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.Ever. Wanna know why? Let me explain.


" Onodera-chan, all of the editors for the shoujo manga section are be called to a meeting."- Kisa called out.

" Hai!" Onodera was in a particularly good mood today. He jogged over to Kisa and they walked in a a casual stride over the the meeting room. Waiting for good or bad news from the months reviews and so on.

Inside their were a few supervisors, head officials, and other important figures you didn't really know but had to have respect for. All the editors sat down quietly and they began this forever- long meeting. Just by pure bad luck Onodera sat directly across from Takano-san who starred at him the whole time.

" The reviews this month are good from the manga part and everything is selling well. But we do in fact have a few complaints about the editors themeselves."

Everyone looked up at that very moment waiting for a good scolding. But what was said shocked them more than they ever could have believed.

" You guys are great editors i have no doubt about that, bui if you haven't noticed every shoujo manga editor is, well, a male. Now, i'm not stereotyping here but let's face it, most men, are lazy. If there's one thing i can say about you guys it's that your almost always late, you never take good care of yourself, and when things are due you look ready for death."

Every editor bowed their head in shame knowing the truth of this whole statement.

" So luckily for you, we have found a solution. None of you have families of your own, roomates, or basically and emotional attachments to where you live now, don't try to fight back, we looked in your files, we know it's true. So we are moving you out of your current homes and moving you in a new building. In fact it's the new condos just down the street from here. From now on you will, eat, sleep, breathe, and live with one of the editors in this room."

Every jaw was on the floor.

" 2 Men to a condo. We think that this will help you guys get each other up and stay basically alive so you can help each other cook, clean, and just be human, so that when the end of the cycle comes, you won't pass out on your way out the office door."

" By the way this is NOT up for discussion it's more convienent for all of you. As for privacy We'll leave that up to you guys to decide and make your own little system but the movers will be at your house first thing tomorrow morning."

" Now, here are the partners. Yoshikyuki Hatori and Shota Kisa, Kanade Mino sorry you will unfortunately be paired with Isaka who insisted on living with you, and lastly Onodera Ritsu and Takano Masamune."

Onodera felt a chill go up his spine. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Why? This is obviously a conspiracy!

" You may go now." Every editor left the room sulking, all except for one. One evil bastard, one devil child, one king of assholes, Takano-san.

End of Flashback

So where am I now? Our new condo moving my new things in. He hasn't showed yet so i'm pretty much calm and it's not all that bad. I look more casual than i have in probably five years. A Baseball shirt that was white with black sleeves and a black circle neck, jeans ripped at the knees, converse, hair down as usual, it felt so good not to be wearing dress pants.

I moved each box into my room and went back downstairs when i saw him, Takano-san. I turned my head away and headed into the kitchen feeling the heat rise to my cheeks. He was smirking as usual. I started putting on tea when i felt his arms snake around my waist.

" Onodera..."His breath was on my ear and i felt my whole face light up.

" I can garuntee you, were going to have lots of fun living together..."

Somehow i get the feel my idea of fun is slightly different from his.