Fandom: Crossover: Glee/Harry Potter
Pairing: Brittany S. Pierce/Luna Lovegood
Prompt: Nargles, Thestral, Understood, and Kisses
Warnings: Femslash, fluff, implied sexual content
Word Count: 558

A/N: I find this pairing actually pretty cute despite never really have read anything with them and so that was part of the allure of wanting to write this. =3

Of Course Nargals Are Real

Brittany doesn't quite understand math or spelling or the reason why clouds don't fall from the sky, but when she meets a blonde, porcelain skinned teenage girl her own age, well, Brittany understood her completely. They become fast friends while discussing the merits of two scoops of ice cream on a cone and how funny it is to see a cat eat the half empty cone when they're full.

Brittany hugs her legs to herself during their first slumber party as Luna tells her of creatures she never knew existed. Nargals that live just about everywhere, lurking always just out of sight and stealing all the things Brittany could never find. Thestrals, the beautiful flying horses - scary creatures, but only to those that didn't understand them. Luna talks about many creatures, even after Brittany yawns and curls up under the covers. Their hands intertwined the whole night.

Brittany doesn't understand why Santana gets all snippy and annoyed when she excitedly tells the dark skinned girl the fascinating things her new friend has told her. She misses the flash of strong emotions in Santana's eyes when she talks about the how much she likes Luna. Though Brittany doesn't tell her about the gentle kisses they've shared because somehow they feel far too intimate to share; a secret just for them.

In time, Brittany decides not to tell Santana about the other things she does with Luna. The touches and long kisses beneath the blanket, where only Santana and her had ever kissed and touched; where even the guys she had fooled around with were never allowed to go because it was more special to do these things with someone you loved beneath a blanket. And Brittany loved Luna. Loved the way she smiled, and how her eyes sparkled when she spoke about the things that Santana had scoffed and called weird on several occasions after Brittany told her (she couldn't help but think that Santana was jealous she didn't know about these things first). She even loved that Luna was smarter than her in ways she couldn't quite comprehend, without feeling in anyway less intelligent, instead picturing herself as a child learning all the secrets of the world from books, only the books were Luna's words and Brittany could read those all day and night.

If Luna's words were books, than her body was a map of the world that Brittany enjoyed laying out and reading with her fingers and lips. Tracing with fascination over every curve (hills and mountains), the flat of Luna's stomach and back (plains and deserts), between pale thighs (oceans, seas, and rivers), and between soft lips (volcanos - because that was where all the hot, dirty talk exploded from). Brittany memorized Luna better than the songs she sang for Glee Club, figuring that it must be more useful to memorize things when you can use your tongue and fingers to do so (it was a pity paper got all weird when wet). When she was tired of learning, of studying and exploring, Brittany laid her head against Luna's chest to listen to the blonde's heartbeat as it went from too fast to a normal rhymtic beat that lured her to sleep. The beat sounding like home (you are here).

Brittany doesn't quite understand many things, but she understands Luna completely and that's enough.