All right, so after I put up my one-shot/songfic I went on the site and set the world for Sunshine Islands. I swear, like, the first 16 (at least) stories were ChelseaxVaughn.

Now, don't get me wrong. I don't hate the pairing. (Not yet anyway.) As a matter of fact, my very first game, I ended up marrying Vaughn. But after seeing that... I don't know it just bothers me.

Which made me think...

And I talked to another author on this site-AnimeFan202- (she's in my favorites if you're interested) and that's how we came up with the Sunshine Islands Project.

It's basically a bunch of one-shots for Harvest Moon Sunshine Islands. I know I at least, have some ideas of my own, but anyone can PM either of us and request a couple for the next chapter. The only couple we will not write is VaughnxChelsea.

The actual story will show up on my profile. But AnimeFan will be writing half of them and then sending the file to me so I can put it up. (I'll put a little note at the end of each chapter as to who wrote it.

I've already got the first one planned out, but after that, feel free to send in requests.

You can also find this little message on AnimeFan202's profile.

And, I would like to take this line to thank anyone who enjoyed the songfic.