Summary: We all often make mistakes. Nevertheless, it's best we take it in stride and use the acquired knowledge as experience for the future. Unfortunately, it's impossible to move on when you end up making the same mistake. Twice. SasuNaru. Mpreg.

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Naruto 14; Sasuke 15

Déjà vu.

August of Freshman Year, 2 Years Ago,

"Sasuke, lemon peppers," Naruto grumbled. He could virtually taste the non-existent, but fowl smelling aroma caressing his tongue. The sensation caused a small brush blaze of disgust to bubble on his nettled taste buds, a small breach of discord initiating the classic stomach lurch. Even though he couldn't quite place the scent that commanded his full attention, he still mentally explored the possibilities of this offending nausea. If he had an infection, he was sure the pain wouldn't be this excruciating. It rendered his senses stupefied and he was sure it was close to causing a major disaster. Said disaster consisted of: him practically hurling his guts on the carpet beneath his feet.

He prayed that didn't occur. Frankly, he didn't fancy cleaning up messes—especially ones that involved his own stomach juices. Such a travesty would ruin his health even further. Just the thought of kneeling over, his head hanging low made the acid in his belly gurgle. So, for his sake, he held in the acidic gurgle in the back of his throat, wishing for its speedy dissipation. So at least no one would have to attend to the muddle of regurgitated meals on the floor - especially not Sasuke Uchiha.

He would deluge in the male's displeasure, head first. He couldn't imagine the extent of the congealed scowl on that painfully gorgeous face of his. The nearest he could envision was a cross between Satan and McGruff the crime dog. A mixture he wasn't optimistic of having the delight of seeing.

Irked, the small boy shifted on the silky, ebony eight thousand thread count sheets, trying to adapt to the plush materials of the mattress and find a comfortable medium. Unsuccessful, he pulled his knees to his chest, and then crossed them – only to find nothing appeased him or even sparked the slightest hint of relief. For a moment, his frustration turned to the mattress. If the mattress had some damn resistance, he wouldn't be grappling to find the least miserable position on the cotton candy cloud residing in Candyland. Concurrently, the tingle of the adventurous sexual and haywire speculation coincided and he sporadically remembered the unambiguous reason Sasuke purchased a Temperpedic in the first place. Chronologically, like a film player he recalled the irresistible urge to stamp PERVERT on his boyfriend's forehead.

He mentally snorted, frankly deterred by how the uneventful evening progressed.

Sasuke had caught his waist in an air tight sealed grip and kissed him smack on the lips at the school gates, which was Sasuke's implicit way of persuading him to hang out at his house for the remainder of the day. Naruto obliged, not seeing a reason not to. The Uchiha residence was equivalent to a secondary household anyway. He could relocate there tomorrow and feel perfectly at home. Luckily, Sasuke's mother and father were always very welcoming and accommodating of him when he his stayed over, even when he arrived unannounced, which was a good thing. It was splendid spending time with Sasuke in his domestic environment—oddly... liberating.

Eating a quick snack, they retreated to Sasuke's bedroom. Although nothing of a substantial sexual nature occurred, a few kisses, a few touches here and there, he could tell by the prurient expression on Sasuke's face and the manner in which he traced the waist band of his shorts that Sasuke wished to indulge in more. But for some reason, he suppressed the urge and suspended himself from the thought, removing himself from his pelvis. Naruto was disappointed to say the least, but said nothing. Interestingly enough, he didn't want Sasuke to feel that the level of intimacy in their relationship was unsatisfactory. He received hugs and kisses galore, without asking for them. He assassinated the inner controversy of the veritable truth. He Sasuke didn't need to have sex to feel intimate, close, or familiar with one another. Sasuke's love was all consuming - pure - and Naruto could attest to that. Considering he witnessed in all its different shades. It didn't take a matter of Sasuke being inside him for the realization to dawn on him.

Though Sasuke had gotten on his laptop, they still maintained a conversation, albeit meaningless friendly chatter. They have had a multitude of them throughout their years. It wasn't that they didn't have anything to talk about; it just meant not many words had to be exchanged between them when they were together. It was a blessing in disguise.

They had eventually ceased any form of discussion as night quickly approached the west side, a veil dispersing across the sky as a greatly anticipated, mystically shimmery blanket of perpetual darkness arrived as the sun took its leave. The room drifted into a serene silence as Sasuke researched on the computer and Naruto laid on the bed they shared, reeling in his thoughts, reveling in how precious it was to find a person where words were superfluous, and contentment was discovered in absolute silence with no obligation to fill the space to intrigue the other. A place where the other's presence was commensurable. Monotony would star in their show- you can never tire of your destined one and only. Sanctified eternal flames can never be extinguished. Despite future contention.

