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It Takes One to Know One

With a sick mother, high hospital bills, and a betraying father, life for Linda Corsakk isn't an easy one. Can the infamous Seto Kaiba fix everything for her, or will her pride get in the way? A SetoxOC Story.

Chapter One

Hey! Girlie! Aren't you done yet!" Yelled a male voice banging on a desk. His impatient voice and glaring brown eyes showed he was irritated.

Under the desk came a thump and an, "Ow! Hold a damn minute!" Yelled a female tempered voice. "Geeza! How does someone have their wires sliced up like this? And I mean all the wires are sliced."

The man leaned against the desk the girl was under, arms folded. He swept his hands into his blackish brown hair in aggravation. "You're asking the wrong person." He answered. "Somehow strong companies have been having attacks on the computer."

"Hmm," Her gray charcoal eyes were glued to her work as she replaced the wires.

It has taken this girl only an hour to fix the sliced wires when it would only take another person about 4 or more hours. This 19 year old girl was known for her knowledge in mechanics and computers. Being around cars and computers since she was a baby, this was her life. She knows anything and everything; she had learned all this thanks to her mother. The striking bright red hair, bangs framing her face to her ears with the shoulder length hair curving up in the back giving it a spike like look. Emerging from under the desk, shaking her red head, was Linda Corsakk.

"Well, fixed it all?"

She sighed and rubbed her head when she hit the desk. "Yea, I managed to replace all the wires you screwed up."

The man, also known as Mr. Gub, an owner of a small café, glared her. "I told you, computers are being attacked."

Linda smirked and she put her tools away in her black sleek suitcase. She wasn't in any business, but she was known to call when computers went high wire. This was a case that was called to her from multiple places. Not many big companies have called since they have better security.

"Well, I doubt it's anything serious." She stood and picked up her case, ready to leave. "Probably some stupid thugs just having a bit of fun."

Mr. Gub growled. "Still, it ruins me."

Linda rolled her eyes and left for the door. "Please, if they really wanted to ruin your business, they'd steal everything instead of slicing a few wires." She opened the door and glared the owner. "And you call this a business? I'm sure I make more money than you in one week. I wouldn't waste my money and your shit coffee."

Mr. Gub felt angry and shocked by her words. Linda left with slamming the door behind her. The bell rang and fell off, cheap string holding it up.

Walking down the street back home, boarding in her favorite attire. A black tube top, a thin maroon jacket reaching her knees, dark navy jeans from her hips to her ankles nearly covering her black boots. Two dark orange belts looped around her left thigh and her right shins. A small dog like leather collar wrapped her neck of the color white that stood out in her attire. Thanks to her fashion, she managed to make everyone think she was very rich, when in reality, she was far from that.

Striding down the street, she got a glimpse of a building to her right. Three statues of the famous Blue Eyes White Dragons stood proudly in front of the gaming company, Kaiba Crop. She knew how strong it was, probably the most money making gaming company next to those in America. Her charcoal eyes stared at the top floor, where she knew Seto Kaiba himself was working.

Linda knew him semi-personally, but from school mostly. When graduating, being a year older, she remembered him always the quite one. Did his work, always aced his classes and kept to himself. She remembered catching a eye glance from him once during class. But it was probably because they were talking about after graduation. She said she wanted to start her own business on fixing computers and cars. Linda glared the building now, remembering what he said to her.

"Soon, our seniors will be graduating next month." Said the teacher. "What plans have you all got after graduation?"

Linda stood, not caring if he addressed her first or not. But he smiled seeing someone wanted to tell.

"I soon plan to have my own business." She said.

The scholar, Seto Kaiba, looked over from his book. Linda continued.

"I wish to make a business to build computers and cars. And then, I can make something of myself." The room clapped, but one person scoffed making everyone turn their heads. Linda turned her head to the brown headed Kaiba. He grinned and looked to her.

"You really can have good dreams." He said. "Unreachable ones, that is."

Linda's known easy temper got the better of her. She went over to his desk and grabbed the collar of his buttoned uniform. She glared her dark gray eyes into his ice blue eyes. Those blue eyes glared her, showing no fear or shock by her actions. He's in been her class long enough to know her short tempers.

"You know Seto, just because you were born into a rich life, doesn't mean others can work hard and train for their own desires." She said with hate in every word.

Though she didn't know he wasn't born into wealth, he had to work his way up by his gruesome step father.

"But I will prove to you that I will reach my goal and prove you wrong!"

The rich teen scoffed and stood, making her only up to his shoulder in height. Being very tall compared to her didn't change her glare or remove her hand from his shirt.

