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Chapter 1: Out of Boredom

What other cliché way to begin, but to say it was a beautiful day in Sarasaland. The sky was its beautiful sunset color, the citizens were happily running their normal everyday errands and nothing seemed to be wrong today...it was just so quiet there. Which was weird, since Sarasaland doesn't stay this quiet?

But out of all the places in the city, the quietest area was the Floral castle. All the people there seemed to have things planned to keep them busy today. The honorable King Thorne Floral, sat in the throne room, doing his everyday activities. The former Queen Lilly Beth was roaming around the castle 'trying' not to cause as much mischief in there as possible while the servants there were doing the things they were told. Everyone there seemed to be occupied and had something to keep them busy or entertained.

All but one.

In her room, sitting on her stool glancing at herself in the mirror, was Sarasaland's princess Daisy. It was that time. The very time of the day Daisy always hoped not to have. Yep, it was the terrible, dreadful, hatred case of…

Complete boredom.

The young dessert princess had nothing to do what-so-ever. Somehow, right at that moment, she actually wished her father had set up a long torturing travel to the Bean Bean Kingdom. At least that would keep her entertained.

She rests her hand in her palm, looking at her own reflection in the mirror.

Ok, C'mon, It's a Saturday! There must be something I could do!

She thought of something she could that wouldn't have her father screaming at her afterwards, but sadly everything she does practically leaves her in that position. He glanced at her reflection once more.

She had to admit, she had gotten tired of seeing this same appearance every day. People always said she looked like her mother, but she never thought so.

Daisy had grown to resemble her mother a lot. From head to toe, she grew up to looked exactly like Tulip. Her smooth, creamed colored skin tone, her ocean blue eyes, her brunet hair, even her personality. All the things Rose had, passed on to Daisy, but she knew there was something that made her stand out.

She felt a strand of her hair fall in front of her. Daisy groaned. Why the hell does her hair have to get in the way when she's thinking personal thoughts?

Hair…hair… hai- Holy Crap! My hair!

Daisy quickly sat up and ran her fingers through her hair. It was long. Way too long. Her mother definitely didn't have this much hair when she was…'alive'.

A pleasing smile spread across Daisy's face. She finally knew how to cure her boredom problem.

She ran to her bathroom and threw open the cabinet. In the second shelf, there was a small red box. Daisy snatched it off the shelf and slammed the cabinet door closed. She quickly ran back to room and stopped at her dresser again.

Daisy opened her box, running through the endless bathroom materials that were inside until she finally had found a pair of scissors.

Daisy stared at the silver object in her hand. She never tried this before. She never even dared to think of trying this. The only person allowed to cut her hair, was her stylist, Bernard and he was only told to give her trips if it was getting too long! Cutting her own hair was like cutting a piece of what matters to you…then again, the size of her hair meant nothing to her. She always had to put it in an endless amount of styles, just to go to dinner with another kingdom! In fact she had to put her hair in a lot of styles everywhere she went. Why the heck did she have to do that? Cause it's stylish? So what? How can Peach be able to keep up with her hair like this? Speaking of Toadstool…

That was another thing she hated about her hair. Since it was about Peach's length, Daisy just looked like a twined version of Peach! Every time the Dessert and Mushroom Princess's went out together, it was somehow always Peach's name the citizens they passed by remember, and Daisy was known as "Peach's cousin" or 'Peach's look-alike'.

She was Daisy, was that really a hard name to remember? Daisy wasn't the kind of girl to express her inner feelings, but it hurt her to know the citizen didn't even take two seconds to know her name.

All the negative thought forced Daisy more and more to just cut her hair.

I'm bored as hell, I wanted to look 100% like mom, I want my own damn identity…

She raised the pair of scissors she was holding and took a strand of her hair.

I'm sick of styling my hair everywhere I go, and I'm sick of it getting in the way…

Daisy shut her eyes and placed her hair in the middle of the scissors. One more bad thought and she was, without hesitation, going to cut it.

Then, she thought of her father.

Her eyes shot back opened. Thorne would never allow Daisy to do this kind of thing to her appearance, especially to her own hair! It would be an endless trail of scolding and shouting.

If she had cut her hair, what would he say? What would he do?

Daisy smirked and cut the first strand of her hair.

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