He had discovered a union devoid of flaws—an extension of himself.

(3 years this month since they became an item)

Naruto's breath shortened, a smile immerging as he afforded a glimpse at the toned muscles, aberrant alabaster skin, tousled silken obsidian locks framing the features that possessed unparalleled beauty and grace, the aristocratic, narrow nose, pert, nude-shaded lips, and those crystalline gray eyes that always managed to have individuals misconstruing his introspective glance for flirtation, as they mysteriously glided over them. Naruto smiled harder because only he knew of Sasuke's true lustful gaze.

Naruto twisted on his back, rolling onto his side, unconsciously gripping the sleek bed sheets between his fingers. A few meters away, Naruto's eyes had stretched over Sasuke's arrangement as he tentatively tapped on the sturdy chestnut desk and muttered a consecutive flow words as if he was reading something informative. His eyes were fixed to the screen and his tongue peeked out and swept over his lower lip, almost in a seductive, enticing manner.

Naruto couldn't help but recollect how Sasuke's lips always felt like dewy flourishing, rose petals as they caressed over his own -or where ever they grazed- creating friction, a dam of desire, and aggrandizing his appetite.

Naruto was glad Sasuke didn't catch his stare because he might be pressured to look away and realize his lips were stained a ridiculous red from the rash chewing he somehow managed to sustain. Heat coiled, blood burned as his arousal feasted on the domiciliary view of his longtime boyfriend.

A smirk resurfaced as the thought that maybe he could get Sasuke to sleep with him despite the stunt of self-restraint he displayed earlier in the afternoon. All it would take was little seducing - a lascivious glance, maybe a low purr and Sasuke would be silly putty.

Besides, he adored seeing Sasuke's face screwed in such a forbidden, inscrutable amount of pleasure, his eyes shut tight, lips agape, dark matted hair dampened by the sweat, and the animalistic groans and grunts resonant against the shell of his ear. God, nothing got him off more than Sasuke getting off on an exhilarated height of ecstasy.

Top or not; Sasuke was still subjugated to his benevolent mercy because without him, Sasuke couldn't hope to achieve such a gratifying orgasm.

He needed Sasuke's direct intimacy - inside him, impetuously pounding into him, making him plead, whimper, scream, cry. Fuck, the sentimental bullshit he reasoned earlier. Ugh, he was in crisis!

Unfortunately, all plans were thrown when he went to stand. He pursued a struggle and was easily defeated as he plopped back to the bed like a useless stack of potatoes.

He was supposed to get laid but the singeing discomfort in his lower stomach returned.

Brain nerves throbbed against his skull and his forehead spiked with the agony of slimy perspiration.

His vision blurred, fading in and out of transmission.

He shut his eyes and remained tentative on each necessary breath and tried to be ignorant of the insurmountable rolling currents of blazing electricity penetrating his previous state of tranquility.

"Lemon peppers?" Sasuke gave Naruto an incredulous glance, turning to him in the leather computer chair. He instantly noticed the flushed cheeks, and heaps of hot sticky sweat compile on his forehead, his fringe of flaxen blond matting to his sweaty forehead as he slumped on his mattress with a hard frown on his pouty pink lips. Naruto sighed, pressing the heel of his hands between his eyes appearing to be facing some type of vision impairment.

Feeling an array of emotions, predominantly worry and alarm, he tensed and corrected his posture, biting on the inside of his lip trying to sate his mind's rampage of possible scenarios. Did he have the flu? A bug? An infection? A multitude could be wrong but he was trying to narrow it down based on the symptoms. A soft reverberation broke through his chain of deduction.

"I want some—I don't care where. On chicken—on cereal. I don't care. Just lemon peppers—I need lemon peppers," he murmured in a low edgeless tone as he rubbed at his eyes with great vigor, hoping to regain some type of focus in his vision.

Sasuke flinched at Naruto's odd request.