"I bet you can't reach this dream. If you do, then I will give my respects and apologies." His grinned turned into a sinister like smirk. Linda has seen this smirk before, knowing an idea was clicking into his egotistical head. He held a hand out to set it.

She returned the grin and let his collar go and shook his hand. "You're on, Seto!"

Linda gave a sigh and rubbed the back of her neck. "It's been half a year since, and all I've done is getting phone calls from idiots who can start up a processor." She let her hand fall and continued to stare at the building. "Mean while, he's up there on his throne holding and playing all these duel monster tournaments and improving on holographic games!" Her hands tightened up; one into a fist and the other held her suit case even tighter. She then pointed at the tower glaring even harder. "You hear me Seto! I'll prove myself that I can make my dream come true!"

As she said this, foot steps approached her from behind. Hearing her yelling this made the person smirk.

"Even if I have to travel from hell and back!" She kept going. "Once you see, I'll wipe that smirk of your smug face of yours!"

"Is that so?" Linda then stiffened. "Well, I can help you get to hell, but I don't know about a ride back." The red head turned regretting to all that yelling from that exact smug smirk. "You're on your own with that."

Her eyes glared the CEO before her. "Seto! I told you to stop sneaking up on me!"

Kaiba scoffed with crossed arms. He wore his usual attire, white coat, black sweater, pants, and boots. A limo parked behind him with two men in suits following him. More or less, his security or henchmen.

"And I've told you to stop making a scene." He said with a frown. "I don't need attention brought that a lunatic is screaming at my building." Seto then grinned. "How's that dream coming along?"

Linda's eyes flashed from his question. "I'm getting closer every second!"

He huffed and walked past her and into her building. Linda's eyes watched him; he raised a hand and waved not looking back, as if giving a hello and good bye. She stuck her tongue out at the back of his head and stomped down the street for her house. Seto Kaiba glanced over his shoulder, amused by her antics as she yelled at one of his businessmen for bumping into her. Shaking his head, he entered his building, ready for a stressed day as usual.

"You did that again?" Asked Linda's friend Joey.

Linda had been best friends with Joey Wheeler and Tristan Taylor since middle school. When she hit high school, Linda had lost contact. But she soon reconnected when she saw them teasing some kid named Yugi. She never really hung with Yugi or the girl, Tea. Despite how much the boys offer to hang out with the others, she always gets a call for her job. Be it fixing a car or a computer. She refused to go to Battle City Tournament since it was all done by Seto. During Duelist Kingdom she was in college to study but soon dropped out from money.

"Why do you keep doin' that?" Joey spoke with that lovable Brooklyn accent.

"I have to agree, I'm surprised he hasn't gotten a shock collar on you for yelling and causing attention everyday." Nodded Tristan.

The three sat at a burger place where they always hung out in middle school. Linda munched on her large order of fries. She was starving and she hadn't eaten all day. It was already late noon when she called the boys to hang out. They were bored since Tea was busy and Yugi was helping his grandfather clean up the shop.

Joey wore his blue denim jacket , white shirt, black jeans, and sneakers with his dog tags hanging around his neck. Tristan wore his white button up collar short, brown leather jacket, dark green blue jeans, and sneakers. He met them up on his motorbike where he transported everywhere.

"I doubt Seto's the type of person to go that far." Said Linda throwing a fry in her mouth. "He is an ass, but. In a way, he is kind of nice-"

Joey lightly pounded his fist on the table with an annoyed look. "Yea, right! It's a rare treat for him to be nice!"

"The day's he's nice is the day Joey beats him." He gave a grin. "That'll be never."

Joey glared his brown haired friend. "What! I can mop the floor with that jerk!"

The two boys started death glaring, seeing who will throw the first punch. Linda was quickly distracted by the tower standing in the distance of town. Seeing the huge KC of Kaiba Corp made her scowl to herself.

"I need that break, but when?" Linda thought to herself munching harder on her fries. Though she stopped and winced, her face showed pure pain.

The boys stopped and looked over. "Somethin' the matter?" Joey asked.

She nodded rapidly but shook her head. "Bit my tongue."

In the Kaiba Corp offices, everyone worked hard and fast for they feared if they didn't, the wrath of their boss would lash them. In the office of KC, Seto Kaiba himself worked hard speed typing on his laptop at his desk. His little brother, Mokuba Kaiba, sat on a minimum level. He really didn't want to bother his brother's work, but Kaiba always said he didn't mind Mokuba being there. Mokuba had something on his mind to ask Seto since he had arrived. Stopping from scanning the channels, he turned to the CEO brother of his. Eyes glued to the screen as the light seemed to not give him any bother, but only a partial small headache growing around his forehead.

