Takano's POV

Takano's eyes fluttered open with blatant and shameless hesitation. He could feel the sun's persistent rays shining on his back through the window. Finally looking around at his surroundings all he could see was a large, unfamiliar room packed to the brim with boxes.

When his brain was finally up to speed, he registered that this was his bedroom. Well, this was his new bedroom, in his new house, his and Ritsu's new house. That thought alone brought an unabashed smile to his face.

Looking down, he could see his small lover lying tangled amongst the sheets and pillows. So peaceful, so innocent, so goddamn beautiful.

Last night had been the manifestation of a night on made possible in Takano's dreams. Onodera had willingly made love with him, and even participated. And by god it was nothing short of amazing. Hundreds of shameless dark love bites covered Ritsu's skin like a tiger's own stripes. And for once, those same love bites covered Takano's own skin as well.

Onodera was positively ravishing in his sleep. Without even a touch Ritsu was making him feel the same lustrous feelings as last night but with a renewed vigor. Silently, Takano laid his body back down amongst the sheets, and nestled his body against Ristu's, Ritsu's back against his chest.

The temptation was just that, tempting. He couldn't keep his eyes off of Ritsu's long eyelashes, boyish bone structure, supple lips, toned physique. So adorable, so seductive, so Ritsu. He silently wished to never leave this spot, to never leave this bedroom, to never have to be apart from Ristu. To be able to just lay with him, and admire every single perfection on his skin for the rest of his time.

Ritsu's POV

Ritsu awoke to familiar and comfortable warmth all along his skin. His eyes opened slowly, trying to take in the early morning light and focus on his surroundings. Stretching his legs he felt that delicious skin on skin contact that could only be felt when in bed with someone. In bed with someone you love.

Behind him he could hear the steady breathes and heartbeats of Takano. He could just feel his eyes roaming all over his body as if Takano was lion and he himself was the defenseless gazelle. Finally, he turned around to face Takano, to tell him what needed to be said. This was it, he loved him, and Takano deserved to know. He was gonna tell him now no matter what.

"Good morning, Ritsu."


This was a lot harder in real life than it was in his mind. Takano was just too damn radiant. One look could send him into an embarrassing, spazzing, blushing frenzy.

Takano was so masculine, so handsome, so goddamn dazzling. Every word he spoke was eloquently pronounced, seductive even. His eyes held a devilish smirk but also a deep passion, a passion that had started all the way back in high school. His eyes stared deep into Ritsu's own eyes with vast longing and an incredible amount of want. Ritsu could barely breathe.

"Good morning, Masamune-san"

His sudden informality and sheer comfort even surprised himself. On the inside he was screaming and yet somehow the words coming out of his mouth were exactly what they needed to be. Call it intuition; call it word vomit, call it love. Whatever it was, Ritsu was thanking his lucky starts it existed, or else he would sound like a stuttering three year old.

Ritsu sat silently as Takano reached over and gently kissed his forehead. He felt the butterflies rush into his stomach and tried hard to hide the goofy smile he felt tugging at his lips.

"I'm gonna go make some coffee. Today we have to move all of our belongings and furniture in, as well as go shopping for some other necessities. Do you want breakfast love?"

"Y-yes thanks that'd be nice"

Shit. I can't do this. I can't look at him, I'm too embarrassed. God last night, oh my god last night, I nearly jumped him. And the things I did with my mouth- oh no, I can't think about that right now. Get it together! He loves you and you love him! Tel him!

Onodera got up out of bed and immediately regretted his decision. The pain in his hips nearly knocked him onto the floor. He pulled a pair of sweatpants into his grasp and slowly but surely pulled them over his body. Finally making out of the bedroom, he saw Takano also in only sweatpants making them both coffee.

It's now or never Ritsu! Say it!

Onodera walked straight up to Takano and locked him into a tight hug. Hiding his face in the wide expanse that was Takano's back.


"I love you Takano-san."

"Ristu I can't hear you your mumbling straight into my back." Takano slowly turned himself to face Ristsu and pulled them apart.

No I can't look at him! It's too embarrassing!

Onodera pulled himself into Takano's chest, but this time left enough room in between so that he would be heard, once and for all.

"I-I- I L-love you Takano-san!"

Finally gaining the courage to look up, Onodera slowly raised his head to see Takano's reaction. Sensing his nervousness, Takano only smiled and brought Onodera into a searing, passionate kiss that took his breath away. Finally breaking apart, Takano rested his head against Onodera's a whispered sweetly to him "I love you too , Ritsu" before recapturing him into another happy kiss.

Ritsu's mental diary

I finally worked up the courage to tell Takano-san I love him. The butterflies I feel and his smiling face were the only confirmation I needed to know that this is right. I love him, and he loves me. I feel that us living together will only be the start of a great relationship, even if he is a good for nothing, over protective, stupidly handsome, way too successful, sappy romantic, amazing, pervert.


0 days left until I fall in love