Hey guy so I'm writing a new story of Finnick and Annie. This story will be about what would have happen if Mags wasn't able to volunteer to take Annie's place in the 75th Hunger Games (Quarter Quell) and Annie had to go but before we get to the Quarter Quell. You guys are going to learn how Finnick and Annie meet fell in love, Annie's games and maybe even Finnick's games.

PS: Annie is 3 years younger than Finnick. So when they meet Annie is Six year old and Finnick is nine years old. And Annie name is Annie belle and Annie for short.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything. And if I did Finnick would have lived in the books.

Annie's Point of view:

Today is Reaping day. Today is the day my whole family is always jumpy and would hug and kiss each other a lot. I never understood why. I just knew that reaping day is when a women or man calls one boy and girl to go on stage then they get to be in a movie name the hunger games. It isn't that bad. They get to be famous and get to play around with toys then get to go home. And it was when everyone would dress up and be all classy.

Each year my parents would buy me, my brother and sister new dress and suites but this year I was wearing one of my sister dress form when she was younger because my family was short of money this month because my father had gotten sick so he couldn't go to work for days. I really didn't mind the dress, it still look brand new. The dress was a short red dress with a pleated skirt with embellished faux pearl waistband. My hair is in a nice bun and my shoes are flats and the same color of my dress. I was just about to but on some lipstick when my older sister Pia came into the room.

Pia is 16 and beautiful for a girl of her age. Just like me, she had beautiful green eyes and dark hair. She was wear one of our mother's dress that bring out her eyes. It was short and light green with some white.

"Annie Belle, we're going to be late if you don't get moving." Pia says while taking my hand and dragging me to the living room of our house.

In the living room, my Father and Mother who were sitting down at the couch with their morning tea. And a cross from them was my older brother Jason looking out the window. Jason is 12 and looks just like our father does. He has light brown hair and green eyes just like me. He was wearing the same suite he was wearing last year.

Jason turns and sees Pia and me before smiling at us.

"You look beautiful little sis."

I smile and thank him and then we all stat walking to the Justice Building. After a long walk we finally get to the Justice Building where the whole District is.

My parents give Pia and Jason a hug and before I knew it they were goes to a different section but not before giving me a big hug. After that my parents drag me with them to a section that says kids and adults.

We wait there for what feel like forever till a woman come up stage and says "Happy hunger games. And welcome to the 59 hunger games. Shall we start with the ladies?"

Just then she put her hands in a jar a pick out a piece of paper.

"Pia Cresta" She says.

Then my sister got up and went up to the stage. She looks so scared like a person who just found out they were going to die. I could hear my mother crying for my sister but why she happy, Pia going to be in a movie, isn't she?

"Now for the boys…..Tommy Field" She said then a boy about 15 year old went on stage.

He looked strong for a boy of his age. He looked like he can take on half the people in this town if he wanted to.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, your tributes for the 59 hunger games!" once she says this, people start throwing flowers and yelling out both their names. Then Pia and Tommy are taken away to a building.

When we get to the building, we have to wait in line to go see Pia. I'm the last one to go in to see Pia and when Pia sees me she runs and hugs me with tears in the eyes. I didn't know why she was cry she was going to be famous now.

"Pia you're going to be a star and have lots of money now." I say smiling.

"Annie listen to me. I know what you think you see on T.V is just a movie but I think it time you know the truth. Everything you see is really happens in really life and I didn't think I'm coming back home so do me a favor and close your eyes if you are about to see something bad is going to happen to me okay." She says with tears in her eyes.

"What do you mean you not coming back, you have to? I need you. Please don't go." I say now with tears in my eyes too.

She was about to say something but then a Peacekeeper came in and said time was up and that I had to go but I wasn't really to go so I hug my sister so tight that I couldn't breathe anymore.

The Peacekeeper had to rip me off her but not before she said one last thing to me "I love you Annie Belle, always remember that."

Once out of the room the Peacekeeper drags me to the front of the building to where my family was waiting with red eyes from crying. Once Jason see me he runs to me and hugs me and say everything was going to be all right but I know better now and I know he is lying. Once we start walking home again I can't stand to hear my family cries anymore so I break my hand away from my mother's and start to run to the beach. I can hear my family calling me and coming after me but I don't stop I keep going and going till I know I lost them. Once at the beach I take my shoes off and run the water not caring that my dress would get ruin.

After an hour of being in the water I finally get out off the water, only to see that it already dark out. I was scared I never been out at night alone and I didn't really know my way back home. I started crying I was lost and there was no one to help me. I start running to my shoes and put them on and start running in the way I think I came in but then I see a poster that wasn't there when I came in and know that I am running the wrong way.

So I when the other way but after a couples of seconds I know I am lost but I keep running and running till I feel like I hit something or someone.

Ashley Green as Pia

Drew Van Acker as Jason (When Jason a little older he will look like this)

Diego Boneta as Tommy

(You can find Annie's outfits on my profile page)