It Takes One to Know One

RECAP: Linda finally meets the rest of the gang, and ends up dueling Atem. Seto finds out and secretly watches. He finds three familiar guys coming in on the scene. What's Rad doing back here? Also, things get worse for Linda!

NOTE: Sorry, my flash drive SNAPPED in half! Only this and the Persona stories were saved! I hope to have my Takara, Yami, and other works saved! I had a bunch of chaps for Spring now I gotta get it fixed or rewrite EVERYTHING! DX. But, I enjoyed my Christmas and am on my new LAPTOP! I named him ORLANDO!

Chapter Four

"That was a good strategy, Linda." Atem complimented.

She nodded with a grin. "It's not over yet."


Everyone's heads shot over by the game shop. Linda had a shocked face seeing those three again.

"Linda, been a while since I've seen you battle, babe." Said Rad with a grin


"Who is he?" Tea asked.

Tristan glared him as did Joey. "That's Rad and his goons. Linda's ex boyfriend."

"Ex boyfriend!" She and Yugi, and Duke exclaimed never thinking Linda would have an ex.

Linda glared him. "Rad, what are you doing here?"

He gave an innocent smile. "I heard battling and I came to check it out. Seeing as it's my girl, I'll cheer here on!"

Linda hung her head. "God, you're annoying."

Seto rubbed his chin in thought. He's seen this face before. "Rad? As in Radcliff?" Seto wrote down the name on a piece of paper that was stranded on his desk. His blue eyes returned to the screen seeing Rad had walked up to stand by Linda.

Joey growled as he stood by his best friend. "Rad, get outta here! She doesn't want ya here!"

Rad flipped him off making Joey more pissed. He turned back and put an arm around her shoulders. "So, whose ass you kicking?" Rad looked and was surprised to find who she was dueling. "No way, you're that 'King of Games Dude'." The teen sneered and held Linda closer. "Man, there's no way Linda can lose. She should be Queen of Games. She'll kick your ass all over the place!"

Seto gave annoyed glares to Rad. He felt he wasn't a safe person near Linda. Though, the thought of them dating, why would she reject him if he's always on her side? He shrugged not really finding it a concern.

Linda shoved him off and glared him. "I've told you, you can't win me back." She faced Atem focusing on the battle. Until her cell phone started ringing. Her head hung again. "Lord Almighty… Who the hell is calling me!"

Rad grabbed her cell from her coat pocket. Linda jumped for it but he jumped away. "Hey, I got it babe. You kick his ass, I'll take care of this." Linda growled and turned back to Atem. Rad flipped it open and answered it. "Hello?"

"Sorry, Atem. Let's get back to the duel."

"It's alright." He chuckled.

Linda drew a card. "My move-"

"Um, Linda."

She turned and had flames in her eyes from yet another interruption. "God frick'n damnit, what Rad!" His eyes were serious as he held the cell phone out to her. She snatched it from his hands and brought it to her ear. "Yea, who is it?"

Everyone silently watched as Linda spoke on her phone. Her eyes suddenly grew wide and her hands started to shake. Rad noticed and went over to her. "Linda," Her head hung as she let her hand fall with the phone. It fell from her shaking grip.

"I-I'm sorry." She said. Linda took the duel disk off letting it fall to the ground along with all her cards. Her feet bolted into a run as she headed towards the hospital.

"Why did she just leave?" Seto questioned as she left the view of the camera. He zoomed in the Rad seeing his face was solemn and sad. "Something from the phone call wasn't good." He closed the window and his laptop. He stood and left his office, ready to get home.

Outside the huge Kaiba Corp building, a black limo parked waiting for the CEO for a ride home. Outside, Mokuba leaned against the car, kicking pebbles. Looking up, he saw his brother leave the building, coming down the steps. The raven haired teen smiled and ran over but was knocked over from someone crashing into him. He and the person fell onto the dark cement. Seto came right over seeing his brother nearly get toppled over by some jerk.

"Shit, I'm sorry." The voice said right away.

Mokuba looked over seeing Linda rubbing her shoulder. He smiled rubbing his head. "Oh, Linda." He stood and helped Linda onto her feet. "Here to tell Seto off?" He chuckled.

She shook her head. "I'm so sorry, I can't talk!"

"What's your hurry?" The two looked over seeing Seto reached them. He knew something was up, her eyes revealed it all no matter how hard she tried to hide it.

She glared him. "It's just, uh… Business, yea! A huge attack was launched the computer store!" She lied as she tried to hurry her way out of there.

Mokuba gave a concerned look, hearing her voice on edge. "Is everything alright? Where's your suit case?"

Linda just had noticed she dropped everything –literally- and just ran off on everyone. Including her duel with Atem. She was sure they'd understand. Her priority right now was to get to the hospital, which was on the other side of Domino, in Cornell City. By the time she got their on foot, it would be night fall. Her eyes were tightly closed, her pride was getting in the way. The thought of asking for a ride was being blinded by her rivalry with Seto.

"Hey, Linda? What's wrong?" Mokuba asked franticly.

