Chapter Five (Pikmin)

The City itself was nothing too fancy, mostly for the fact that it was located inside a mountain. The buildings weren't too large, the tallest being the the Landing Building, the one that the Onions collected at to be maintained, repaired, and both build and destroyed. That building was four feet tall, and the other buildings were at most two feet. Because the Pikmin were plant creatures, there needed to be sunlight to help stimulate growth and life in the City, so above the City was thousands of lights that worked together to create the outside sky, even having a sun and moon that passed overhead at each point in the real sky.

Yellow and Redd had stepped out of the main entrance and onto the sidewalk that ran all over the City. Pikmin of all Colors adorned these streets, making their way home, to the store, to work, or just to walk. It was in this crowd that one very bright Pink Pikmin strolled by and gave a wink with an air kiss to Redd. The flirting Pikmin kept walking but kept looking back as Redd's mouth dropped. His skin became a few shades lighter and he said, "But... I'm a guy too!"

Yellow had to laugh at that, it already felt good to be home.

"I guess this is were we split up." She said, and Redd gripped her arm.

"Can I come with you?" He asked.


Redd gave a sheepish look around then said, "That guy is still around, and I think he has a thing for me..."

Yellow laughed again then said, "And you think that being with me will get him to leave you alone? I'm at least 6 cycles older than you."

"Just until we get to the Bus Station. Please?" Redd begged and gripped tighter.

Yellow sighed, and, at the cost of a jealous Pikmin's glares, took his hand and agreed. The two walked down the street heading toward the next bus station that would take Redd to the Inner City where his family lived.

Eventually they found one, and the went their separate ways. Yellow lived not far away, just a few blocks down the street. Her family also lived the area, they were only slightly farther away than her home.

"I'll be glad to get home." Yellow said when Redd stepped onto the bus and waved goodbye. Just as the door closed, Yellow could have sworn she had seen a color in the crowd: a bright pink color.

"My family would also like to see me." Yellow said, as she began to walk home.

"Hey pretty lady..." Someone said to Yellow moments after she started walking.

She turned around to see three Pikmin standing before her. One Purple, one Orange, and one Red. It was the red one that had addressed her.

"Haven't seen you around, not lately at least." He said and Yellow stood up straighter then made a disinterested sigh.

"Been doing things." She replied.

The red one smiled at that, his drooping nose cutting his smile in half.

"What kind of things?"

"Better things than you guys do." Yellow retorted.

"What spunk, I've always liked that Lily."

The red one said, calling Yellow by her first name.

"Shut it Roy." Yellow said, beginning to get annoyed by this, "I'm not some play thing, not anymore. So don't talk like I'm a toy in a store."

"Whoa, Whoa. Easy there, I'm just trying to chat with an old friend of mine, Is there a crime against that?" Roy replied, putting his hands, up to show no harm.

"There's a crime in what you do." Yellow retorted.

"I make a decent living doing what I love. Isn't that what we are meant to do in life?"

"Selling Spore isn't a 'decent' living. It's criminal what you do to Pikmin." Yellow said, wanting nothing more than to get away from this creep.

He shrugged his shoulders then said, "To my many customers, spore makes them happy, and when they are happy I get happy. I don't see how that is so bad."

"Enough Roy. I'm done talking with you." Yellow yelled, memories beginning to surface. She turned sharply on her heel and began to walk away.

"Hey Lily! Get back here! You didn't even say good-bye!" Roy yelled, but Yellow kept walking, not daring to look back.

"The Council, which presides over all matters of the Great City, allows James Blue to step forth and present an urgent report from his picking in the Southern Forest." The speaker of the Council introduced, taking his seat after leading Blue into the small meeting room that held only one of each color Pikmin, the representatives of each race. They sat in rows raising slightly above the last for only a few rows. Blue stood at the bottom looking up at the Council and waiting for the formalities to finish before speaking. When Grey finished naming each councilmen, he turned to Blue and said, "Proceed"

Blue introduced himself and gave his command number, then began to talk about his encounter with the unusual, metal, creature.

Blue spoke calmly and clearly throughout the report, giving as much details as he could. The Council was silent, save for the occasional question and for Blue to clarify what he said.

"As the Old History explains, the eras before civilized Pikmin described machines built of metal and were meant for war. The arm I witnessed I don't believe was feeding, but harvesting."

"Much like one of the more well known stories from the Old History, about giant creatures who gathered and studied all things, and one of the most common methods they used was technology that would collect for them. If what you has anything to do with these creatures of lore, they might have sent that arm to take Pikmin for study. A Yellow stated and the Pink councilman agreed.

The Council began to chat and mutter and a white one stood up and asked, "Is there any descriptions to the beings themselves?"

The Orange representative stood up and said, "In the volumes of the Old History, the only descriptions of these beings is that they were very great in size, but they are believed to have gone extinct. A creature of that size surely would have been discovered long ago, when our Onions first took flight."

"Captain Blue, would there be anything else you would like to present to the Council?" The Speaker asked and Blue replied, "Nothing more Sir."

"Then you are dismissed, the Council shall discuss and find a course of action in case of another attack such as the one you experienced should arrive. In the meantime, I suggest you head home and get some rest, you look like you could use some."

Blue nodded and said good bye, and made sure to thank the Council for his time. He was in fact, very tired.