"Seto," Looking up, Kaiba locked eyes with his innocent sweet little brother. "How many times has Linda come by?" Mokuba asked.

Seto thought on this. "This week?" Hid brother nodded. Seto leaned back in his chair and tangled his fingers together showing he had full attention on his brother, but thinking as well. "…It's been the 9th time this week."

Mokuba sometimes found her outside just staring up at the building. He always wondered what or why she did. What was going through her mind? Was she looking for something?

"Why does she come by?" Seto was silent. "I mean, if she wanted to see you or us, she's always welcomed. But never has she step foot in this building. She even refused our invitation to the Battle City Finals."

Seto finally answered. "Well, Linda isn't one to waste her time on those things." His brother cocked his head to the side. "She's the kind of person holds something, and goes for it. Even if it means she has to shout at my building every day." He gave a silent chuckled at the last sentence. "Not to mention, she wouldn't step foot in Kaiba Corp even if you or I invited her personally."

"Why is that exactly?" Mokuba urged as he went up to his brother.

Seto gave a smirk. "She always resented the building, tournaments, anything involving Kaiba Corp. She finds us as her rival, or me and my company I should say."

"Is that why Linda's always yelling in front of the building?" Mokuba looked out the window, as if expecting her to be there.

Seto had to let a chuckle out, always finding her amusing for finding her like that. "You could say that."

The raven haired 14 year old looked to his 18 year old elder brother. Ever since this whole 'bet' thing between these two happened… Seto became less stressed. He was worried he would hate her, along with the others like Yugi, Joey and the gang. He and Seto both know she was best friends with Tristan and Joey, it obviously didn't bother Mokuba. It did give a Seto a bit of a nag, but she never mentioned them so he wasn't as bothered either. Mokuba smiled at his brother, He may not see or accept it, but Linda is Seto Kaiba's first real friend.

"Mom! I'm home!" Called Linda as she and Joey came into her home.

Joey would often come over and eat dinner with them. Only once or twice his little sister, Serenity came over. They were always welcomed.

The small home was about a good average size for the two, since Linda only lived with her mother. Her father left and abandoned them when her mother was falling ill. Though her mother only told her he had to be on leave and would come back someday, Linda happily took care of her mother.

The teens entered the living room, which was connected with an arch to the kitchen. Down a hall to the left were the bedrooms. Stairs in the right led to the basement, where Linda worked. It was a small clean house, nice and homey and welcomed to anyone.

"I brought Joey!" Linda added as she put her jacket and Joey's on the coat rack.

"Oh, Joey." Came a light calm loving voice.

Around the corner of the hall Linda's mother, Judy came with a smile. She was in a cream white turtle neck sweater and a tan thin skirt reaching her mid thighs with slippers on. Her dark red straight hair fell around her shoulders and her blue black eyes showed kindness and live in them.

Judy was the kind of mother that accepted anyone and everyone. She always considered Joey and Tristan the two sons she never had.

"Oh, Joey." She gave him a hug. "It's good to have you over again."

Joey gently hugged back and smiled. "It's good to be welcomed here, Mrs. C."

But Linda put her hands on her hips with a stern look towards the redheaded adult. "Mother, you're not supposed to be up about so much. You'll tire yourself out."

Judy shrugged. "It's nothing, really. I feel fine today."

Linda sighed, knowing she can never really argue much with her mom. They went into the living room, while Linda got a bowl of chips from the kitchen. Joey sat on a double seater couch where Linda now sat. Judy sat in her special chair. she always loves relaxing in.

"So, Joey, how are you doing in school?" Donna asked.

Joey first frowned, then smiled. "Doin' great of course-"

"He got another D on a biology test." Linda cut off. Joey glared her, she gave him a playful look. "Don't lie, it's not healthy."

He turned and held his head up. "It was a C." he corrected.

"C minus." Linda added, making Joey hang his head in shame.

Judy patted his knee. "Oh, don't feel ashamed, Joseph." She teased. "They saw those who fail, will prevail in the end." Joey looked up, Linda nodded. "Those words are very true. You worked very hard and now look, you made it in those finals of dueling, right?"

Joey's grin returned. "Second place at Duelist Kingdom and third in Battle City!"

Judy nodded. "See? You weren't very good at the start, but you're rising up."

"Heheh, Thanks Mrs. C." Joey sheepishly blushed from the praise he was getting.

But it ended when Joey yelped in fright! A black and white fluff ball jumped on his head. Claws dug into the scalp of the blonde covered head. He jumped to his feet running around to shake the creature off.

