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* * *

"So I told Vegeta that I didn't think a leg was supposed to go there and he told me that a leg was to go any damn way he could bend it. He used this deep throaty voice. I swear that man's voice alone could drive me to a climax," Bulma said on a sigh.

ChiChi and Eighteen chuckled as they threw one another a side glance. Videl also laughed softly as she listened to the older woman's story. The conversation choices for these little get togethers still amazed her. They were all seating around ChiChi's dining room table and were discussing every married woman's favorite topic (well at least these four married women's favorite topic)… sex.

"Bravo Bulma. Once again another intriguing tale," ChiChi said.

"Thank you very much. And I've got a million of them," Bulma said smugly.

"A million of them? Little optimistic aren't we?" Eighteen teased.

"Well you guys have heard many of them, so you tell me," Bulma said slyly as she sipped from her cup. She sat her cup down then looked around. "Now whose turn is it? ChiChi you have shared in a couple of weeks."

"And I don't intend to either," she said as she stood and began gathering their plates.

"Oh come on Chi! You're such a prude!" Bulma complained.

"I am not!" ChiChi defended after placing the dishes in the sink. "It's just that I'm more…private than you. Besides all you ever talk about with you and Vegeta is sex. Goku and I have a much more meaningful relationship than that."

"What do you mean by that?" Bulma scowled. "Just because Vegeta and I have great sex that that all it is?"

"No. I mean neither of you have any control over your hormones. No willpower," ChiChi said smugly as she sat back in her chair.

Eighteen sighed and rested her elbow on table then laid her head in her palm. Videl shared the woman's sentiments. The two fiery females often got into arguments at their weekly lunches. It was starting to get redundant.

"You take that back," Bulma growled in a very Vegeta-like tone.

"I will not!" ChiChi said chin high.

"I have ten times the willpower you do and I'll prove it!" Bulma said.

"Oh yeah?" ChiChi countered.

"Yeah!" Bulma answered. She quickly looked around the kitchen and spotted a full cookie jar. She walked over and opened the jar and then unceremoniously dumped the treats in the trash.

"Hey I just baked those," ChiChi cried.

Bulma ignored her and opened the drawer that she knew ChiChi kept paper and writing utensils. She pulled out a black Sharpe and a white sheet of paper as well as a small roll of tape. She then carried her items over to the table. The three women watched curiously as, in big bold letters, Bulma wrote the word 'Willpower' on the paper. She then taped it over the word 'cookie' on the jar. Job complete she then turned to ChiChi.

"All right ChiChi, since you're so sure of your control I suggest you put your money where your mouth is."

"What do you mean?" ChiChi asked suspiciously.

"This," Bulma said motioning to the jar, "is the willpower pot. I bet you twenty zeni a day that I have the willpower to sustain from sex longer than you do."

ChiChi's eyes lit bright. What an easy way to make a few extra bucks! "All right."

Bulma smiled confidently then turned to the other two women. "What about you two?"

Four blue eyes widened in surprise and looked at one another. This was the first time that they had been included in one of these arguments.

"You want us to be a part of this?" Eighteen asked.

"Yeah, I want to prove that I have stronger will than all of you," Bulma stated.

"Plus, the more people in the more money I'll make," ChiChi added.

Eighteen frowned. She knew how stubborn these women were (after all it takes one to know one). There was no telling how long they would ask her to keep her hands off Krillin. That just wasn't gonna happen.

"Count me out," Eighteen decided.

"What about you Videl?" ChiChi asked.


"Yes you. Are you in or out?" Bulma asked.

Videl thought a moment. She thought of Gohan's strong powerful hands touching her. She thought of his hard masculine body slamming into hers. Could she really give that up for a few zeni?

"I don't think so guys-" she started.

"Well if you you're not strong enough…" Bulma started.

"I never said that," Videl said frowning.

"No really Videl it's okay. We know how Gohan runs your relationship," ChiChi added. For two women who were constantly at each other's throats, Bulma and ChiChi made an excellent manipulative team.

"Fine. I'm in," Videl said stubbornly crossing her arms.

"Great!" Bulma said reaching for her purse. She pulled out twenty zeni and tossed it in the pot. Videl then reached for her own bag as ChiChi went to her bedroom to get her purse.

Once everyone's money was in order, Bulma pushed the pot across the table. "Eighteen, you keep the pot since you're not in." She then turned to her two competitors. "All right ladies, it goes without saying that the boys are not to know of this. And remember we're on the honor system so if you lose be woman enough to fess up. Deal?"

The two brunettes nodded their agreement. With everything settled the three visitors returned to their homes, two of them preparing for the long (and I mean long) night ahead.

* * *

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