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"Hey get back here!" Shane yelled, chasing after Reed.

Reed turned around, strawberry hair flying in all sorts of directions. He laughed, eyes shining, before he ran smack into a tree.

"Oh God!" Shane cried, curls bouncing as he flew to the other boy's side. "Are you okay!"

"Just Dandy," Reed replies.

"No, no! This is all my fault! If I had never started chasing you…" Shane said, desperately trying to make sure there were no cuts on the other boy's head.

"I'm fine, really," Reed tried to assure the younger boy as he attempted to sit up.

"How many fingers am I holding up?" Shane asked, waving his hand in front of Reed's face.

"Five," Reed said, blushing once he realized the position they were in. Shane was practically on his lap and their faces were only inches apart.

The moment seemed to still, and at the exact same time, both Reed and Shane lent in and kissed. Shane pulled back and saw that Reed was flustered. "Whuh—Why..Why d- Why did you stop?" Reed asked, face red.

Shane laughed and lent back in.