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* * *

18 watched the devastation before her in mute awe. Using the remote she turned up the volume on the 24-hour live news coverage.

"-and it's estimated that it will take several months to repair the damage done here last night. On the plus side casualties are low all thanks to our city's hero who showed up once again just in the nick of time. He worked tirelessly through the night along side police and firemen and into the wee hours of the morning. A blip in the rescue effort, however, did occur. With the raising of the sun the Great Saiyman's female companion the Great Saiyaman 2 appeared and the two worked together for a few hours before this heated argument erupted. Can we roll the tape again please?"

The picture moved from the well-dressed newsman to one of the two young heroes screaming and yelling at one another, arms flying angrily as they tired to get their points across. The constant censor beep hinted that there may have been a few obscenities shared between the two. With a kick to the family jewels the 'companion' flew off in huff.

"After that the work continued short one super hero. Crews estimate that actual causalities will be in the-"

"So you're watching this too."

18 turned down the TV as she glanced behind her. She'd been so caught up in the broadcast she hadn't noticed that ChiChi had come in. She turned it off as the dark hared woman took a seat across from her. "Yeah, it's pretty awful."

"I know. Those people are lucky they have my Gohan to take care of them," ChiChi said proudly. "So when are those two going to get here. I really need to catch up on my shopping. Goku's been eating more than then usual over the last few days."

"I wonder why," 18 murmured receiving a blush from ChiChi. "I'm sure they-"

18 paused as the phone began to ring. She moved to the small table that held the only extension in the house and frowned as her hello was met by a girlish giggle.

"Stop that," the caller chastised some unseen person.

"Bulma?" 18 questioned.

"18? Hi! Listen I-" another fit of laughter erupted followed by soft moan.

18 removed the phone from her ear and frowned at it before putting it back.

"- hold on a minute okay?" she heard Bulma say. "Okay sorry about that I'm back. I won't be there today so- wait a second Vegeta I wasn't through!"

"Oh yes you were," Vegeta growled just before the line went dead.

"Ew," 18 murmured before returning the phone to its cradle.

"Who was that?" ChiChi asked.

"Bulma. She's not coming."

ChiChi frowned. "You know that is just like her. She couldn't wait to rub it in my face that she held out longer than I did. She's such a bitch."

She really tired not to but 18 had to laugh at that. Her chuckles subsided just as the door open Videl drug herself through, still wearing her Saiyawoman costume minus the helmet. She had just been trying to help when Gohan had started to yell at her. She knew he had his reason but he still didn't have to yell.

There was a frightened little girl huddled in the corner near a damaged building that look dangerously close to falling apart at any moment. She tried calling the girl out but she wouldn't move so she had gone in to get her. She had finally coaxed the child into coming with her when one of the walls had fallen towards them and Videl had no time to do anything but wrap herself protectively around the child. When impact never occurred she looked up to find Gohan tossing said wall away from them.

After a policeman had taken the child, Gohan had lit into her unlike anytime she could remember asking how she expected him to get anything done if he had to keep saving her. He'd then told her to go home where she wouldn't get into any trouble for once. She'd then told him to go fuck himself and he answered that he guess he would have to do that too since she didn't seem to able to do that right either. She'd curtly kicked him in the nuts and flew off.

Every time she thought about it she got pissed off all over again. Who did he think he was talking to her like that?! Was it her fault a freaking natural disaster had occurred? With the way he acted you'd think she planned it.

Sighing heavily she took a seat at the table across from the two ladies that were watching her with concerned expressions. The more she thought about it the closer she came to tears. Things were so messed up.

"Videl are you okay?" ChiChi asked.

Videl sniffled a few times before slowly nodding her head.

"Oh, well smile then. You won! Bulma caved. Congratulations," ChiChi said.

The floodgates opened.

"Videl?" ChiChi asked.

"It's just not fair! I hate this stupid bet! And I hate not having sex! But most of all I HATE THE GREAT SAIYAMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!" she finished on a screech.

By this time both 18 and ChiChi had moved away from the girl and were watching her with wide eyes. When she finished, 18 used one finger and pushed the 'Willpower' jar across the table to its rightful owner.

Videl wiped at her eyes and picked up her winnings. "Thank you. Now, I'm going home," she said as she stood.

They watched as she left the house then took to the air before they looked at each other and blinked.

* * *

"560, 580, and 600," Videl finished laying the last bill on the stack. They had racked up a pretty nice sum of money during their little competition.

"Hey Mom!" Pan called as she skipped into her parents' bedroom. "Nana's going to the store and she said I can ride with her if you say it's okay. So can I go?"

"Sure sweetheart." She picked up a twenty off one of the stacks and handed it to the little girl. "Have fun," she said as cheerful as she could.

Pan glanced at the muted TV that was still showing clips of some of her dad's most daring rescues from earlier that day. She turned back to her mother and gave her a pat on the knee. "Don't worry Mom. Dad will be home soon."

Videl smiled and kissed the girl on the forehead. "Go on. You don't want to keep Nana waiting."

