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Neither had moved for what seemed an eternity. They were still surrounded by darkness, the only illumination being the ever-dulling glow of flowers around them. An invisible breeze gently swept their hair, silently rustling their clothes.

Ciel lay on his side, his back to Sebastian, who sat beside him. His eyes burned, his body trembled humiliatingly.

"I did not wish for this, Sebastian," came the quiet and shaken sob. In front of his face, Ciel twisted his fingers helplessly, his hatred of the blue ring – the whole damn situation, slowly building itself up.

There was a slight pause before Sebastian answered back, his voice flat, on the cusp of defeat, "It cannot be helped, young master."

His frustration exploded, yet Ciel remained motionless. "Then I order you to fix it, damnit! I don't care what it takes, just fix it, Sebastian!"

There wasn't an echo in this realm. His loud voice reverberated in his head relentlessly. Ciel struggled for breath as warmth trickled down his faced.

It really couldn't be helped. He hadn't expected to be this miserable. He hadn't expected to completely fall apart like this. He hadn't expected to be such a humanized daemon.

He couldn't die…Ciel Phantomhive couldn't die.

Oh how he longed for death.

"Young master…" Ciel couldn't help but turn at the flickering emotion in the other daemon's voice. His blue-red gaze held onto Sebastian's red before he violently choked, barely registering the other's deadly action.

Like the glowing flowers in the darkness that surrounded them, Ciel knew that he was fading. He gagged and wheezed futilely, barely following the fact that Sebastian had stood and now faced away from him, ready to move on.

A strange calm overwhelmed his dying body and mind, but Ciel didn't comprehend the feeling as he merely watched Sebastian slowly recede while lowly muttering,

"Yes, my lord."

A/N: Just a drabble. I was itching to write something with Ciel as a daemon for goodness knows how long…and although I didn't want it to be so short, I actually love what I've come up with. That and I've never really seen this type of outcome in daemonCiel fics, so I'm hoping this is a bit of a new outlook. So I hope you enjoyed it, and feel free to let me know what you think!