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Chapter 10

Here I am. I'm in the Digital World. The place where I came to hide.

Yokomon and I explored the place and discovered a cave. By that time I was tired and heavy with feelings, so we took a break. At first, it was cold but then I was warm. It was like something surrounded me to shield me from the cold. Yokomon sat next to me. "Yokomon..." I started but couldn't finish.

"What's the matter?" She asked.

I sighed. "It's just that...I'm glad you're my friend. I don't know if I could talk to anyone else."

"What's been bothering you? Don't worry, Kim. We're alone."

I sighed again. "Well, you know my dad isn't on Earth and Mom is working all of the time. It's like they're divorced without being divorced, so I feel like my life will be like Dad's. Since Mom works late like Grandpa used to, I'm left to cook and clean for me and Shoji. That's my job. I'm supposed to be Shoji's other parent. I'm supposed to protect him and be there for him. But ever since we moved next to Connor, it's like I don't even matter. Connor is always there to protect Shoji and I'm left on the sidelines. Lately, I stopped trying. I stopped trying to protect him."

"Why?" Yokomon asked. "He's four years old. He needs all of the protection he can get. So what if Connor beats you to it a few times? You are his big sister no matter what. You can't just give up."

Tears started rolling down. "Yes, I can. I did. Shoji doesn't need me, my parents are gone, and I'm alone. I'm all alone and I hate it!" I yelled. "I hate being alone! I just want to be a kid again!"


"What?" I yelled, making Yokomon flinch. She was just trying to help but I was being a jerk. The truth was that I was drowning. I was sinking deeper and deeper with no hope to breach the surface. I was drowning.

Suddenly, I heard a voice. "Kim...!"

I turned around and saw Shoji holding his digivice and Tsunomon. "Shoji?"

"Kim!" He ran to me in tears and hugged my leg. "I found you, Kim! I was so scared."

I shook him off. "Go find Connor!" I yelled, making him start bawling. I crossed my arms. "Well?"

Shoji wailed as he ran away. Yokomon was so angry with me. "Kim, that wasn't nice." She said. "Your brother finally needed you and you turned him down."

"I don't care."

"Yes, you do!" Yokomon stood in front of me. "Shoji needs you!"

"No, he doesn't." I cried. "No one needs me."

"KIM!" Shoji yelled. I stopped sinking. This time I saw Shoji in distress and surrounded by light. With all of my strength, I started...swimming.

I dashed out of the cave and ran as fast as I could to where he was calling me. That's when I saw a huge Digimon torturing my brother and Tsunomon. "Hey!" I yelled.

"That's Kuwagamon!" Yokomon said. "He's too strong for us."

Poor Shoji was backed against a wall with Tsunomon still in his arms. I knew I had to act fast. I grabbed a huge stick and started rubbing it against another stick. "Come on!" I said. "Spark!"

"Kim..." Shoji started crying again.

"I'm coming!" Finally the stick was on fire. I made fire for the first time! Anyway, I charged towards the Kuwagamon with my little torch. "Get back!" I yelled. "Get back!"

The Kuwagamon roared and fled just like I planned. "You did it!" Shoji ran and hugged me.

I smiled. "It only matters that you're safe."

"See, Kim?" Yokomon said. "Shoji does need you to protect him. And if you don't have the chance to, at least he's safe."

Shoji looked at me with confusion. "That's why you were mad? You didn't want to protect me?"

I sighed. "No. You didn't need me. I wasn't a good big sister."

He let go. "But you are. You feed me when Mommy can't and you saved me from the scary bad guy. You're the best big sister ever!"

"I am?" He nodded. I finally breached the surface. I finished swimming into the light and, I have to say, it feels good out here.

"Kim, look!" Yokomon pointed behind me. Well, I got that she was pointing behind me even without hands.

I turned around and saw a haze of darkness falling off of me and back inside the cave. "Ew." I said. "That came from me?"

"It was The Darkness." She told me.

I shuddered. "Let's get out of here before it comes back!"


It was a beautiful day in the Digital World. Dad came home from Mars and he brought a little piece for both of us. To celebrate, Mom called all of her friends and planned a huge trip to the Digital World. Since we were the first ones there, we had to sit and wait for the rest.

I made a few friends that day. They were really nice kids. But once everyone was there and accounted for, the party really got started! Even little Shoji got to play with the big kids.

"Now, be careful, son." Dad told him.

"Aw. How come?" He pouted.

I turned to Mom who was smiling back at me. I finally felt like a real big sister. Even though Mom and Dad won't be around as much, I still had Shoji to look after. No matter what. "I'll take care of him." I said with excitement.

"Okay." Biyomon said. "And I'll take care of you!"


Matt's Point of View


It's been twenty-five years since the darkness was vanquished. It's been twenty-two years since my music video for "I Turn Around" became number one. It's been twenty-one years since I got out of rehab engaged. Since I came back to my senses. Isn't it amazing how a person can change so much in a short period of time. My daughter has grown up so much in just three years. My son too. And to think, it was almost impossible to get here. Now I am. And it feels good.

I wish I can say that about everyone, but truth be told, there are too many people I've stepped on. All of my fans were devastated when I told them of our final concert. Jun probably cried! But I told them at my last concert why. I told them I had some problems to fix and the paparrazi went crazy! But I never told them specifically what those problems were.

While I was in rehab, I got the news from Tai that Gus was in jail for drug possession. Turns out he was more involved with it than I was and for longer. He got me into it. But from that moment, I knew it was over. Our band is forever dead and it's not coming back. I also realized where I was and who I was. I was no longer Matt. I became a guy who just messed up his whole singing career, love life, and body and was friends with a guy in jail. I became a guy who needed rehabilitation. I confessed everything to my therapist that day. Everything. And, as if by some sort of miracle, I was free.

And I'm still alive.

And I'm back.

My other ex-bandmates are off with their more realistic dreams. Shinji teaches music at the middle school, Gus is a guidance councilor, and Shun works at the junior college teaching sign language. He had a real gift. Who knew? And I'm an astronaut. Who knows? Maybe I'll quit the whole space travel thing and become a teacher too. But for now, I'm happy. For the first time in a very long time, I'm happy.

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