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'Days may pass, years fly by, but our friendship will never die'

Saifae sprung up from the ashes of its old existence; the dragons and cheetahs worked quickly, and within a month and a half the town was almost built back to what it once had been.

"To the very last detail!" one of the older cheetahs said, nodding his aged grey-flecked gold head.

And it was true. If anybody had asked one of the civilians that had lived in Saifae before the war had reached it about it, they would have responded that it was just like it was before. Work on the Temple began soon after, but unlike the town it had to be constructed of hard steady stone. It would take months, if not years, for it to be finished.

Crystal flapped her wings and soared over the small but steadily growing settlement, smiling to herself as the wind spiraled around her form. Flying brought her brief reprieve from the grueling work of rebuilding the Temple. The sheer freedom of it, the whistle of wind in her ears, the joy of shaping it with her golden-yellow wings she could never keep off her mind. However as much as the amethyst dragon flew, it never felt like enough.

In case you haven't met her before, Crystal is a purple dragon as well as Spyro. His twin, in fact. Somehow, it ended up that there were two purple dragons instead of one, and that is all there is to say about it. She was similarly colored, although she was a shade darker than Spyro, and a tad sleeker as well. Her eyes burned with a rebellious fire that never seemed to be extinguished, but also a hint of sadness. They were all the more beautiful for it.

Crystal was making her usual rounds above the forest when something out of the corner of her eye caught her attention. Turning towards the Ancient Grove in the distance, where the... whatever it was had happened, she squinted. Even from so far away, the gloomy grove was clearly visible.

Crystal saw it clearly this time. It was an explosion, but unlike one she had ever seen before; the explosion was literally blue. The light blue mist faded away quickly, but Crystal knew that couldn't have just been a trick of the light.

Spyro, come check this out, Crystal thought to Spyro. One of her and Spyro's powers were communicating to each other via telepathy.

Spyro was walking along the town, having a conversation with Sparx that wasn't going anywhere in particular, but he paused. Now?

Yes, now! This is important! I'm flying over the southern edge of the swamp... hurry, before it ends!

"Crystal wants to show me something important." Spyro shook his head and took to the air.

"Oh, I have got to see this," Sparx said, flying after Spyro.

Crystal anxiously waited for about five minutes, watching the amazing spectacle before her, before Spyro and Sparx arrived. Wordlessly, Crystal pointed at the grove and as if on cue pink particles left from an explosion floated up over the trees. Their colours were faint against the dawn sky, but unmistakable.

"What is that?" Spyro asked, flying forward slightly.

"I don't know, some sort of strange explosion. But whatever it is, it's definitely not normal. You think we should go check it out?"

"That's probably the best idea. Come on." Spyro began to fly towards the Ancient Grove.

"Should we go get the Guardians or Cynder first?" Crystal inquired, following Spyro and glancing back towards Saifae.


"Well, who knows what's doing that. It could be something dangerous."

"It's probably nothing, Crystal. Just some sort of light trick."

Crystal skeptically glanced back at the Grove. She and Spyro sped up and began their short flight. "If you say so."

"Oh, this is not a good idea..." Sparx groaned, flying after them.

The only thing between the Swamp and the Ancient Grove was a large field, almost a prairie, as well as the Silver River which had a very erratic course consisting of bends, dips, and dives. About thirty minutes passed before Spyro, Crystal, and Sparx arrived at their destination. Instead of landing, they flew over the grove, scanning it for any movement.

Crystal nearly flew right through one of the explosions, now red. Her vision suddenly became cloudy and full of static, but she shook it off and yelled, "Down there!"

The group swerved down through one of the clear patches through the treetops, looking around warily as they landed. The only sign of life were a few bugs that flitted about. Of course, it was hard to see, as the thick foliage blocked out the sun.

Spyro glanced around, but seeing nothing, stepped forward. He didn't make it far. A blue ball of light, with tendrils of magic spiraling off it, came flying towards him and exploded into a brilliant plethora of colours on contact. He was knocked off his feet and hit the ground with a thump. Feeling dizzy and disoriented, he tried to get up, but found he had been paralyzed.

"Go away!" the voice that rang out through the clearing was young but fierce.

Crystal thought to run towards Spyro but instead decided it would be safer to find the one who had hurt him. If she was hit by that strange blast too, she was done for. She looked around, but saw nobody. The dust that had been kicked up from the explosion hid everything.

"Who are you?" she demanded. "What did you do to him?"

Crystal saw a silhouette in the shrouding darkness of the trees. The person it belonged to walked forward carefully then backed away again. Crystal took a few careful steps forward, on edge, and stepped right into the bright light cast by the trees she had flown through. The girl in the trees gasped and ran forward, and before Crystal knew what was happening, the girl who turned out to be a very young dragon was trying to hug her.

"I knew you would come!" she exclaimed, letting go.

Now that she was in the light her features could be seen clearly. She was very young, looking to be about six or seven, and only stood a little higher than half of Crystal's height. She was mostly a soft light blue colour with darker blue horns and wing membranes, and her large and expressive eyes were a colour a bit darker than cerulean. White markings, like clouds, covered her body and her tail was a spiral and her horns curved back, both traits Spyro and Crystal had.

In fact, Crystal had the odd feeling she was looking into a mirror of herself when she was younger. Obviously, this dragon wasn't her, but the uncanny similarities couldn't be mistaken.

"What are you talking about?" the unsettled Crystal demanded. "And what's wrong with Spyro?"

"It's how the element works," the young dragon explained. "It should wear off in a second."

It actually wore of immediately. Spyro, dazed, sat up and shook his head. "What happened?"

"I'm sorry," the girl said. "I thought you were one of the monsters I had been fighting off, so I hit you with my element, light."

Spyro blinked, still a little dizzy, and stepped up beside Crystal. Sparx, who had retreated to the trees when Spyro was hit, followed suit.

"Who are you?" Spyro asked.

"I'm Maggie," Maggie said with a smile that shined like the sunbeam she stood in.

"What did you mean when you said you knew we'd come?" Crystal asked.

Maggie drooped a little, seemingly reluctant to begin her explanation. "When I was little, Mommy told me about you. She said that she had never met you, but she still knew you somehow."

At this, Spyro and Crystal exchanged glances. They were both thinking the same thing, but neither of them even dared to say it aloud.

"She had to go away... so she told me to stay here until she came for me, or you both did."

"Why us?" Crystal asked. "Why are we the only others who you're supposed to go with?"

"You don't know yet?" Maggie asked quizzically, sitting down and tilting her head.

"What don't we know?" Spyro, who was as blank as Crystal, asked.

Maggie's head fell the other way as she watched Spyro and Crystal carefully for a reaction. "I'm your sister. She was our mother."

"What?!" Crystal asked, shocked. "But... I thought my family was dead..."

"We don't even know who our birth parents are," Spyro informed Crystal, clearly as surprised as she was.

"Maggie, do you know their names?" Crystal asked, turning to Maggie. She shook her head. "The Guardians would know," was the conclusion Crystal came to after a moment.

"If they knew, they would tell us," Spyro said.

"No... they're hiding something from us. I know it." Crystal's eyes narrowed, but she shook her head and turned to Maggie. "Can you fly?"

"A little," Maggie admitted, looking as if she didn't like the idea.

"Alright. Come on, let's get out of here. I'm going to kill them..." Crystal muttered the last part under her breath as she took off into the air.