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Chapter 1


It was the night before Edward would be leaving for a four month tour with the band. How in the world would I survive that long without him. I was three and half months pregnant and had two children. Natalie was almost seven months old and Sean was four years old. I would miss him like crazy, not to mention how horny I would be.

I knew tonight would have to be special and it would have to last us until we could be together again. I'm sure there will be late night phone calls, and a lot of self stimulation on both our parts. But its not the same as actually making love to the love of your life.

Who would have ever thought that I'd find love at that stupid club that Rosalie dragged us to, but I am so thankful that she did. I don't know how my life would be like without Edward and our little Natalie. I had Sean but I have to admit I was pretty lonely.

I was brought out of my thoughts by Edward coming into our room.

"Hey baby, what are you thinking about?" he asked as he sat down on the bed and began rubbing my leg.

"You and our life."

"What about it?" he said as he nuzzled my neck. He knew the affect this had on me.

"Mmm... just how glad I am that Rosalie dragged me to that club to see you guys." I moaned as he sucked on the spot behind my ear.

"Uh-huh, I'm glad too," he said as he continued kissing my neck.

"Mmm, Edward," I breathed out as I put my fingers into his hair. "I think we should stop before we get carried away."

"You want me to stop, my naughty girl." He pulled away from my neck so that he could pull up my tank top, and he kissed my stomach.

"...not really, b...but we have to take the kids, ugh..." I could not say anymore as he closed his lips around my hardened nipple. I arched my back up off the bed, pushing my breast further into him. It felt so good. His tongue swirled around the tip and then he sucked it ever so gently as he reached over and rolled the other one between his fingertips.

I moaned quite loudly as I felt him smile against my breast.

I pulled his face up to mine and captured his lips in mine. I don't care how many times we kiss, it always feels so good. Our tongues danced together, neither one claiming dominance. Our moans were becoming louder as we both rocked against each other.

"Ugh.. baby you feel so good," he panted against my neck.

"Mmm.. you too my sexy beast," I whispered in his ear, as I turned my head slightly and saw Sean in the doorway. Fuck, fun time is over.

"Mommy, daddy?" he said quietly, I could see the blush spreading on his cheeks.

Edward turned his head towards him.

"Hey lil man," Edward said as he pulled my tank top down. He smirked at me.

"Daddy time to grampa and granma soon?"

"Very soon, you have your overnight bag ready?

"Wes daddy, I have my cars, my hulkman, my coloring book and my wrain," he said.

"Did you pack your clothes baby?" I asked getting off the bed.

"Wes, mommy. I have me pj's and a clean shirt. Under things."

"Great job, baby but I will make sure you put actual clothes in there too."

"K, mommy. Was daddy macking on you like Watalie does?"

"Sean honey where did you hear a word like that?" I asked looking over at Edward, who just had this smirk on his face.

"Um..um.. hulkman told me it," he said with a smile.

I looked over at Edward, who was now busting up laughing.

"I see, baby go into your room and pick out a book so Grandma can read to you and Natalie."

"K, mommy."

"Edward, I am so smacking Emmett in the head, teaching my son the word macking, what the hell was he thinking."

"Baby you got to admit it was funny, hearing it."

"Hell, Edward he'll go repeat it at Grandpa's today, mark my words, he will. Then how funny will it be then, when my daddy looks at you with those piercing eyes of his," I said as I walked out the door to go to Sean's room.

"Fuck", he said.

I smiled to myself as I heard that.

Yep, still fears my father.

I went and picked out two outfits for Sean and packed Natalie's bag. I was glad that my mom and dad loved having the kids stay the night. My mom knew how important it was for me and Edward to have this night alone. I'm sure my dad knew too, but he chose to ignore the reason why they are keeping the kids.

I had to laugh at that, my father, ever the clueless one.

I felt Edward wrap his arms around my waist. He rested his hand on my still flat stomach.

"Baby, I think I'll wait in the car when we drop the kids off at your parents," he said.

"Um.. no way mister. Your coming in too. Are you afraid our son will tell Grampa that you were macking on me?" I teased him.

"Hell yeah, baby. Your daddy still has a gun."

I just had to laugh at him, he looked so scared. "Its ok baby, I'll protect you from my daddy. He won't hurt you.. too much anyway."

"Bella," he called as I went to pick up Natalie.

I just smiled. He was scared of my dad. I don't blame him, I am his little girl still.

We got ready to go, and as I carried Natalie down the stairs a wave of nausea hit me and I grabbed on to the railing. Fuck, that came on fast.

Edward of course was right there.

"Baby, are you ok?"

"Yeah, just got a little dizzy," I assured him. "I'm ok."

He nodded his head at me.

We loaded the kids in the car and drove off toward my parents house.

As we drove the nausea hit me again. This is one thing I hated about being pregnant. I laid my head back on the head rest and closed my eyes. Hoping that would help but of course that made it worse.

"Honey are you ok? You look a little green."

"Um no... pull over."

It hit me and hit me bad. Edward pulled over and I rushed out of the car. I made it out just in time. I let everything I had in my stomach out. Please let this pass before we get back home. It was my last night with Edward before he left tomorrow.

I felt Edward pull my hair back and he started to rub my back.

