Pikmin Origins: Chapter One

Captain Olimar crash landed on a strange new planet, one filled with terrifying and curious creatures, either ready to devour Olimar or help him. Stranded with little life support, the captain became distraught, fearing that he would die there as his ship was lying in ruins, damaged beyond repair for a single person.

But, as luck would have it, he met his salvation in the form of small, familiar creatures: Pikmin. In the 30 days he spent on that strange planet he met three different kinds of Pikmin, each with a different talent, and by combining their skills he was able to repair his ship and teach the Pikmin to survive on their own.

But during his adventure and on his way home, questions continued to flutter. What were the Pikmin? Why did they trust him as a leader? And where did they come about?

The only way to know would be to travel back in time and watch the struggle the first, true Pikmin had to endure as they tried to live out their lives in a world where they were the food.

Redd sat there, deep in the tunnel to avoid the monsters on the surface. The Onions were quite a ways away, so there was no choice but to hide underground. The red Pikmin rubbed his hands together and created a small fire to give him some comfort. He knew there wasn't much time left before the creatures began to investigate the hole he was in.

The light brought some comfort, but he was still in an enclosed area that if a hungry predator were to jump down into, Redd would have little options for survival.

"How did I get here?" He asked himself, though he knew the answer, "What was that?" He thought about the strange figure that he had followed till it became dark.

Blue sighed heavily as the waning Sun winked good night and said, "Looks like he won't be here."

Yellow dropped her head and closed her eyes for a minute then said, "We'd better load up the ships."

Blue nodded in agreement then gave a sharp whistle. The smaller Pikmin around them snapped to attention, though the red ones were slower to move. Blue gave another whistle and waved his arm in a sweeping motion that had the groups heading for their individual Onions.

"Regroup with the others," Blue said to Yellow, "Guide the ships to the safe zone."

Yellow's large ears perked up, "What does that mean? You aren't going to go searching for Redd are you? Don't be stupid Blue! The animals around here will be waking up any minute now!"

"We don't leave each other behind if we can help it." Blue stated, "In this case I will find him, and you will take care of the Pikmin. Understood?"

"No Blue, I don't understand. Redd may be young but he can take care of himself. I won't leave you both behind." Yellow retorted.

"Stay safe Yellow." Blue said then a loud roar echoed through the weeds. "That's my cue." Then he ran off in the direction Redd had gone in.

"Damn it Blue." Yellow said then ran to the yellow Onion, the one she commanded. She stood in the light and allowed it to bring her inside where she would bring the legs in and fly into the air.

Blue ran through the water not stopping once so the Bulborb behind him would give up the pursuit. When finally it did, the blue Pikmin leader stopped and got a bearing ion where he was. Off in the distance behind him he saw the three colored Onions fly high into the air; a few creatures flying after, then would give up when they got too high.

"Redd, stay alive." Blue said then ran onto the dry land.

At night the forest became fierce, every glimpse to either side of him gave Blue the vision of a hungry predator, waiting for a chance. Then, after avoiding the gazes of many creatures just waking from their sleep, he spotted a soft glow from inside a tunnel at the base of a small tree.

"Redd?" Blue said, not yelling so the creatures would not attack.

Redd heard soft footsteps outside the tunnel and put out the fire, his eyes locked on the mouth of the tunnel. The moment of anxiety passed with the call of his name.

"Blue?" red asked to the tunnel entrance. The aquatic Pikmin jumped down the hole and said, "There you are."

Blue stormed at the idiot rookie.

"What the hell were you thinking? Why didn't you come back when the Sun started to set?"

Redd backed up into his corner then said, "I thought I saw someone…"

Blue yelled more, "You saw someone? Damn it Redd! Everyone was accounted for at the onions! This was not the time to play around!"

Redd kept his eyes away, choosing to stare at the dirt, rather than at his angry comrade.

After a few minutes, Blue calmed down, deciding it was better to keep quiet now that the Sun was fully set.

"Well, at least you are alive. I guess that that's all that matters." He sat down and let out an n appreciative sigh, "Not like we can change your stupid mistake."

They sat like that for several minutes till Blue whispered, "Go ahead and sleep first. I'll keep watch."

Redd looked at blue then laid down; but trying to stay awake. Eventually though, sleep won and Redd fell asleep only to be greeted by the same scene that brought them into this…

Redd was in charge of gathering food and, with over twenty of his own red Pikmin behind him, he brought back enough food to last for several days. When they reached their maximum of food, Redd sent his squad home to rest with the others.

"I'm going for a walk." Redd said to Yellow and Blue.

"You sure? It's getting late." Yellow said, with concern.

"I'll only be gone a minute or so." Redd assured

"Be careful out there, get back here before sundown." Blue said sternly.

"I'll be fine." Redd said then started off.

"I mean it." Blue said.

Redd waved his hand in good bye and walked off into the grass trees, strands of grass ten times taller than Redd was at least.

The area had been cleared for the most part of monsters and predators when Redd had gathered food. The walk was uneventful, though Redd did see a Honeywisp pass by, if they needed more nectar, Redd would have collected it, but instead he watched it vanish into itself.

Once the Honeywisp vanished his attention was drawn to a silver flower over some short grass. It swayed lightly in the air without any breeze, even casting off a soft, white glow.

Redd called out to it, wondering who it was. The flower moved a bit, like a head turned toward Redd. Instantly the Red commander felt eyes on him through the grass. The flower began to move away and Redd called out for it to stop. The flower ignored him this time and Redd chased. He pushed aside the brush and caught a small glimpse of the Pikmin there.

It was female, with longer legs then other Pikmin and a shorter stem on her head. She had all the features of the other Pikmin, with a nose, ears, and a mouth, though they were smaller and more curved than the others. Her arms were longer and she had delicate digits on each hand.

Redd stared as she turned away, apparently trying to ignore the red Pikmin, but he had other plans to follow the silver Pikmin.

"Are you a Pikmin Goddess? Or another Type?" He questioned but received no answers, "Are you ignoring me?"

She kept walking further and further away, while the Sun drew lower and lower in the sky.