though, Ash issued his final command.

"Giga Drain!" and green energy- like vines grabbed for Starmie and drained all of its energy.

Starmie fell to the ground with no energy left at all.

"Pikachu!" Pikachu declared Starmie unfit to continue battling.

Misty held Starmie's ball with pride as she told it to take a good long rest. She was down to her last Pokémon, but she wasn´t ready to give up and this was the strongest yet.

Misty gave a sneaky smile, "Torterra is really strong Ash, I have to hand it to you. Sadly, your victory streak is over, you're up Gyarados!"

Before Ash and Torterra, stood an intimidating water serpent, ready to punish anyone who deals with its master.

"Put an end to Torterra with Flamethrower, Gyarados!" as soon as the command was issued a large fire shot at Torterra with no time for reaction and was quickly unable to battle as Pikachu had stated.

Ash congratulated Torterra for his awesome job, but now he was down to one. "This is it, Infernape get ready!"

Out of the ball came out a monkey with armor. It was serious and ready for the exciting challenge.

"Infernape won´t do much Ash, I´m telling you. Gyarados carries both his weaknesses." Misty warned her friend.

Ash could only smile at how Misty was so certain about her victory.

"Hydro Pump!" Misty yelled out to her Gyarados, who let out an extremely powerful shot of pressurized water at Infernape.

Infernape was getting set and in the blink of an eye Infernape was out of harm's way.

"Good job dodging that Hydro Pump, Infernape," Ash complimented.

"Well it's fast, but it´ll take more than that to beat Gyarados!" she assured herself and got set for another order.

"Headbutt Gyarados!" Misty cried out to her Pokémon.

"Infernape, get ready to use a Mach Punch," and as soon as Gyarados was close enough, Infernape released a Headbutt that sent Gyarados back.

"Now Infernape, use Sunny Day," ordered Ash with quick action.

Infernape shot yellow beams in the air to call forth a Sunny Day. Ash's intentions left Misty in a state of confusion.

"Use Hyper Beam Gyarados!" The gym leader demanded a powerful red beam as it was released by Gyarados and headed straight for Infernape.

"Dodge using Flare Blitz and head towards Gyarados," Infernape rushed like fire, dodging the beam with its quick beam, but Gyarados was unable to move due to the need of charging after using such a powerful technique.

Infernape leaped in front of Gyarados, "You know what to do Infernape!" and as soon as that was said Infernape released a Solarbeam and thanks to Sunny Day there was no need to gather up energy.

This made the Water/Flying-type cry out in pain and Misty was paralyzed with fear now. She knew she needed to retaliate and ordered out an Aqua Tail. The swing was so fast it gave no time for Infernape to dodge. The monkey landed brutally on the ground with a super effective attack. It didn´t give in, however and got up.

"Use Flamethrower, Infernape!" Ash screamed.

"How can you be so reckless Ash? Gyarados use Surf!" the gym leader released her hand towards Infernape´s direction.

A huge tsunami sprung up when Gyarados followed the command. It instantly eliminated the Flamethrower and hit directly at Infernape. Ash was in a dire situation now and he had to think quickly. Suddenly, Infernape got up again and had a red aura with red blazing eyes.

"Alright Blaze!" Ash cheered.

"It´s persistent, but now I´ll have to end this. Hyper Beam one more time!" Yet another red beam was shot, but now it faced resistance.

"Infernape, Overheat!" Ash commanded with a high voice.

The fire attack clashed with the Hyper Beam and it seemed it to stay at a standstill. Misty and Ash were as tense as ever until Blaze kicked in and boosted the power of Overheat, which overwhelmed Hyper Beam, sending Gyarados back.

Misty knew this couldn't last any longer and both Pokémon were breathing heavily. With enough time, Gyarados built up enough strength to continue. Infernape struggled to go on though, so this was her chance.

"Gyarados, wrap it up with Hydro Pump!" Misty exclaimed in a high-pitched voice.

The pressurized water aimed for Infernape and once it hit, it was over. Misty would become winner because Infernape sustained heavy injuries. Then he remembered of an old move he saw another Infernape use. After seeing Flint's Infernape use it, he realized it would become very useful against its weakness; water. Since then Ash trained hard with Infernape to teach it this move.

During the days it stayed in Pallet, the Flame Pokémon mastered it.

"Infernape use a full power Thunderpunch to bash through the Hydro Pump and finish Gyarados!" Ash yelled at the top of his lungs.

"Thunderpunch!" Misty panicked at the fact that Infernape knew an electric attack and if it hit Gyarados, it would all be over. "Full Power, Gyarados!" The Hydro Pump grew more intense as it approached Infernape.

Infernape's fists started to charge with electricity and ultimately made a Thunderpunch. It jumped towards the Hydro Pump and just like Ash ordered it, Infernape broke through the attack. Infernape's own determination was much stronger than Gyarados's attack and it punched Gyarados full force in the face.

The Atrocious Pokémon wailed in pain as electricity paralyzed its entire body. Infernape landed back on the ground, watching his opponent roar in pain. Soon Misty's Gyarados dropped on the lake with a splash.

"Pika pi chu pika pikachu!" The electric mouse stated that Gyarados was no longer able to battle and declared Ash the winner. Pikachu ran towards his partner and congratulated his master,who returned the kind response. He soon walked towards Infernape and patted him, thanking him for the victory as well as the incredible job.

"Nape," the monkey nodded and dropped to the ground, exhausted.

Ash put it back in its ball, "Thank you so much Infernape, now rest for the day."

Misty came towards Ash, "Ash your Pokémon are amazing, who knew Infernape could learn Thunderpunch. Buizel and Torterra also put up an awesome fight."

"Thanks Misty your Pokémon were great also, I was really close to losing. By the way, I actually tried to teach it Thunderpunch after seeing Flint's Infernape use it. I thought it would be great to teach mine also," Ash told her.

"Oh that's so cool! So hey why don´t we leave our Pokémon to rest at Oak's Lab and eat if you want?" Misty suggested.

"Sure, let's go," he responded and as they walked towards the entrance, Ash was congratulated by his Pokémon over the victory and Ash kindly thanked them.

Pikachu was on his shoulder as usual and the trio walked to the computer room, to find Tracey reading a book to Oak on some research.

"Ash, Misty, Pikachu how was the training?" Tracey asked

"Intense as ever, Misty almost beat me," Ash smiled to his companion.

"I could hear the battle myself and I must admit that it sounded like you two did an extraordinary job at raising your Pokémon," Professor Oak gave them his congrats.

"Thank you Professor," they both said simultaneously.

Then Ash's stomach grumbled and Misty looked at him with a raised eyebrow.

Tracey laughed, "Sounds like you're hungry Ash, can I get you and Misty as well as Pikachu something to eat?"

"Ok, but first we wanted hand the professor our Pokemon to let them rest," Ash added.

"Of course, you just go downstairs and eat what you want," Oak assured the pair and received the Pokeballs from the teens.

Tracey, Misty, Ash, and Pikachu headed downstairs to grab a bite.


Somewhere out in the ocean were a brunette girl and green-haired boy on a ship, heading straight for the Kanto Region with only four hours of anticipation left…..