He knew Naruto had… a unique taste in his choice of cuisines but this had to be the most uncharacteristic of them all. His eating habits were particularly uncouth and far from normal so maybe this wasn't stone's throw away from his usual preferences. On the norm, yes, he would eat ramen with hot sauce and yes, the idiot would eat pizza with a self-made curry. Usually every meal lacked nutritious substance, consisting of pure empty calories with batches of sugar and trans fats. Since vegetables were engraved on Naruto's shit list, he spent ample times emphasizing they were not going to make it anywhere near his mouth. He created a fuss larger than the average person when it came to eating anything that even was remotely related to 'good health' or part of the vegetable family. Something had to be wrong if Naruto was requesting anything paralleled with fiber or naturally grown from mother Earth. He wasn't even sure himself that Naruto was aware precisely what 'lemon peppers' were and how they would corroborate with his tongue's personal preferences.

Fleetingly, Sasuke thought that maybe Naruto was joking. His endearing sense of humor always tended to be random and spontaneous but with his heavy panting and convincing apperception of discontentment, the intended punch line didn't seem to be landing. Not with him, at least.

A pained grunt escaped the smaller boy and Sasuke frowned. He was serious.

Naruto's stomach welled with more discomfort and then he felt the bed suddenly dip beside him and a light stroke delicately kiss his hot cheek. A clear smile climbed on his mouth at the doting, intimate contact. He loved that Sasuke could be so tender with him, especially when he needed it the most. It still made his chest burst— like fireworks, rainbows, and a budding garden of delicate flowers all at once—even after all these years.

"Are you okay?" Sasuke whispered, shattering the looming silence.

Sasuke's cool fingers acted as an ice compact as he cupped his cheek, brushing the loose blond baby hairs by his ears.

"Yeah, m'alright," he whispered back hoarsely, his throat urgently requesting a surge of water. From anywhere. As long as it ended up in his mouth, it didn't really matter. His impressive sapphires fluttered open, platinum walloping Neptune when the clash occurred, like two colliding ocean waves, beyond evidence of understanding and love and devotion, Sasuke's heart settled on one distinct emotion—astonishment. He felt his heart halt and his ribcage gain temporary reprieve from the constant thrashing and smarting in his spine.

The familiar captivation heightened the rapture he so willingly submitted to the marvel his beautiful lover caused. It was still the same after all these years…

Sasuke tangled pale, nimble fingers in his golden shaggy spikes and pulled the small boy to his chest. "Are you sure?" Sasuke right hand traveled from his hair, skillfully trailing the top of his spine, lulling Naruto's eyes closed again. He found comfort on the firm body supporting him. He sighed, pressing his head under the Uchiha's chin.

"Yeah, I'm okay Sasuke…" Naruto drawled, slapping his hands on Sasuke's solid chest with slight exasperation. "You worry too much. You know I'm…" His mind drew a big, white blank and he fiddled with Sasuke's black cotton t-shirt in hopes of pulling out the specific word from thin air that would appropriately fit his self-description. Sadly, his headache prevented him from thinking properly, suppressing any incoherent thought causing Sasuke to doubt his better judgment about his health.

"Impulsive?" Sasuke raised an eyebrow looking at the relaxed boy in his chest.

"Uh, yeah, that word." Naruto answered quickly, hoping Sasuke would brush it off as one of his daily gaffes.

Sasuke didn't answer but instead stroked the hairs on the back of the younger's neck in a soothing, nurturing fashion. Naruto gave an approving purr and felt his ailment ebb slightly, grateful that—

"You feel feverish." Naruto wasn't sure when Sasuke's hand reached his forehead, pushing his sticky bangs aside.

"It's not a big deal; I'm just a little under the weather." Naruto really did try to convince his boyfriend that he didn't feel like pile of shit in his arms, which was clearly a lie. His weak attempt failed. Sasuke insisted he see a doctor as he reiterated that he conventionally never got sick.

"'I promise, I'll be okay. It's not like it's life threatening or anything."

Sasuke growled but didn't press the issue any further, not wanting to stress the weak, groggy blond. Maybe all he needed was some rest and he would snap back like a rubber band in the morning. He had to.

"I'm probably just tired," Naruto offered, looking up into the resistant dark eyes. He batted his long eyelashes, glistening with a shimmer of hope.


Naruto released the breath that he didn't even know he was holding in. He was relieved Sasuke wasn't going to drag him to the hospital to sit and wait lengthy, exhausting hours in an overcrowded waiting room for an impersonal possibly under qualified doctor to assist them. It wasn't Naruto's ideal version of "healthcare" and he was certain Sasuke would come to the same conclusion just as quickly, if not faster. He would just end up demanding they receive assistance first, regardless of the severity of other patient's various illnesses, relentlessly hassle the hospital night shift staff until someone successfully diagnosed and treated Naruto, to his satisfaction of course.

