A/N: Just a little poem that came to me. It is referring to when Snape and Lilly were together under the tree in the 7th movie (part 2). This is written from Snape's perspective! Just a very emotional part that I wanted to elaborate on!

Under The Tree

I was in love with you then and still am today

But now our bright love is dimmed and grey.

It's as if thousands of miles keep us apart,

But I will always keep you close in my heart.

I still remember the way your eyes would shine

How I felt at peace with your hand in mine.

The tips of your mouth would raise toward the sky

As we sat under that tree and watched the world go by.

Under that old willow is where I fell in love

With the most wonderful person sent from above.

And now our old tree has fallen down.

Just a lifeless log on the cold ground.

And now that place in the forest where we would lie

Is dark and lonely, a good place to cry.

And now you have moved on and forgotten about me

But my heart shall forever remain with you under that tree.

Too cheesy? I usually don't write poems, so please let me know what you think! Thanks!