Linda looked up, eyes full of tears. The brothers were shocked; they never saw her with these watery eyes.

"I'm sorry, but…" She mumbled and bowed to the Kaiba brothers.. "I got a call, my mom was sent to the hospital. She collapsed outside when getting the mail. They didn't tell me why or anything. I need to get there, I need to be there…" Linda stumbled to her feet and ran off again.

Mokuba's heart broke seeing her crying like that. "Oh, wow…" He whispered.

Seto watched her as she continued down the road. His ice like eyes narrowed. "That leads outside of Domino City… Domino Hospital is on the other side of here."

Linda's blurred eyes became clear from the tears flying out. Her speed was high as she ignored her aching feet. The sun was setting as she made it to the bridge to Cornell City. But there was no access to walk across the bridge. She stopped and panted, her legs trembled from the pain of running who knows how many miles. Leaning on a near by brick building, she watched the cars enter and exit the bridge. "How the fuck will I get across…?"

"Here's an answer." Linda looked over seeing a Limo pull up, Mokuba popping out from the window. "Hop in, we'll drive you there."

Linda was shocked to see Mokuba had followed her. And offered her a ride. Her pride caught up and she shook her head. "I'm sorry,4 I'll get there myself."

The other side of the door opened. The elder Kaiba came out, walked over to her, towering over Linda's small figure. "As long as you don't want to collapse yourself to exhaustion, I suggest you take the ride."

She growled at him and shoved him out of her way, heading to the bridge. But her muscles tightened and knotted up in her legs. She gave a sharp gasp and fell to her knees. Seto sighed in an annoyed manner. "You are so damn stubborn…" He muttered.

"Wha-What are you doing?" She franticly asked as went over to her.

He didn't say anything as he knelt down to her. He looked into her charcoal eyes, they were stern and serious. It took you three hours to make it this far, it'll take you another four just to cross the bridge." His hands and arms dug under her legs and wrapped around her back. She felt the weight of her being lifted into Seto's arms. Fearing to fall, she quickly tied her arms around Seto's neck, her fingers laced together against his neck over the end of his hair. Using little strength, he picked up the light red head girl and went back to the car. Mokuba scooted over for Seto to set her next to him. She scooted too, and Seto got in. "Cornell Hospital, and make it fast." He ordered.

"Yes, sir." The chauffeur nodded and entered the bridge leaving Domino and entering Cornell.

"Linda, I thought your mother was doing better?" Said Mokuba, sitting in a chair.

They made it to the hospital in a short amount of time, with Seto urging the driver to speed up every 5 minutes. Linda ran –or limped from her still aching legs- in the hospital, which was dirty and obviously pretty run down. Seto and Mokuba followed after when she climbed over the elder Kaiba to get out. The CEO ignored the pain in his crotch from Linda accidently slipping from climbing over his lap and her knee ramming in that area. They sat in the waiting room, waiting the busy doctor to show up. Linda was pacing like mad, her hands slapping back and forth to keep from shaking. Her eyes glued to the dirty tile floor, and her legs screamed of pain from the running and now the 25 minute pacing. Mokuba and Seto sat in some uncomfortable worn out chairs. Legs and arms crossed, the elder brother sat calm but was itched from Linda's unending pacing. The younger brother next to Seto was fidgeting as well, legs swinging and leaning back and forth in his chair like a child. The clock read 4:55 AM, clearly broken. Seto just checked his wrist watch, reading 8:39 PM.

"I thought the same. She was walking around and everything." Linda started hitting her head with her now clenched fists. "I told her not to over do it. It's my fault! I should've gone home instead of fucking dueling!"

Mokuba jumped from her cursing and decided to leave her be. Seto took noticed she would hit her head and punch a wall when angry. She was so mad at herself, blaming it all on herself. No one else.

"What's worse…" She thought, now biting her fingers hard in hope of leaving bruises. "This will add to the bill, that I still have 4 or 5 or so more days to pay." She bit harder tasting blood, but ignored it. "God, why does he love punishing me?"

"Corsakk?" Came a voice.

The three looked seeing a snob looking male doctor. He was about a few inches taller than Linda. With black sleek hair and black onyx eyes, he had an eye for greed in his job. He constantly sent bills to Linda, she didn't remembered most of them but still paid. He came over looking at the clip board. Linda rushed to him, almost tripped past Seto from the pain.

"Doc, is my mom alright? What happened!" She demanded.

He sighed. "She's aright, she's resting. We tested her and it seems… It's gotten worse."

Linda's eyes widened. Remembering the brother's were there, she glanced over her shoulder. Not wanting to have them hear all of this made her fell… Low and weak. "Um, can you tell me this privately?" She asked in a low tone.

The snobbish doctor ignored her and continued saying this all out loud. "The disease has infected the muscles in her legs, so she can no longer walk."

Linda's eyes widened when hearing it. Mokuba was shocked as well, he looked to his brother her eyed the doctor.