That was Sasuke Uchiha for you - controlling, aloof, and impatient just not towards him. Fortunately, he had earned the clearance to live on Sasuke soft and squishy side. He grinned the day he got the full set of keys - and he had to say that it had way more than anything Earth ever had to offer.

"Do you want some water?" Sasuke asked gripping his right shoulder with a comfortable amount of pressure.

Naruto swished his tongue around in his mouth, feeling the lack of moisture. He smiled with triumph.

"Water sounds good, S'ske."

Naruto swore this had to be some kind of ritual.

Hands pressed together, eyes shut tight, "shrine" below him - on the sink's edge.

He didn't pray often and neither did anyone he knew. There seemed to be an epidemic in the absence of religion where his friends and families were concerned.

He presumed that it was never instilled -rather enforced- into him when he was younger like morals or strong character traits had been.

He could affirm he was a solid believer in miracles. Especially when his father, Minato Namikaze, ran for mayor as the underdog, considering he was the opposing candidate and a democratic liberal running against the unpopular incumbent republican, Orochimaru Harushima. His father offered real change on every position, remaining firm and proposing drastic overhauls on Medicare and increases of the availability of government entitlement programs. It left so many voters of all age groups undecided, partially because they were unsure of what would become of his political pedestal if he were to win the office. Even after all the fundraisers and political rallies he held in hopes of progressing his campaign and expanding his base, he still remained low in the polls.

Naruto praised his father's hard work but also ridiculed him, accusing his father of being too soft and not participating for the purpose of winning but solely to get his name on the mind of the public. Orochimaru's political rhetoric was brutal and borderline slander but his father refused to stoop to the man's level. Naruto commended his father for committing an honest campaign but it didn't stop him from complaining about his father's lack of distinguishing views about helping struggling people in their city. Naruto thought it was almost surefire way to go home with a losing hand on Election Day in November.

It even looked gloomier on Election Day.

The initial reporting precincts favored Orochimaru and his campaign, leaving him with the majority of the vote.

Naruto remembered how hard he clutched his can of orange soda in his dad's campaign office as his eyes were glued to the local television channel's incoming results. He was so fixated and perpetually plagued with an oncoming depression that he couldn't hear the chatter and racket surrounding him. He couldn't believe these people were thinking of giving this man the title of mayor who hadn't done a shred of good for them. His father was the obviously the better candidate and endowed with much better character. Minato's optimism alone made him worthy of the victory over the other corrupted politician. He wanted his father to win. He deserved to win.

The following memory must not have formed because all Naruto could recollect was the obscene hollering he did in his mother's face and the dulling of his hearing because of the screeches from the campaign workers.

His father had won.

He never in his wildest dreams anticipated his father winning the race by such a wide margin.

It made him a believer in miracles just as much as Vegas showgirls believed in glitter.

But religion... not so much.

He always believed things just happened, not because of anyone or anything's doing, but just because they did. He had never factored in a higher power brewing the stew of life right under his nose without him smelling it.

He had heard somewhere that prayer was the language of a man in need. He never took the time to find out if that were true.

Until now.

He was speaking a needy language. So needy, it was desperate.

He needed prayer to lift his spirits.

It was no secret prayer lifted human spirits. And his spirits were in need of exaltation.

Like now.

It was a foreign practice for him because he had never done this before. But it never too late to start.

He gradually opened one blue eye.


Clearblue Pregnancy tests.

On the sink's edge.

He looked at himself in the mirror, feeling his skin burn a degree of two hotter.

He was noticeably paler, his skin a twinge of yellow, blue eyes appearing irrevocably altered to an unceasing tortured sapphire night, and his body—particularly his torso—was plumper than he remembered, his lean physique was blasted into the past. He tried to convince himself that he didn't look disheveled but his methods of deceiving himself soon became obsolete, just like his "steady" body weight.

He slept more often and was more sluggish than usual. His natural vitality and robust charisma was indolently hampered by a cloud of chronic fatigue. His energy was depleted to below zero. He was pickier about his food choices. He craved foods with carbohydrates and simple as well complex sugars. The thought of ramen made his stomach churn, leaving his hands tied.

It was like there was a leach draining the very life from him. Literally.

For the first time in his life, Naruto wished it was the flu. It would all be so much easier to handle. He could take the prescribed medication needed, stocking up on healthy food, and recuperate on the sofa. And he wouldn't mind eating one morsel of it.

Because he would just be glad he wasn't pregnant.

He cringed at the words in his head.