Once her child was gone, Videl contemplated what to do with the rest of the money stacked in six neat piles before her on the bed. Maybe she'd put it towards the charity she planned to start to help rebuild Satan City. Sighing she uncrossed her legs and swung them over the edge of the bed. She'd decide what to do later but right now she was hungry. She turned towards the door and immediately lost her appetite.

He leaned against the doorframe watching her intensely. His eyes were the only intense things about his features. The rest of his face sagged from the lack of sleep he had received over the last twenty-four hours as well as the heavy stress he was under. His uniform was covered in soot and dirt and was torn in many places. His eyes scanned hers for a moment before he finally spoke.

"I'm sorry," he said hoarsely.

Smiling, she walked towards him and placed a hand on his chest. "Me too," she returned lowering her eyes meaningfully.

He chuckled softly and wrapped an arm around her waist. "You should be," he muttered as ran a finger down her cheek. "You know, they don't expect me back for hours so-"

He didn't get to finish his hint for she pulled his mouth down to hers, wrapping her arms tightly around his neck. Gohan kicked the door shut as she pulled him towards the bed their lips still locked. The kiss was gentle and yet passionate at the same time, his lips moving over hers lovingly. When her legs made contact with the edge of the bed she ran her hands down his arm to his watch and instinctively found the button that returned the suit to it's hiding place leaving it's owner stripped down to his boxer- briefs.

"That was easy," he commented as he yanked her T-shirt over her head before taking her mouth again.

They continued suckling each other's lips for moments that passed like hours before she reached for the hem of his shorts only to be stopped by his hands.

"What's wrong?" she asked as she tried to blink out of her daze.

"Hold on a sec," he said releasing her and walking around his stunned wife as he made his way over to the television. He received a knowing chuckle from her direction when he pushed the power button. "That's better," he smiled as he moved back towards her.

Gallantly, he swept her up into his arms and gently lowered her soft body to the mattress below. After moving above her he noticed the stacks of bills for the first time.

"What's that?" he asked as he rid them both of the rest of their clothing.

"My winnings," she shrugged being much more interested in what his mouth was doing on her stomach as he moved back up her body.

Gohan paused momentarily before sweeping the neat piles off the bed and onto the floor. He personally didn't want any reminder of that stupid bet around.

Returning to his original position just below her right breast, he continued upwards placing soft butterfly kisses all around the pert globe before he settled his lips over the tight nub as his hand toyed with the other soft mound. He suckled her lovingly while she shuddered uncontrollably beneath him before dragging his mouth over to her neglected nipple, never once removing his mouth from her skin.

It was ages before he continued his journey up her throat and over her chin to capture her quivering lips. He used his knee to push her legs apart as he positioned himself between them.

"I love you, Gohan," she whispered as the tip of him touched her entrance.

"I love you, too, Videl," he answered in the same whisper.

The moment of penetration was accompanied by soft moans of pleasure from each. Slowly he withdrew as far as he could without leaving her body only to sink into her once again even deeper still. The pace he set was torturously slow and pleasurable to incomprehensible capacity. With each stroke her breath caught and she was sure that at any moment she would die of pure ecstasy. At the point of climax she just knew she was soaring above the clouds if she hadn't felt his body still jerking violently inside her with his own release.

A few moments passed before he collapsed on top of her. When their breathing finally calmed he attempted to roll off of her but she held his head to her chest.

"Stay," she commanded softly.

"All right," was his half-yawned answer as he felt the fatigue of the sleep he had lost finally hit him. He pulled the quilt around them cocoon style and closed his eyes.

Videl stroked his hair as she listened to his breathing even out. She almost chuckled as she thought of the irony of this whole situation. She hadn't wanted to be in the bet in the first place and had turned out the unlikely- and unwilling- victor and it had absolutely nothing to do with her willpower.

* * *

JB: *crosses arms over her chest* See, you guys were being mean to me and I gave you a lemon after all AND you won on top of it.

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ChiChi: *bitterly* That the Briefs family always cheats to win.

Vegeta: It's not that we cheat, it's that we win. *other three Briefs nod their agreement*

Sons: *roll their eyes in disgust*

JB: Wrong! Anyone else?

Krillin: Never eat tapioca on Tuesdays.

Everyone: *blinks once, blinks twice. 18 smacks Krillin upside the head.*

JB: Uh no. Vegeta will you please tell them what the moral is since you always know the answers to my questions?

Vegeta: Never take away a Saiyan's sex.

JB: *stunned* OMG! Vegeta.you were.WRONG!

Vegeta: What do you mean by that?!

JB: I mean you were WRONG! I don't think that's ever happened before. Anyway, I guess I'll tell you guys the moral. The moral is that Jadedbest has the greatest willpower of us all!

DBZ gang: *look at one another in confusion*

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Yajarobe: *blinks*

Vegeta: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bulma: Look JB I'm sorry. I didn't mean to burst your bubble I was just stating a fact. You're right you do have more willpower than any of us.

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