"You can't be serious… It got that worse?" She stuttered staring at the floor. Her hand went to her head, not believing how worse it had gotten. "If I had gotten home sooner, she wouldn't be here…"

"The worse it could get it reaching to her brain until the tumor starts to take effect. After that, there's nothing we can do." He said not feeling sympathetic to her situation at all.

"A tumor… But, what about surgery?" She looked up with pleading eyes. "I know she can't walk, but surgery would help with the tumor, correct?"

He gave her a glare and shoved her shoulder rather roughly. "You are speaking selfishness again, Linda." He scolded.

Mokuba and Seto weren't expecting the doctor to start scolding here. How was this a selfish request? A hope to save her mother's life, selfish?

"Your mother is wreathed by pain day after day, and you wish to put her in more pain? I'd rather suggest she'd be put to rest early before she has to be put through anymore torture!"

Linda looked down, feeling guilty for even suggesting. He had yelled at her every time she suggested something she thought would help her mother. Doctoring wasn't in her department, so she believed he was always right. The Kaiba brothers watched it all, it looked as if he said all this out loud just to make her feel low. Seto looked to her, seeing her head low and shoulders shake. Sympathy, for the first time, came to his heart. He remembers the die his mother died, but he didn't blame anyone for her death. Right after Mokuba was born, something had happened. But he knew she knew what was happening, as long as he was alright, like a mother always was. Thinking of their child before them. He knew Linda's mother, she was the type to make sure others were happy, ignoring her own state of mind for herself.

"You should feel sorry for thinking that way." He was rubbing it in! What kind of doctor was this!

"Hey!" Mokuba jumped and went over to the two. The Doctor glared him. "What kind of doctor are you? Scolding Linda just because she wants to save her mother!"

Linda looked to Mokuba in shock for standing up for her. "Mokuba…"

"Listen, brat. I'm a doctor; I know what I'm talking about. I know everything there is to know to people's health and their lives."

"Then why not save her mother's life!" Mokuba argued.

The Doctor scoffed and walked off down the hall. Mokuba glared at the back of the doctor's head. He looked over and took Linda's hand, she looked down to him with tear stained cheeks.

"It'll be alright, Linda. Why don't you go see your mom?"

Linda nodded and ran down the hall to find her mom. Mokuba looked to Seto. He saw the same concerned eyes that Mokuba's had. But also strong hate, which he knew was at the doctor. If it was anyone else, Seto wouldn't give a damn. But, he felt strong hate for having seeing Linda that way.

"Seto, is anything we can do?" He asked with hope in his eyes.

Seto stood and went over patting his brother's head. "I'm sure there is, Mokuba."

At the room, Judy sat in bed all calm and talking with her daughter who paced the room.

"I'm fine, really." She assured.

"Mom," Linda sighed stopping to look at her. "You can't keep saying that. Now they saw you never walk!"

"Oh!" Judy waved it off. "I can feel my legs just fine. They felt numb is all. I'll use a cane for now, alright?"

She sighed and sat down. Linda rubbed her now dry eyes as they were threatening to water again. "Mom…" Judy looked to her daughter from see the night sky from her window. "About the bills… I'm sorry."

Judy gave a confused face. "What do you mean, sweetie?"

Linda looked up wiping her eyes repeatedly. "They're gonna cut off medical care for you if I don't pay the bills." She sniffed. "I couldn't get enough from all the work; I don't know what to do! I'll sell all my things if I have to, but it wouldn't last long enough!"

Judy reached over and pulled her into her arms. Linda hugged her mother, crying into her shoulder. "I'm sorry, mother… I'm so sorry…" She sobbed. Judy gave her a gentle shush and petted her red hair.

Outside the room, the door was open a crack. With crappy doors they had, they never shut properly. Seto and Mokuba stood outside, –Mokuba wanting to see his friend's mother- heard it all. The elder Kaiba leaned against the wall by the door, the younger peeked in seeing the crying red head being comforted by her mother.

"Oh man, Seto. It's worse than I thought." He looked to his serious brother. "Why didn't she ever tell us or anything? We would've understood and helped her."

"Linda isn't like that." Mokuba gave his brother a confused look, as he stared at the dirty tile floor. "She has too much pride to tell people when things are wrong." Seto looked to his black haired brother. "Remember how she looked when she ran into us?"

Mokuba thinks he'll never have the face of Linda's out of his mind. It was framed and replaying in his head as of now. He nodded, answering his brother's question.

Seto cupped his chin in thought. "What I don't understand is, why would the Doctor lie like that?" He thought. "He even put guilt on her when she requested surgery. What kind of hospital is this?"

Seto noticed two nurses walking by.They took a peek inside and left. Seto could hear them giggling thanks to his good hearing. He glared the back of their heads and which gave them a chill down their spine.

"Such a lowdown people." Mokuba said glaring as he heard they're giggles.

Seto Kaiba knew Linda had a hard life. What her and his brother didn't know was Seto would always drive by their driven down home, always seeing the lights lit in her office. He can tell she wasn't making very much money… He just had to do something. And Seto Kaiba knew what that was.