They sounded so... real. Though the intimidating reality didn't dwindle because of the perceivable channels of reality.

He had seen pregnant woman on the street, smiled at them, respected them from a far, bemusedly ogled their baby bumps, held open doors for them, and even helped them down stairs.

During his Good Samaritan deeds, it never occurred to him that in an instant he could potentially be in that woman's place.

Now that it was more than feasible, cravings, cramps, and head pains, he was fucking horrified.

His mother informed some time ago about his medical anomaly, around the ripe age of 10, when he was unusually young. She had set him down and from the expression on her face he could tell she was serious. She wasn't her usual loud, humorous self, but more refined, fortitude dead set in her marine blue eyes. Naruto couldn't deny he wasn't the least bit scared, because he was. With eyes looking uncannily like a fickle replication of the bright moon, he suffered a violent fidget when his mother placed her hand on his shoulder and sternly said, 'Naruto, you can get pregnant.'

Naruto responded as any child would: bombarding her with an inquisitive barrage of questions.

He had no idea what she was talking about and he wanted answers.

Age was a minor complication… seeing as he couldn't even spell sex.

She smiled and began to explain. Apparently, a great uncle in the Uzumaki family line carried a mutated recessive gene that enabled the male receiver to carry children to full term. He was born with a small pouch in his inner plumbing, also considered a uterus in medical, 'doctory' terms, the area that hosted the fetus. She also explained that like a woman, he had completely operational internal genitalia, including fallopian tubes and a functioning cervix.

Ultimately he was classified as unisex baby, with predominantly male traits. She wished to write so on his birth certificate, but was discouraged by the doctor and her own husband. They were trying to prevent early gender confusion, proven to lead to adolescent hardships and depression later on in life.

Naruto recalled being confused. So he was a boy and a girl?

She mentioned that she feared the plight of this situation, though there was nothing she could ever do that would reverse nature. She said she had no preference to the gender he ultimately chose to date but she did stress he be married and in love before he did take that crucial but irreversible step in a romantic relationship.

Naruto listened - to the practical half of her request.

He did wait until was in love...

But not married because he was much too young to marry and he was uncertain of the prospects of marrying, Sasuke, Sasuke Uchiha.

Another boy.

He was from an influential, affluent family, his father being: Fugaku Uchiha, productive stock negotiator, and the Police chief for nearly a decade, Minato's right hand man.

Naruto remembered wishing on the lucid nocturnal display of stars decorating the sky as he ran home night that his mother kept her promise of not caring which sex of the object of his affection was.

He was still for what felt like an eternity compelled that a pregnancy consisted of another person - a little baby, a boy or a girl - another whole human being. A life besides his own that would needed to be tended to, with just as much care and contingency like his parents did.

He wasn't sure he could provide that, not at his age anyways.

And Sasuke.

What would Sasuke say? If it was true he was P, double N?

Naruto's toes curled on the cold bathroom tile.

Sasuke. Sasuke. Sasuke.

What if Sasuke didn't want the baby?

A beep stole Naruto from his labyrinth of non-conducive musings. His head snapped down the sink, his gaze widening.

Positive. Positive. Positive. Positive. Positive. Positive. Positive. Positive.

A gallon of doom drilled down to the atomic structural level of Naruto's organs. He crumbled to the gleaming tile floor in a vacant mosh of fear and dithered pandemonium, weeping like the day he was born.

Today was the first day of the rest of his life.

It felt like 12 years since the pregnancy test fiasco, but had only been twelve hours. With the restless tossing and turning thanks to his cramps, the increase of his sweaty anxiety, it made everything feel so much longer. Sleep was an impossible mission, a fantasy behind the horizon of nine grueling months.

He stumbled into the class, feeling like everyone was peculiarly staring at him like he grew a pair of horns.

Was there something wrong with his simple t-shirt? Or the way he slunk in his casual gray sweat pants? Or the way he laced his black Chuck Taylors? Instead of barking at the supposed culprits of the crime, he maturely chalked the spark of insecurity to his raging hormones. It wasn't his fault he was feeling aggravated and vicious this fine morning.

They always paid too much attention to him.

Shouldering through bystanders, he got to his assigned seat.

He felt like he swam across the fucking Bermuda Triangle just to get to first period Geometry safe and sound. His legs were Russian molasses coming up the flights of stairs. He was exhausted and it was barely 8:30 in the morning.

He didn't bother searching for Sasuke, Gaara, Kiba, Shikamaru, Chouji, or Sai in the chaos of students. It was too wearisome and conversing wasn't a top priority today.