"Bella I'm right here honey."

"Edward please let me be. I don't like people seeing me like this."

"No, Bella I'm not leaving you. I will be gone so much already. Please don't push me away," he said his voice laced with sadness.

Finally I just gave up on him leaving me. I just finished throwing up and got some water from the car and washed my mouth out.

I turned to look at Edward and he pulled me to him.

"Feel better now honey?"

"Yes thank you. I just feel embarrassed for having you pull off the side of the road that's all."

"Bella you are carrying our child again. There is nothing to be embarrassed about. I'm sure a lot of pregnant women have had to do this from time to time."

He pulled me into a kiss and kissed me hard. This man never ceased to amaze me. I just got sick and my mouth was all nasty and he still wanted to kiss me. I loved him so damn much.

He helped me back into the car and then he jumped in.

"Daddy was macking my mommy, oh yeah macking my mommy. Wait till I tell Grampa."

I started laughing so hard I was crying. Edward had a look on his face saying he was scared shitless. Even though I wanted to kill Emmett for teaching him that it was still funny as hell.

"Oh Edward what's the matter babe? You scared of my old man of a father. I promise he won't hurt you to bad for macking on his only daughter."

"Bella this is so not funny. Your dad carries a gun. He would not think twice about not killing me."

"Oh Edward come on. Stop being so scared of him. I mean he knows that we do stuff we have proof of that in the back seat and the fact that I have something in my tummy. Come on it's a fact. We are grown ups. Stop being a pussy. I think Sean is doing this to see what you will do. I think he is getting the reaction he wants from it."

"Honey are you trying to tell me that our four year old son is goading me. Trying to get me scared of what your father is going to do?"

"Yes babe that's exactly what I'm saying. Just don't back down from my dad. Stand up to him. Once he sees that you are not intimidated by him he will stop."

"I will try honey but he carries a gun."

I started laughing again because my sexy beast can be such a pussy when it comes to my dad.

I'm sure when we get there that Sean will be in the house telling my father about Edward macking on me. I guess I will have to stand up for Edward. That's shit is so funny.

We pulled up to my parents house and Sean was unbuckled and out the door before anyone else.

I got Natalie while Edward got their bags. As we walked up the drive I grabbed Edward's hand and gave it a squeeze.

He looked over at me and gave me a small smile.

We walked in and my mom came and took Natalie from my arms.

"Bella, honey you are simply glowing. Edward, you look handsome as ever."

Edward nodded, still not saying a word.

"Mom is dad home?"

"Yep, he's in the kitchen with Sean. He ran in here like a bat out of hell," my mom said.

Edward swallowed loudly, as I chuckled.

We walked into the kitchen and my son was sitting on my dad's lap.

"Grampa, dis morning I went to mommy's room and daddy was macking on her like Watalie does," Sean told him.

I chuckled as did my mom, but Edward had a look of fear on him as my father looked at him.

I had a hold of Edward's hand and I could literally feel him shaking. My father is so going to notice that.

"So boy is that true what my grandson just said. Were you macking on her like Natalie does?"

I could see my father's mustache twitch a little and I was trying so hard not to laugh.

"Um..I .yes sir it's true."

"Grampa he did it gain when we stop on the side road."

"Oh is that so Sean. Edward why are you macking on my daughter while in front of your son. Don't you know any better?"

"With all due respect Charlie when Sean walked in this morning we were in our room. You have to understand that I will be leaving Bella for awhile and I will miss her. I think I'm due some time to mack her."

"That might be true boy but not in front of Sean. Bella is still my baby girl and I don't want to know about when you are macking on her."

"Daddy stop giving Edward such a hard time. Sean has been torturing him enough he doesn't need you to do it as well. He's a good man and he loves us. Don't you want him to be macking on me his wife instead of someone else?"

I pulled Edward into a hug and kissed the hell out of him and even grabbed his ass in front of my daddy to show him that I macked on Edward as well. Maybe he would stop.

"See daddy I mack on him just as much as he does it to me. I'm not your little girl anymore. I'm grown up and my husband can mack or love on me anytime he wants or feels the need to do so."

"Bella please don't tell me about your sex life. I still think that you are not having sex."

I could not help but to laugh. I turned to Edward and he had a devilish smirk on his face. I knew he was about to say something.

"Um Charlie I hope that you are kidding me because we have proof that Bella does have sex and a lot of it. I mean we have Sean, Nat and one on the way. I mean she got pregnant the first time we had sex after her six week check-up. I'm also going to add that she is so HOT."

I looked to my dad and he looked like he was about to explode.

"Come on dad that was funny as hell. Mom can talk about my sex life and be ok with it why can't you? I mean it's a fact of life and I'm not that little girl that used to sit in your lap tell jokes anymore. I'm a grown woman with needs. Needs that Edward can only give me."

I knew that would have him leave us alone. I watched as he took Natalie from my mom and walked out the room.

"Bells don't talk to me about your sex life. I'm better not knowing. Isn't that right Natalie?"

We all cracked up laughing as my father went to the living room.

"See Edward, my dad didn't even threaten you with his gun. He must have forgot about it."

We stayed at my parents house for a few minutes and then left. I could not wait to see what we were going to do tonight.