"Get this thing off me! I thought we settled this!" He yelled.

Linda made kissing noises making the creature look over. "Come here, Dude."

The creature meowed and hopped off of Joey and pounced into Linda's lap. The creature was her small cat, Little Dude. He was a stray she found 3 years ago and she took him in. They have been together since. He was a dark charcoal color that matched her eyes, but with a patch of scruffy white hair on the top of his head and his whole tail was fluffy and white. Two front fangs hung showing he loved biting things. He purred in his master's lap, or partner as Linda claimed.

"You still call him that?" Joey asked as tears were in his eyes and rubbed his pain pulsing scalp.

"Of course, that's his name." She retorted.

Joey stayed where he stood, not wanting to go near the demon, he called it. "I thought you were gonna change it?"

She shrugged. "He soon took it as his name, see?" Linda showed Joey the license hanging on the blue sparkled collar around Little Dude's neck. "Little Dude. Owner: Linda C." She read, along with her address and home number.

"Well, put a bell around his neck too. I'd like to go home without freaking my sister with all the scratch and blood marks." Joey glared the feline. "He hates me..." He muttered.

Linda waved him off. "No he doesn't." She was proven wrong when Little Dude hissed at Joey when he attempted to return to his seat. "…Well, maybe he just hates your hair."

"Bull!" He bellowed back.

Judy just laughed at the sight before it.

Soon, Joey left as he had a homework assignment to do. That night, down in the basement, Linda was working on some of her projects. She was given a laptop to work on from the mail that day.

"Oh, by the way Linda." Said Judy.

Linda looked up from her plate as the two were eating dinner. "Hm?"

"Something came in the mail for you today." Judy reached over to her side and handed a rectangular heavy package to her daughter.

Linda took it and examined the package. "No return address?"

Judy shook her head. "I wondered the same." She then gave a giggle. "Maybe it's from an anonymous lover?"

Linda glared her mother. "I told you, I don't want to date."

"You should!" She yelled, Linda shook her head. "Go with Joey."

"He's already got his eyes on someone." She answered back, reading a letter that also came in the mail.

"Tristan?" Her mother urged on.

"I think he's trying to go for Joey's sister."

"What about that famous Yugi Moto? He seems cute and handsome!"

"I think he's with Tea, that brown haired girl the boys told me about." Linda stood putting her and her mother's' plates in the empty sink.

Judy followed her daughter into the kitchen. "How about Seto Kaiba?"

Linda finally looked up from the letter her eyes were glued to. "Seto?" Linda then rolled her eyes. "Please, Mother. I can't date him!"

As she led her mother to bed, Judy seemed bothered that her daughter didn't want to date. "Why not?" She questioned, getting into bed now in her yellow pajamas. "He's a very handsome man, and made all of that virtual stuff."

"He is my rival, Mother." She kissed her mom's head. "Good night,

Judy smiled at her daughter. "Good night,

Daughter." Then turned and went to sleep."

Linda stared, no glared at the letter. The package sat beside it. She read it over and over again.

"Dear Mrs./Mr. Corsakk,

The bills for the recent hospital visit is yet to be paid. You have until next week to make up for the money. If you can not pay, we can not accept to help Mrs. Judy Corsakk no longer. No medications or visits will be available to you.

We are sorry for putting you into this corner, but we're sure you understand business.

-Cornell Hospital."

Linda glared harder, as she saw her recent check next to it. It was only enough to pay for the electric bill, and barley the water bill. Being alone in her basement, for no one to see, her let tears fill her eyes.

"Those bastards." She held her breath for a moment. "…If I can't afford the cheapest hospital around, how can I get the right medical help for Mother?" Her eyes glanced over at the package. "No return address? Where could this have been from?" She thought. "Youch!" She yelped, from Little Dude biting her toe. Linda bent down and picked him up.

"Who do you think sent it?" She asked him. He only hissed at it, she laughed. "I doubt Joey or Tristan sent it as a joke." He then made a 'meow' mixed with a purr. "Seto? No, if anything he'd have it all nice and tidy to make sure it was from that damn Kaiba Corp."

Linda gave a long tired yawn, stretching her arms out. Striking her gray eyes at the clock, she let her jaw dropped. "Only 11pm?" She questioned, letting Little Dude sit on her large white desk. "I gotta fix all these cables yet!"

She soon got to work, fixing the cables that were sliced. She could re attach them and use them as extra incase her wires ever went out.

The package sat on the desk all night. Inside was a mystery for Linda to soon find out. Who had sent her this heavy package? Worst of all, how can she find the money for all these bills for her mothers health and well keeping?

"Time's running out…"