He did feel bad for lackadaisically replying to Sasuke's texts but it was nothing personal. He just wasn't looking forward to seeing Sasuke.


Speak of the devil.

Sasuke pulled up a chair to Naruto. The blond looked over at his boyfriend, clad in a white tee, black skinnies; presumably wearing the new black and white high-top Nikes he had shown him last month. Fresh to death as usual.

Sasuke reached over to whisper against his temple. "Are you still sick?"

"No, I'm okay, Sasuke. Just tired."

Sasuke paused. "Are you sure?"

Naruto nodded. "Yeah."

Sasuke pressed a kiss on his temple, finding his teacher assigned seat across the room.

In a few minutes, after the initial bell rung and the teacher turned off the lights for the overhead projection assignment, Naruto's hand shot into the air, with a sense of emergency. "Teacher, can I go to the bathroom? Please?"

Sensing the emergency from the younger boy, he allowed it.

Naruto bolted to the nearest bathroom.

He shoved a bathroom stall door open, hovering over the toilet drying heaving.

He didn't eat anything this morning to even throw up. His surge of cramps intensified to needle jerks in his lower stomach.

Naruto covered his mouth careful not to make a sound. Never knew who would hear him.

"Naruto, come out."

Naruto froze, his big blues trembling with fear. The pain spiked lower body at the surprise.

Naruto tried to compose himself, filtering out the twin pounding in both ears.

He faced the Uchiha, a concealed face of guilt playing on his beautiful features.

Sasuke advanced from the bathroom entrance. "Want to tell me what's going on?"

Masterpieces of sculpted iron observed Naruto looked normal to the untrained eye with the exception his unfocused pupils and ruby dusted cheeks.

Naruto tensed, remaining neutral. "I don't know what you're talking about."

"I think you do," Ice frosted Sasuke's aloof accusatory tone.

"Actually I don't—" Naruto huffed.

"Why are you here?" Sasuke glared.

"I just didn't—"

"Just didn't what?" Sasuke's eyes fell and rose on the five foot one figure.

"Would you stop interrogating me and let me fucking talk? I'm in here because I'm pregnant," He accidentally blurted, regretting the mistake. The silence that ensued in the room was so sharp it could effortlessly slice the universe in half.

Sasuke's thin eyebrows furrowed, the argumentative streak draining from the pores in his colorless skin, his speechlessness driving all hopes from the smaller boy looking up to him.

Naruto's mouth twisted into a morose, insightful smile, unusually calm for the subtle rejection. "I should have known."

He moved to leave the restroom when Sasuke prevented him by imprisoning his elbow. "Come here."

"Get off me." Naruto growled with a rough draw of his arm.

"Are you sure?" Sasuke tried not to stumble over his words.

Naruto felt his stare contort into subzero permafrost, diminishing the temperature an entire 10 degrees. "I took eight pregnancy tests. Eight of them, Sasuke."

"And they were all positive," Sasuke lowered head, whispering the confirmation to himself more than Naruto.

He firmly held Naruto in place, distrusting of his unpredictable temper.

"Yes," Naruto confirmed in a light tone as Sasuke trustingly released him.

"But Sasuke, how? We always use protection." Naruto searched for an inscribed answer on the ceiling, thrusting his hand through short shaggy gold hair.

"Condoms break all the time, Naruto. They're not a guaranteed way to prevent pregnancy."

Naruto dished an apologetic glance.

"You're scared," he said more as a statement than a question.

"Very," Naruto hastily admitted with a groan.

"Naruto, you know I hate repeating myself… I already told you in the event you get pregnant; I wasn't going to run from it. I did tell you that. Didn't I?" Sasuke stepped closer, his mesmerizing gaze detaining Naruto with binding steel chains.

"Yes, yes, you did." Tears accumulated in Naruto's defenseless blue eyes, resisting the temptation to move any closer.

Sasuke pulled Naruto into a tight embrace, warding off any escape attempt. "And I meant every word of it."

"I love you," Naruto choked out into Sasuke's chest.

"I love you too." Naruto smiled at the immediate answer, clutching the back of Sasuke's blue shirt like a lifeline as he felt Sasuke's hand slip to his tummy.

"But our parents…"

"We'll cross that bridge when we get to it."

He thought about it transiently, trying to eliminate it from the forefront of his memory banks. Not realizing that in Sasuke's arms, he couldn't possibly foresee the storm on the other end.

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