As promised, a birthday fic involving Eri and Korogo. Just in time, I didn't know it was her birthday till I checked today. Hope you all enjoy! Oh, this takes place after my story "Asking for her hand"

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Happy Birthday Eri

"When is she going to show up? It's not like Ran to be late." Eri said to herself at the table of the restaurant. "I bet Kudo-kun is holding her up again, just like last time she dressed up."

Eri sat at the table for a while longer, waiting for her daughter to show. She was seated off to the side of the restaurant, fiddling with the strand of hair that was hanging down. She had dressed up for the occasion, wearing a black dress and her hair down. She was caught up in her thoughts of turning another year older that she failed to notice the figure in a dark blue suit walk up to her table.

"You look nice tonight Eri." Kogoro said as he walked up to the table and handed her a rose.

"Korogo! What are you doing here? I'm meeting Ran for my birthday, not you." Eri said with some malice in her voice, but still took the rose.

"Eri, Ran lied to you. I wanted to have dinner with you for your birthday, so I had her plan this with me." Korogo said as he sat down at the table across from her.

"Fine. So, how are you doing?" Eri asked the man.

"I could be better. The apartment is lonely now that Ran is gone." He replied. As he said this \the waiter came up as asked for their order. After placing the order, they continued to talk about anything, with a few laughs in there as well. At the end of the meal Kogoro paid and walked Eri back to her car. Just as she was digging her keys out, he stood in front of the door to her car.

"Anata, what are you doing? I want to go home." Eri replied as she tapped her foot against the asphalt of the garage.

"Eri…your birthday present wasn't dinner tonight. I want you to move back in with me. I miss you Eri. I've missed you since you moved out. Please Eri, move back in." Kogoro said to her, the last part said in a whisper. Eri blinked she had never heard Kogoro speak like that since they split apart all thoughts years ago. Yes, there was that moment she recorded, but this, this had more emotion to it, something she hadn't seen for a long time. She walked over to him and said "I was waiting for you to ask again." , with a kiss sealing the deal.

End of a drabble for her birthday. And a good Kogoro and Eri fic. Hope you all enjoyed. See ya later, Amby.